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Monday, February 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Healer Episode 20 Screen caps and Final Review

The romantic/comedy drama that appealed to many viewers has come to an end. Healer got viewers hooked every Monday and Tuesday nights not only for the romance but for the good script writing the writer offered. I waited each week for the mystery to unfold. 

Who has not been charmed by this man? He got the moves every time he kicks ass, runs and jumps. Healer has made the drama interesting with his character. From a night errand man, he becomes the hero of the drama as he suddenly found himself entangled with our quirky, carefree, light hearted yet feisty heroine.  Young Shin has been a refreshing character all through out the drama. Never been bored watching her.

After 19 episodes, all secrets were already out. The betrayal and the scheming. It all boils down to greediness and wanting to manipulate society. Lives of 5 friends were put into waste as the ones left behind alive struggled to come to terms with their past. Moon Sik's life is such a waste because after he betrayed his friends, the one woman who could have been by his side, the woman whom he has always been in love with finally got the strength to break away free from him. She could no longer tolerate his lies and his evasion from facing what the truth is.

Yes, Moon Sik's existence became wasted because his world crumpled when she left him. He drinks and has hallucinations talking with Oh Gil Han, the man he has always been jealous of. The man he abandoned when he was being killed by the Elder's men. Even Healer aka Jung Hoo was concerned when he saw Moon Sik, but that's the end of his play in this drama. My conclusion, he was left all alone to deal with his sins.

And this creepy ahjussi...where did he go to, I wonder? I really would love to see him being tortured for the nerve wracking things he did. 

Who is Healer?

For this episode he needed to stay away from the woman he loves. He is a wanted man. He confessed to a murder he did not do. He tried to be a normal guy any girl can take home to meet her family but bad fate with the Elder and Double S gang and the new hacking team hired by Elder just won't let him off. He had to find the way to be free of the Elder. While making them believe he is working for them, he, Moon Ho and the ahjumma think of a way out for him.

He had to lie low for awhile. But then he can't have a peaceful mind when it comes to Young Shin's safety. There goes the bad men, lurking inside the cafe, taking hostage of Young Shin's father and her uncle, the ex-convict.

Healer just got to make his move, even in front of Young Shin's father. The nervous Bong Soo can no longer be seen. Here is a  man who knows how to fight. Strong, confident and very skilled. Young Shin's father was awed by this man. But then he was also concerned for the safety of his daughter. 

Healer is not afraid to show his affection to Young Shin, to her father's astonishment.

Can Healer be free?

Days passed without any direct communications with Jung Hoo and Young Shin is feeling frustrated. Jung Hoo has only one thing left to do, to proceed with his plans. He could not let his woman cry or take with him and run like a fugitive. No, he won't even think of it. He has to find a solution.

A new life for this mother. She will stay with Moon Ho, the dongsaeng who loves her from his younger days. He has always cared for her. Moon Ho told him he will tell something important that is long overdue.

Finally, she learned the truth. Her daughter is alive. Ji Ahn is alive. She went to the cafe, met her father and look over the photos with tears in her eyes. Without any official introductions, somehow their hearts understood that they are mother and daughter. It is enough to know that after all these years, they met again. I like how the writer put her thoughts on this particular scenes. Reconciliation has been done before. No need to make them flood with tears. Very subtle yet sophisticated approach on the subject.

The story shifted on who was going to get the evidence that the Elder wants buried because it incriminates him and his men with what they had done in Russia. The woman must be secured or killed either by Jung Hoo or one of his men.

The final play or plan started. Jung Hoo is not going to let the opportunity passed without having his name erased as the murderer. While the ahjumma met with her former hoobae, detective Yoon Dong Won, a new plan was put into action.

Young Shin made an interview at the rest room to avoid the men scattered inside the airport. Moon Ho was at the lounge doing live feed. Jung Hoo proceeded to his plan B. When the men realized that he has the woman, they crowded him. The woman walked away as he fought with the men while Dong Won's team arrived at the scene. Moon Ho stood there  and Young Shin's expression was not good while watching what was happening in front of her. Jung Hoo was fighting them and it seemed endless. The woman was almost by the killer when Jung Hoo pointed a gun at him. The injection was in the hands of the killer. Suddenly a loud gun shot was heard. Dong Won's team arrested the gang. Jung Hoo collapsed on the floor. He was shot by Dong Won.

Moon Ho ran towards him, Dong Won following. They attended to Jung Hoo who was bleeding. Yong Shin just stared at the unbelievable scene.

Wow! This is a great twist writernim. I almost believed Jung Hoo was shot.

Plan B...what was it?

Make sure Jung Hoo is shot. His photo as Healer would be taken cared of by ahjumma, as he was declared dead.

Funny part of the scene was Jung Hoo was not even hurt and he opened his eyes while there were chaos around them. Both Dong Won and Moon Ho knew the plan.

Jung Hoo can now live as a normal man. Not in the wanted list. Elder and his accomplices were rounded by authorities, time to pay for their crimes.

The Romance

Rooftops are the best as they give the awesome views. If I may be honest, I find the ending lacking. But since I got 19 episodes of awesomeness, I am not going to complain more. It is enough that the story had continuity, wrapped up the past due crimes and have a happy ending for the OTP.

I can't share more thoughts on Jung Hoo and Young Shin. Theirs is a very nice romance, that builds up slowly and burned at the right time. The sweet moments were beautiful, the skinships are Jjang! [the best] The chemistry of the characters are really good. The viewer in me got hooked with every interaction they made.

As their journey opened on a new chapter, Young Shin continues to be a relentless reporter with a strong back up photographer who can make his moves smooth and silent, like the night errand man.

I guess Moon Ho has his own happy romance in the end. His got back by his former girlfriend's side after all the problems were through.

This is a good feel drama. Something to be watched every now and then. 

I know this is a week late but at last I got to share my final thoughts.

-mslee1107 writing-

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  1. I really liked your final review ;)
    It touched every important point of the final of this drama.
    This is one of the best written dramas I have seen in a while and I totally loved it ♥
    Continue to write in this blog! I don't comment a lot, but I really enjoy reading what you post. Fighting ^o^