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Saturday, June 7, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded Episode 9 - Top Secret

Personally, I want to call this episode


Eun Da Goo may keep on denying his identity as Kim Ji Yong but instincts of both Seo Pan Seok and Uh Soo Sun are telling them they are right. There are a lot of circumstances that happened between Dae Goo and Pan Seok, mostly heated arguing that became a puzzle to Pan Seok. He detects a lot of hatred behind Dae Goo's words every time he could not control his emotions. 

Pan Seok went behind Dae Goo and got his tooth brush, to Ji Kook's surprised and anxiety. But Pan Seok told him that he was not there and that Ji Kook mistakenly thrown the toothbrush. Pan Seok brought to DNA lab to be sure.

A friend from middle school  met with Soo Sun. While eating ice cream, he saw Dae Goo walking outside on the opposite street. He immediately recognized him as Ji Yong. Soo Sun's attention became fueled by the desire to know the truth.

The DNA result is 99.99% matched. Dae Goo is Ji Yong. Pan Seok confronted Dae Goo but he only keeps on denying angrily. But his words already betrayed him as he shouted at Pan Seok to die not knowing. Pan Seok was thankful he is alive and well, but at the same time, he is sad that Dae Goo is angry at him, blaming him for the death of his mother. His pendant that he lost that day, the one Dae Goo saw the killer held is a piece in the puzzle he is trying to figure out. Pan Seok and the killer knew each other. The killer is calling him even now. 

While running after a culprit both Dae Goo and Soo Sun are looking out, Soo Sun stumbled because her shoe lace became untied, leaving her bruised on the arms. When she caught up on Dae Goo loosing the runaway, he noticed her bruises and untied shoe laces. He tied it for her to her surprised. The way he tied it was the same as Ji Yong's. She told him but still he denied and told him he would kiss her if she insist once more.

In the end, Soo Sun was able to capture Dae Goo's heart with her sincerity. She went to the apartment and talked to him. He still kept on denying but at the end, he told her Ji Yong is a friend. He talked about him in the third person, making it clear to Soo Sun that he is revealing his secret that way.


Soo Sun was so happy she asked him to eat outside. While eating she keeps on reminiscing about the past how people at Masan thought "his friend Ji Yong" is dead. But Dae Goo told her not to worry because he grew up okay with a guardian who supported him. Walking to wards where she stays, he bid her goodbye but she hugged him at the back tightly, expressing how happy she is and thankful. The moment was full of emotions, Dae Goo stopped trying to pull out of her embrace but stayed that way. He cried. I think somehow Soo Sun was able to make him feel not alone anymore. She is a friend who will keep his secrets from anyone. A friend he can count on anytime. She promised to be there for him.

This episode showed Dae Goo can trust one more person in his life.

Another secret that is out is about the politician [can't remember if he is a congressman or a minister] who has influence in the bureau of police. The killer just met the man in his own office. The man seemed perturbed by the sudden appearance of the killer. The killer is here to stay. The killer told the man he did not able to kill the child eleven years ago. The man got angry. The killer told him he knows where to find him.

This scene is very interesting. Is the killer one of the detectives on the agency? Is he once Pan Seok's colleague? 

One more secret the episode revealed is the guardian who supported Dae Goo through out his growing years and in his studies. The Chief of Police is the one who keeps an eye on him all these years, but hi it from Pan Seok even though she knew Pan Seok was looking everywhere for Ji Yong and it pained Pan Seok of his failed mission.

I wonder why the Chief of Police took care of Dae Goo? Is there something she is not telling? A secret that has to remain one until the final stages of the drama?

More than the secrets being revealed in this episode, there are new beginnings for the characters. Pan Seok and his wife Sa Kyung are getting better as a couple. Still not totally back with each other but Sa Kyung's heart is melting towards him and his efforts to show her he cares. Even if there was a moment where she found Soo Sun inside his apartment, she trusted him. 

Park Tae Ill and Ji Kook are still avoiding each other after whispering each other's secrets. But it all came out when Ji Kook was once again captured as hostage. he blurted out his incompetence, his insecurities and Tae Ill's secret as a doctor student who ditched out and became a detective instead. the reason is not yet clear why.

The bromance between Tae Ill and Ji Kook are childish but Tae Ill is still nice to him, caring for his twisted ankle. I think Ji Kook feels insecure with Tae Ill's almost perfect personality. But Tae Ill is too nice for him to get mad at him.

I think I will be seeing a new team now that the secrets are out. Pan Seok will forever be grateful that Dae Goo is alive but I think he will be more caring now. He needs to find out the truth so that Dae Goo will forgive him.


[mslee's thoughts] Witch's Romance - Starting Over Again


I always thought first love without closure will always be special and will take priority when the time for it to re appear in the lives of both lovers from the past. There's something about first love that will always make hearts flutter. First love is classic. It stays forever even if memories are painful.

No Shi Hoon is not only Ji Yeon's first love [the story did not tell but I believe he was] but he was the man who was almost her husband in the past. His sudden appearance in her life when her heart are already starting to flutter to a young handsome Dong Ha halted, made her confused. I think it is understandable that all memories together with all her feelings for Shi Hoon came rushing back, catching up on her suddenly. They have a past, beautiful and painful they may seem. Still, she loved No Shi Hoon. She waited for him even after the day of the wedding passed by. No reason, no excuses, he just disappeared from her life. No closure.

But this time, after trying once again, Shi Hoon realized his place is already occupied by Dong Ha. The past can not hold Ji Yeon anymore even if she wants to. The present and the future belongs with Dong Ha. Shi Hoon has to accept all these to let go of the woman he loves. They had to end it formally without regret. The past may hold them for sometime more, but they are all just because they finally cleared up things. The painful truth now, Ji Yeon accepted his decision, not holding him back.

She cried for the lost love from her past. She cried because Shi Hoon will,no longer be a part of her future. She cried maybe because her efforts of going back together was fruitless. She cried because her first love is gone for good. She cried knowing she has a change of heart now. She cried because the truth is, she hurts him.


While all of these are happening, Dong Ha gave her space. He just looked at her. But like just like what he is, he cheered her to make her forget. He became attentive once again. He learned it was because of him why they broke up. He saw the book where he wrote " Will you stay with me?" at which there was a new entry at the bottom, "It's too late for me."

[I hope I remembered correctly the exact lines...:)) ]

What the story shows is that Ji Yeon smiles a lot whenever Dong Ha is with her. She often laughs while they are talking, teasing with each other. I think this shows that she really is enjoying his company and he makes her alive. They will just look at each other and they will both understand what they are thinking. 

I love the couple t-shirts Na Rae gave them. The shirts are beautiful and looks good on them both. Wearing the shirts signifies that they are starting over again. Dong Ha seems more confident and happy. 

The story is in't final stages but there are more problems to solve. Dong Ha and his father needs to forgive each other. The romance has yet to to be revealed at the Trouble Maker company. 

One more thing that I am liking in the drama are the bromance between Dong Ha and Soo Chul. They have a very cool and funny relationship as friends. They are like brothers. Soo Chul has always been Dong Ha's supportive friend. He is there to cheer for him when he is down. He is full of ideas and he acts the match maker between him and Ji Yeon.

Starting over again also includes the CEO of Trouble Maker and Ji Yeon's mother. AH, this couple is another source of smile and laughter. They show that love is ageless! Love will find you when you least expect it.

Two more episodes and the story will be done. I won't expect because I might be in for a surprise. After all Dong Ha has not yet arranged his future plans. But I hope there won't be a time lapse. Both can achieve their goals and success together.

-mslee1107 writing her thoughts-

Friday, June 6, 2014

140606 Today is KimHyunJoong Day!

June 06, 2014

A special day for my one and only idol turned actor Kim Hyun Joong. A day to celebrate his birthday.

I am not good at making wallpapers or editing photos so I will just share a birthday cake photo with U:zoosin from Keyeast Official Facebook page.

I can't go back to when he first started in SS501 because that time I had no idea about K-Pop, but thankfully, I got to know him through Boys Over Flowers where my interest gathered so high enough to follow his career just before he made it as a solo artists. The last concert with SS501 was the first time I learned about the group and from then on searched the net for all things KIM HYUN JOONG! 

It has been over four years and Kim Hyun Joong is still the only one who will always give me that smile whenever I see him in photos or videos. His songs are all my favorites.

For his birthday this year, I think I have to say that he accomplished a big recognition  and that is a blessing for him already. Being recognized as a true actor from his last drama Inspiring Generation is truly an accomplishment he worked so hard to achieve.

A Birthday Wish from mslee1107

A simple happy birthday for you Hyun Joong. Keep up your good work. Stay the way you are. Honest and sweet to your fans all over the world. A genuine love you have for all the fans are what makes you unique and lovable.

Have a nice day with family and friends. For future projects, I wish you more success.

Saengil Chukahae! Kim Hyun Joong!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man Episodes 11 and 12 Review

How can Ji Hyuk win against the dirty tricks of Dong Suk? Whenever he is close to getting back Hyun Sung Distribution another scheme comes up, making it more difficult for him to help the workers and the people who trust him.

President Cho was fooled into thinking he can buy the company at a price he decided. He even liquidated most of his assets to come up with the money. But here is Dong Suk, very calm and controlling the situation as he delivered his bomb! He just filed for Chapter 11! I already explained it in my previous blog. The company filed for bankruptcy. 

It can still operate but will need a new legal administrator who will run it. It will undergo reorganization of debtor's assets and business affairs. A fresh start for the company. President Cho is clearly angry loosing his money invested in the company. His shares has turned to nothing. A twist Ji Hyuk has not seen coming. Asking President Cho for another chance, he signed a document in front of the cunning old man. His life is at stake. 

While knowing Mi Ra was the one who gave Manger Choi a document that made the man turned his back on Dong Suk, still, Dong Suk let go of what she had done. She is soon to be family. Although Ji Hyuk felt down, Manger Gu and the union labor are behind him. He is giving it another try for these people.

Mi Ra heard Dong Suk telling Myung Ho about making someone charged of another embezzlement, because that person is currently ill.Hearing this made her wonder if the same scheme was done to her father. She started to investigate. She asked help from Manager Gu where she will start looking and told she needs to find accounting books. Because Dong Suk announced to his team that Mi Ra is family and should be treated like him, she used that opportunity to go inside a room where a regular employee can't enter. She found what she was looking for and brought it to Manager Gu.

With a traitor in the union labor's team, Ji Hyuk and the President of the Union was denied appealing for a new legal administrator. When they found out it was one of them who betrayed them in favor of Dong Suk, everyone was so mad at the man but he cried telling them he only did that because he wants to buy a ring for his wife. He is getting married and he knows that there is no certainty that they won't get cut off in the company. Ji hyuk with his big heart understood him. He even get the whole union workers to appear at his wedding. Ji Hyuk has a way of touching one's soul with his forgiving heart that's why he gains their trust and their support in the end in the midst of crisis.

Mi Ra's family dined with Dong Suk's family. They were discussing the wedding plans. Dong Suk's mother wants to arrange all but Mi Ra's mother cut her off insisting she also wants to be a part of the preparations. In the end, they were looked down when Dong Suk's mother suggested that they will introduced her deceased father someone else than what he was, their driver. By this time, Mi Ra and her sister both felt insulted. the timing was also good when Manager Gu confirmed that her father was someone they had to blame because he was already dead to stop further investigation. I guess dirtying someone's name who won't be able to defend himself is much more easy and a good escape fort he real culprits. Mi Ra promised to avenged her father. 

She helped Ji Hyuk got the dual contract Dong Suk keeps on his safe at his room. But after getting the file, Ji Hyuk has learned by now how tricky Dong Suk can be. He can say that it was fake. They need to find ways to make him be the one who will give the contract to the person handling their case. Just as expected, the illegal documents were handed and was revealed.  But the battle for legal administrator was not yet over. With Ji Hyuk's previous charges and currently on probation he is not fit to administer the company. Dong Suk wins again. Outside the lawyer handling their case saw how the workers despite their failure to get what they want, cheered for Ji Hyuk, expressing support. This made the man changed his mind, calling Dong Suk to give up Hyun Sung.

Mi Ra started her revenge by mounting a new painting in Dong Suk's office. It has a hidden camera. She then began to be close to his mother by putting nail polish on her toe nails, which Dong Suk finds a bit uncomfortable. He was beginning to be suspicious of Mi Ra. He tested her once more, telling her he is holding documents of Ji Hyuk's previous cases and that he will turn all of those to the prosecutor. He put the documents on his safe in Mi Ra's view. He then asked her to get some files on his safe a few days later. He told her the combination numbers are her birthday. He wants to surprise her and catch her at the same time. But Mi Ra did not bite the bait.  She left the fraud/forged documents of Ji Hyuk at the safe.

While Ji Hyuk is busy finding ways to appeal again to the court, Jin Ah accidentally learned the truth of what her family did to Ji Hyuk. She confronted her father and asked about it. She was shocked to know that her family could do this kind of scary thing. She left. She is not coming back, she said.

To make it up to Ji Hyuk, she cried while hugging him and the next day completely changed from being a spoiled rich girl to a woman who is cleaning the house for a start. She told Ji Hyuk that she will be good to him for the rest of her life. She even found a new business. A restaurant. I presume she bought it. She was so busy cleaning in the store she did not immediately noticed Sang Ho standing there, telling her to come home. She told him she hates him. Her father and mother comes next. She told them to apologize and kneel in front of Ji Hyuk but her mother felt so offended with just the thought of doing that.

Outside, Ji Hyuk met Sung Wook, told him he would get all the things they took away from him, will make him beg for his life. Sung Wook answered he is not as easy as Ji Hyuk thinks he is.

The problem with the supermarket is that the suppliers won't deliver anymore. Dong Suk together with Myun Ho and other second generation chaebols pressured the suppliers. The shelves are empty and it should not be that way or the company will soon go down. The reason behind it was because if Ji Hyuk will be able to succeed in making the company profitable again, Board of Directors might blame him for what happened to Hyun Sung Distribution.

Ji Hyuk remembered the old man who had a misunderstanding with Manager Choi. The old man who Ji Hyuk gave another shot at continuing running his business with Hyun Sung. His products are diary farms. At first the man evaded him but in the end, with Ji Hyuk's persistence he gave in. Another soul Ji Hyuk won over..

The shelves at the supermarket are full and they used media as a means of marketing their Supermarket and Hyun Sung Distributions. But it was short lived because Dong Suk was so pissed off that he again planed another way to make Ji Hyuk fail. A man they hire who will drink milk from Soon Jin. The first drink was tainted the secind one he bought inside the store and drink a little then fainted. Food poisoning. There was chaos again, asking for the Seo Jin products to be recalled. Then Dong Suk called IRS for tax audit of Seo Jin. Another dirty trick that he does not care even if it kills.

Not only it kills Ji Hyuk's progress but possibly made the old man from Seo Jin kill himself because of what happened. 

Is Ji Hyuk too late? Will another soul be sacrificed because of dong Suk's greed to defeat Ji Hyuk?
Dong Suk has everything but what Ji Hyuk has are people who matters to him. Dong Suk knows this and this is his weapon to make Ji Hyuk feel the pain everytime he thinks he wins.

The episodes this week are very interesting. It was like every turn, there is a no entry sign. Every episode ending is a cliffhanger. The interesting part for me is that all through out the episodes I was tearing up. Dialogues are simple but some hit me right through my heart. Even the wedding scene of the traitor worker I felt myself crying when Ji Hyuk supported him as family with the rest of the workers. Ji Hyuk's big heart and his love for the people around him is very heartwarming.

I guess this is the appeal of this drama. Not surprised that the ratings are climbing up. 


Updating Photos of Jang Dong Gun

Movie premiere of No Tears For The Dead had already passed but I have not posted any photos of Jang Dong Gun in that event. I know I had Hyun Bin's photos when he attended the VIP premiere.

So..late as it is , I will just post photos of Jang Dong Gun and some more from his SBS Radio guesting plus his photos in 1st Look magazines.

No Tears For The Dead also stars Kim Min Hee.

This is one actor I truly like to see again in the small screens.

Han Chae Young @the VIP Premiere

Friends from A Gentleman's Dignity

Kim Su Ro and Kim Min Jong

Song Jae Rim

At The PressCon

동건씨는 오늘(30일) 왕십리 CGV에서 영화 <우는 남자>기자간담회를 가졌답니다! 

More Stills of No Tears For The Dead

@SBS Radio Power FM

1st Look Magazine