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Saturday, June 7, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Witch's Romance - Starting Over Again


I always thought first love without closure will always be special and will take priority when the time for it to re appear in the lives of both lovers from the past. There's something about first love that will always make hearts flutter. First love is classic. It stays forever even if memories are painful.

No Shi Hoon is not only Ji Yeon's first love [the story did not tell but I believe he was] but he was the man who was almost her husband in the past. His sudden appearance in her life when her heart are already starting to flutter to a young handsome Dong Ha halted, made her confused. I think it is understandable that all memories together with all her feelings for Shi Hoon came rushing back, catching up on her suddenly. They have a past, beautiful and painful they may seem. Still, she loved No Shi Hoon. She waited for him even after the day of the wedding passed by. No reason, no excuses, he just disappeared from her life. No closure.

But this time, after trying once again, Shi Hoon realized his place is already occupied by Dong Ha. The past can not hold Ji Yeon anymore even if she wants to. The present and the future belongs with Dong Ha. Shi Hoon has to accept all these to let go of the woman he loves. They had to end it formally without regret. The past may hold them for sometime more, but they are all just because they finally cleared up things. The painful truth now, Ji Yeon accepted his decision, not holding him back.

She cried for the lost love from her past. She cried because Shi Hoon will,no longer be a part of her future. She cried maybe because her efforts of going back together was fruitless. She cried because her first love is gone for good. She cried knowing she has a change of heart now. She cried because the truth is, she hurts him.


While all of these are happening, Dong Ha gave her space. He just looked at her. But like just like what he is, he cheered her to make her forget. He became attentive once again. He learned it was because of him why they broke up. He saw the book where he wrote " Will you stay with me?" at which there was a new entry at the bottom, "It's too late for me."

[I hope I remembered correctly the exact lines...:)) ]

What the story shows is that Ji Yeon smiles a lot whenever Dong Ha is with her. She often laughs while they are talking, teasing with each other. I think this shows that she really is enjoying his company and he makes her alive. They will just look at each other and they will both understand what they are thinking. 

I love the couple t-shirts Na Rae gave them. The shirts are beautiful and looks good on them both. Wearing the shirts signifies that they are starting over again. Dong Ha seems more confident and happy. 

The story is in't final stages but there are more problems to solve. Dong Ha and his father needs to forgive each other. The romance has yet to to be revealed at the Trouble Maker company. 

One more thing that I am liking in the drama are the bromance between Dong Ha and Soo Chul. They have a very cool and funny relationship as friends. They are like brothers. Soo Chul has always been Dong Ha's supportive friend. He is there to cheer for him when he is down. He is full of ideas and he acts the match maker between him and Ji Yeon.

Starting over again also includes the CEO of Trouble Maker and Ji Yeon's mother. AH, this couple is another source of smile and laughter. They show that love is ageless! Love will find you when you least expect it.

Two more episodes and the story will be done. I won't expect because I might be in for a surprise. After all Dong Ha has not yet arranged his future plans. But I hope there won't be a time lapse. Both can achieve their goals and success together.

-mslee1107 writing her thoughts-

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