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Saturday, June 7, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded Episode 9 - Top Secret

Personally, I want to call this episode


Eun Da Goo may keep on denying his identity as Kim Ji Yong but instincts of both Seo Pan Seok and Uh Soo Sun are telling them they are right. There are a lot of circumstances that happened between Dae Goo and Pan Seok, mostly heated arguing that became a puzzle to Pan Seok. He detects a lot of hatred behind Dae Goo's words every time he could not control his emotions. 

Pan Seok went behind Dae Goo and got his tooth brush, to Ji Kook's surprised and anxiety. But Pan Seok told him that he was not there and that Ji Kook mistakenly thrown the toothbrush. Pan Seok brought to DNA lab to be sure.

A friend from middle school  met with Soo Sun. While eating ice cream, he saw Dae Goo walking outside on the opposite street. He immediately recognized him as Ji Yong. Soo Sun's attention became fueled by the desire to know the truth.

The DNA result is 99.99% matched. Dae Goo is Ji Yong. Pan Seok confronted Dae Goo but he only keeps on denying angrily. But his words already betrayed him as he shouted at Pan Seok to die not knowing. Pan Seok was thankful he is alive and well, but at the same time, he is sad that Dae Goo is angry at him, blaming him for the death of his mother. His pendant that he lost that day, the one Dae Goo saw the killer held is a piece in the puzzle he is trying to figure out. Pan Seok and the killer knew each other. The killer is calling him even now. 

While running after a culprit both Dae Goo and Soo Sun are looking out, Soo Sun stumbled because her shoe lace became untied, leaving her bruised on the arms. When she caught up on Dae Goo loosing the runaway, he noticed her bruises and untied shoe laces. He tied it for her to her surprised. The way he tied it was the same as Ji Yong's. She told him but still he denied and told him he would kiss her if she insist once more.

In the end, Soo Sun was able to capture Dae Goo's heart with her sincerity. She went to the apartment and talked to him. He still kept on denying but at the end, he told her Ji Yong is a friend. He talked about him in the third person, making it clear to Soo Sun that he is revealing his secret that way.


Soo Sun was so happy she asked him to eat outside. While eating she keeps on reminiscing about the past how people at Masan thought "his friend Ji Yong" is dead. But Dae Goo told her not to worry because he grew up okay with a guardian who supported him. Walking to wards where she stays, he bid her goodbye but she hugged him at the back tightly, expressing how happy she is and thankful. The moment was full of emotions, Dae Goo stopped trying to pull out of her embrace but stayed that way. He cried. I think somehow Soo Sun was able to make him feel not alone anymore. She is a friend who will keep his secrets from anyone. A friend he can count on anytime. She promised to be there for him.

This episode showed Dae Goo can trust one more person in his life.

Another secret that is out is about the politician [can't remember if he is a congressman or a minister] who has influence in the bureau of police. The killer just met the man in his own office. The man seemed perturbed by the sudden appearance of the killer. The killer is here to stay. The killer told the man he did not able to kill the child eleven years ago. The man got angry. The killer told him he knows where to find him.

This scene is very interesting. Is the killer one of the detectives on the agency? Is he once Pan Seok's colleague? 

One more secret the episode revealed is the guardian who supported Dae Goo through out his growing years and in his studies. The Chief of Police is the one who keeps an eye on him all these years, but hi it from Pan Seok even though she knew Pan Seok was looking everywhere for Ji Yong and it pained Pan Seok of his failed mission.

I wonder why the Chief of Police took care of Dae Goo? Is there something she is not telling? A secret that has to remain one until the final stages of the drama?

More than the secrets being revealed in this episode, there are new beginnings for the characters. Pan Seok and his wife Sa Kyung are getting better as a couple. Still not totally back with each other but Sa Kyung's heart is melting towards him and his efforts to show her he cares. Even if there was a moment where she found Soo Sun inside his apartment, she trusted him. 

Park Tae Ill and Ji Kook are still avoiding each other after whispering each other's secrets. But it all came out when Ji Kook was once again captured as hostage. he blurted out his incompetence, his insecurities and Tae Ill's secret as a doctor student who ditched out and became a detective instead. the reason is not yet clear why.

The bromance between Tae Ill and Ji Kook are childish but Tae Ill is still nice to him, caring for his twisted ankle. I think Ji Kook feels insecure with Tae Ill's almost perfect personality. But Tae Ill is too nice for him to get mad at him.

I think I will be seeing a new team now that the secrets are out. Pan Seok will forever be grateful that Dae Goo is alive but I think he will be more caring now. He needs to find out the truth so that Dae Goo will forgive him.


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