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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Airport Fashion Song Joong Ki @Incheon 160422

Going to Hong Kong for F/W Collection "Dior Homme  live show"

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Goodbye Mr. Black Screen caps episode 12

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[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Marriage Contract episode 14

Marriage Contract continues to impress me. The latest episodes show how argument between father and son can take place without the cliches it usually done in k-dramas. The conversations between Ji Hoon and his father were not smooth, they argue, the father is continuously frustrated but it is refreshing to see Ji Hoon airing his own disappointments and arguments in a still respectful way towards his father. I guess it was because of his age, already mature but still, it was a sophisticated and not loud manner of disagreeing concerning his life and whom he chooses over his father's manipulations and wishes. Ji Hoon in his own way understood his father although he questions his own interpretation of why his father is that way.
Well, the cliche fell on Jung Hoon who acts a brat and spoiled chaebol's son. He is the typical legitimate son who feels deprived of a love from his own father. He rebels and acts childish just to get attention and maybe just to annoy his father who seems to be not interested one tiny bit about him and his life. 
As for the love story... it continuous to show the slow yet stable development of the love between Ji Hoon and Hye Soo. Against all odds, both are moving forward and holding on to each other's hands. She may die. Maybe soon or maybe if miracles happen, she may still enjoy living with her daughter and Ji Hoon for some more years.  But then, the latest opinion formed on her MRI sent to US, to one of the best doctors Ji Hoon tried to contact with, sent back an e-mail stating the lack of further improvement even if she is already taking medications and radiation in hope to lessen the size of the tumor inside her head.

Ji Hoon is staying with her and Hye Soo finally gave in to her feelings. She is letting herself be loved and be taken cared of by Ji Hoon. She decided to spend her time loving him. Eun Sang also loves this ahjussi.

Theirs is a beautiful love story that even if the ending is predictable I am sure it will leave viewers an unforgettable drama which Marriage Contract brings.