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Saturday, April 25, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD Final Review

I have mixed feelings after the drama ended. Am I satisfied? Did I feel that the story was rushed towards the ending? Has the story showed the villain realizing his wrongs and finally accepting defeat?

If I will just based my thoughts in how the story ended, maybe I will feel that the strength of the story from the start has waned towards the ending, thus unsatisfactory to the senses. The build up of tension and the climax towards the result of the drug that can make infected turns back to human are so great that I was hoping to see a great match between Ji Sang and Jae Wook. But then, maybe it an hour is not enough to wrap up the story the way I expected it to. 

What did I expect? To see Ji Sang much stronger than Jae Wook. To see Jae Wook at least kneeling in defeat in front of Ji Sang to atone for his devilish acts of killing his parents. To see Ji Sang win even just once in front of Jae Wook not in words but in action. But then, the story shifted, made Ji Sang received that stab in the chest, to give justice to where the story goes, for the decomposed blood to be cultured inside his dead body which is the only option. Then and only then will the vaccine work and make the experiment successful. VTH 17 will be created. And infected will turn back to humans again. 

Perhaps I expected so much in the fight between Ji Sang and Jae Wook that I forgot that the central story is about finding solution to cure infected persons. Realizing this, I can not say that I was disappointed because finally, the story found the answers they were all looking for. 

Episode 19 was one of the saddest episode and a shocker. With the Chairman committing suicide, it was a form of atoning for his sins and to show RiTa he was sincere in loving her and in asking for forgiveness. It was a start for RiTa to move forward and know her legacy as her parent's daughter. She got stronger after accepting the truth that the people she trusted betrayed her and that they have to pay for their betrayal. Associate Director turns out to be a disappointment character for me. Her greed was a surprise and a twist in the story. Although the premise had already been shown, still to know that she acted on that evil action made her scary. She was defeated by greed and whatever affections she has for RiTa, I knew it seemed sincere just as the Chairman's, but it can never equal or compensate for the wrongs she did RiTa. Until the end I hoped that she will awaken from that dark avarice and pay for her sins voluntarily, but no, she hold onto to her position. RiTa had to forcefully pull her out with the help of the authorities. It was not fear of the consequences, but buying time to keep on denying that she did something wrong. 

Next shocker was the way Hyun Woo exited the story abruptly, without notice. His presence though secondary to the leads was so big even if he is only confined to researching the solution to help Ji Sang. But when he died, it was as if the story turned gloomy. Hyun Woo was everywhere. His works was his legacy. His cheerful character made the drama brighter. His brotherly romance with Ji Sang were amazing. So I could not help but curse the writer [only for a bit] when Hyun Woo died. It was as if it was never really necessary, but for the story to move forward, his death is a must. His gift, the last research on Ji Sang's decomposed blood is the most precious research he had done. What Chief Jung's father failed to accomplish, Hyun Woo did. Now it was time for Chief Jung to continue that legacy and make the result satisfactory and successful.

Seeing how Ga Yeon persevere to be human even if infected makes me feel the warmth of her character. She has always been hard to read after learning she was the one who stole Ji Sang's medication and shot him with a vaccine that can kill an ordinary infected person. But towards the last few episodes, her empathy towards the sick and her devotion to Na Jung clearly differentiates her from Jae Wook and his minions like J and Chun Hool. She was grateful for the life Jae Wook gave her but it did not changed her or take away her basic compassion towards people and doing good. That is why when she put her body in between Ji Sang and Jae Wook to receive the fatal stab that kills infected persons, I felt sad for her. But then it has to happen to give justice to her extended life that should have been cut off long ago. She showed Jae Wook that although she was thankful towards him and love him like a daughter, he must open his eyes to the reality that his works and greed are all over and done. In the end she looked at Ji Sang telling him she was grateful for everything, a sight that gave a painful emotion to Jae Wook. There she goes, the one he nurtured, but as she closed her eyes, she was thanking Ji Sang.

Ji Sang and Jae Wook

Two infected persons that have opposite goals.

While the story tried to give justice to Jae Wook's greed, which can be easily and mistakenly accepted by anyone who can understand where he is coming from, the story also showed that not all good intention are good particularly if the means are evil. 

While Jae Wook got the fatal vaccine Ji Sang was able to inject on him, in return, Jae Wook was able to stab Ji Sang at the heart. Still, it is not fair. But for the story's sake Ji Sang must die. I believe, Jae Wook did not die but only got weaker and caught up with his actual age. It is not clear though as I watched him sitting down on his chair inside his house looking at the big art work in front of him, talking about changing the world. But then that scene made him accept the truth that changing what is destined is a work of devil, which somehow showed that he did exactly what a devil is doing, changing and manipulating fate. Jae Wook looked tired after realizing his mistakes, his sins. But I think he just dozed off to rest but still lives on.

Ji Sang however has his own fate. He accepted his death. It should happen for the sake of many infected person. His death means achieving great results for the protection of humanity.

Ji Sang and Ri Ta

I love the rooftop scene so much that although it both gave the feeling of sadness and melancholy, it also showed how beautiful that scene was executed.  The cinematography is amazing. The dawn is fatal to infected person and that is what Ji Sang has been missing all his life. But in the last minutes of his life, there he was, not scared of the rising sun but anticipating it to witness it for the first time and for the last time. The scene spoke of so much more emotions and hidden meanings that words and conversations are not really needed. Ri Ta who held Ji Sang's head on her lap as she cried resignedly to the fate of their romance was an epic scene. Everything matched in that rooftop scene. Ri Ta in her red dress, trying to be brave and stronger while Ji Sang was in his black suit, weak and dying.

Time Jump

Did the story justified the ending?

I believe that the VTH 17 was successful after a year had elapsed from the culturing of the vaccine. I think at least in the ward 21A, the problems were solved by the hands of Chief Jung and Soo Eun and Ri Ta.

Ri Ta who came to Konechia to meet the girl Ji Sang once saved gave the feeling of sad recollection of what happened in the past year. The young girl and Ri Ta both owed their lives to Ji Sang. Meeting each other is like getting comfort and strength from each other.

Anyone saw the fingers flicking on the chair's handle? I believe it was Jae Wook who has that habit but what is he doing in Konechia? That's why I think he did not die. Then vampires came chasing RiTa. Scary looking vampires hungry for her blood.

Out of nowhere, Ji Sang appeared fighting them off until they all scattered away. Ri Ta saw him  then he held his hand for her to grab.

The story ends.

Going back to what I wrote above, I have to understand the story to appreciate the ending. Because if not, it will leave me feeling unsatisfied. Now I think Ji Sang came back to life through the vaccine that was cultured inside his dead body. But I don't believe that he came back human. First, the vaccine can be cultured to his dying body [or dead body]. But then I remembered that Hyun Woo once told Ji Sang that after he was shot with the harmful vaccine in the earlier episodes that luckily he survived, and only he can survive, it made him even stronger and nothing can kill him anymore.

I want to think that Ji Sang only stopped breathing for a period of time and came back naturally with the vaccine that was cultured inside him. I can be mistaken for I am not an expert in this medical drama but this is how I interpret the story as the writer left us room for interpretation.

Ji Sang could not have powers if he is human. 

The story seems open ended in parallel to Ji Sang who came back alive. I want to think the writer wants it this way not because he ran out of ideas or that he was pressured by limited time. I think the mission is just starting again for Ji Sang and Ri Ta.

I like to say that the story although found many criticism from antis is a successful drama for me. The plot did not stray away from the original path. The romance may be short but it is there for viewers to appreciate. The medical part of the story is satisfying and well researched to justify the outcome of the experiments. Maybe a little bit difficult to comprehend but can be understood somehow.

Can I hope for a sequel?

Yes. I hope that Blood 2 will be given a chance to be created.

For Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun, they have good chemistry. Ahn Jae Hyun surprised me. He improved in acting and definitely brought Ji Sang to life. Goo Hye Sun who was target for critics, I felt sorry for the unbiased attacks. I hope that she will not feel sorry if the drama fails to get higher ratings. This is a solid story from start to finish. She has done her part as what her character has asked of her.

And of course, the villain. Suave and handsome yet scary Ji Jin Hee. Effortless acting. Never exaggerated. Lee Jae Wook is a sophisticated villain in k-dramaland. And Ji Jin Hee carried the role perfectly.

I did not write a recap but these thoughts are what's running in my head as I watched the last 2 episodes and after Blood ended.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Yoon Eun Hye Photos

Unreleased Photos
source: JARMY Entertainment / Topstarnews

After Love Stills

[mslee's thoughts] Falling For Innocence Episode 6 Review


1. The love triangle is starting for Joon Hee, Soon Joong and Min Ho.
2. The company uses the labor union to get some time and stop Min Ho from his plans to push the company to sell the middle factory.
3. The man who drove the Pride is still unconscious in the hospital after surgery.
4. Min Ho has become aware of what's happening to him and the way his heart responds every time Soon Joong is near and when she is not. He also found out that Soon Joong's boyfriend died.
5. Soon Joong continue to do her duties as Min Ho's secretary. She even helped him prepare for his interview when the stylist did not arrive.
6. Joon Hee did not feel grateful when his father decided to drop by his place with relatives. He was rude enough to tell his father that they did not help them when they asked them for money before.
7. Chairman Kang's wife asked Soon Joong for a task that must be kept secret from Min Ho.
8. The directors thought that Chairman Kang is out of the country.
9. Min Ho found out that his uncle is confined secretly in a hospital. He has cancer.
10. Min Ho has mixed feelings about it but what he showed was his anger towards his uncle and his desire to still exact revenge on him.
11. Joon Hee also found out about the illness of the chairman. He decided to make his move by calling for a board meeting and telling about the chairman's whereabouts and his illness. He also asked that they dismiss the current chairman. He used Min Ho's name for his selfish agenda.
12. Min Ho and Soon Joong talked outside the hospital. She asked him not to tell media about the chairman and to forget his revenge. She also told him how his father loved the factory then.
13. Min Ho was surprised about the board meeting Joon Hee presided. He wen to the company and the directors were behind Joon Hee. He realized what his uncle told him about others like him who will also betray for money.
14. Soon Joong feels disappointed. She learned that the media found out about the chairman's illness. I think she thought that Min Ho told the media.
15. Min Ho went after Soon Joong who decided to skip work that day. He followed her walking at the streets. He is getting confused again with his emotions towards her. In the end he decided to kiss her to know exactly what he feels for her.


How will Min Ho differentiate his own feelings from the lingering feelings his heart has towards Soon Joong. He will soon find out that he got his heart from Dong Wook. Will it complicate his emotions? I think if Soon Joong will realize that Min Ho got Dong Wook's heart, she will also feel confused. If she will fall in lobe with Min Ho, will she think it is going to be a betrayal towards Dong Wook's memories?

Joon Hee's greed is now showing. He is using Min Ho to hide his true intention from the board of directors. I hope Soon Joong will soon realize that Joon Hee has a greedy heart.

I think Min Ho felt sad knowing his uncle will soon die. But he just doesn't want to accept the truth that even if he grew up with an avenging heart, he feels that the only blood relative he got will soon be gone. I think that the fight between them will stop and it will be between him and Joon Hee.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Episode 4 Screen caps Review

This is one drama that never let me take my eyes off the screen even for a second or let my mind wander off if I want to understand fully what is happening in the story. It is really complex that I felt I was not able to follow some theories of Gil Soo Hyun particularly the mystery surrounding the death of the woman 8 years ago named Eun Chae Rin.

Another thing that makes me confused are the character's names because they are not regulars of the drama but only parts of a case that will soon be over. 

Anyway, I hope I got the right understanding now after watching the whole episode. There is another culprit behind the kidnappings of the children, one from Ha Tae Jo and the other from the President of the pharmaceutical company, Ryoo Jung Gook.

The back story of the case is about the vaccine invented by the company which were given to children and 8 among those died from the side effects. During that time Eun Chae Rin and Ha Tae Jo were already working at the company. Chae Rin knew about the deaths of the children and was about to be a whistle blower but was stopped by Ha Tae Jo. Of course, he was ordered by Jung Gook but according to him he did not know that she will be killed.

Gil Soo Hyun somehow realized that the Chae Rin did not commit suicide but was murdered. He played the CCTV recording and he saw something flickered by her neck even before she was on fire. He investigated the building and this is where he lost me. Yup, I never understand his logic or reasoning to whatever it was called on how he came to the conclusion that besides the CCTV recording Chae Rin on the rooftop, there was another camera used to record her without the securities realizing it and the handing them to the media just after she died. Gil Soo Hyun followed a certain path inside the building leading him to the ground floor without ever been seen via CCTV.  Well, it was his theory and it seemed that he is right about the one who killed her was the one who triggered the fire already attached on her body and the camera was one and the same person. 

Ha Tae Jo was used to lure her to the rooftop in exchange with a video he happened to see with her in a compromising situation that will be bad if showed to others. She wanted to get back the video that was why she went. She kept on looking at the clock there and that action made Gil Soo Hyun realized that it was the time she was supposed to go to the police for what she knew of the vaccine.

So far the child was no longer in Ha Tae Jo's care which left him vulnerable and without insurance regarding his own son that was kidnapped. Jung Gook's son is kidnapped again and this time I think the culprit has two children. 

A man who used to work in a shipping company was the one behind the kidnapping. A package was delivered in Tae Jo's wife with their son's hair and a photo inside a box. A warning that something will happen to their child if they go to the police. The man kept on calling Tae Jo in a clown's outfit. To summarize, this man who was found out later as Park Jun Myeong was the same truck driver that detective Oh had spoken to when the car in the free way was discovered empty. Jun Myeong is on revenge mode. He was one of the father of the child who died from the vaccine. Now he got Tae Jo to kidnap Jung Gook's son and then threatened Tae Jo and wife with a blast at the park and kidnap their son. He was also trying not to let Tae Jo proceed with the IR which is scheduled soon.

The horrific part of the events happening was when Tae Jo got a video message of Jung Gook using a vaccine to inject his son. Tae Jo cried and begged Jung Gook not to do it but still he did. Detective Oh was able to track Jun Myeong and the orphanage where he possibly  hid the children. Luckily, Jung Gook's son was brought to a hospital and when they check the child he was okay.

Jun Myeong was on custody of the police and being asked by detective Oh. He found out the bitter truth behind the revenge. Ha Tae Jo is still hiding. He has a USB file as evidence. He went to get it on a locker. Soo Hyun knew where he was but then decided not to catch him as Tae Jo hid inside a closet/cabinet. This was at first a confusing acts of Soo Hyun. But then I think he did it becaue he knew Tae Jo has to make his own move to prevent the company from obtaining the financial investment from the IR next day.

Tae Jo went to the hotel where the IR was being held. Jung Gook was speaking at the front. Tae Jo suddenly got to the front and told the people about the vaccine that had side effects. The detectives and police sudden;y appeared. The event became chaotic. Then at the big screen the woman Lee Ji Soo was there with Jung Gook's son. She was able to get the child from his wife who was still confined in the hospital because she was a known employee of the company.

She was in cahoots with Jun Myeong in avenging her lost child. Now she will inject the vaccine in Jung Gook's son in front of the him through the big screens. Soo Hyun already got away, finding the woman. Detective Oh found something at the back of Lee Ji Soo, a logo of the hotel where she was at.

Soo Hyun arrived at the room where Lee Ji Soo and the child were. He urged her to inject the vaccine to her. Provoking her to do it. I was wondering if he was using reverse psychology to make her guilty and not harm the child. He kept on urging her forcefully which detective Oh had witnessed and pushed him against a wall. Even Oh was perplexed at his actions and motive.

In the end, Lee Ji Soo did not do it.

The good news, Jun Myeong may be wanting revenge but he is not harming children. He exchanged the vaccine with a vitamin only. The culprits were all taken to the police. Tae Jo and Jung Mook for the case 8 years ago. Ji Soo and Jun Myeong for kidnapping and plotting the whole scheme.

Finally, the truth was unveiled. Chae Rin did not commit suicide but she was murdered.

There is something mysterious surrounding Gil Soo Hyun and the pills he keeps on popping in his mouth.  Sometimes there is something bothering him even after a case is luckily solved and closed. Even Oh could not easily penetrate Soo Hyun's serious facade even if he wanted to. Oh knew when to back out and not pursue.

Another twist and turn episode that I feel like I will be in for another headache for the next episode and case. Still, worth watching.

I hope more of Gil Soo Hyun and what makes him tick or what hides behind his smirk.

I hope I was on spot on in my review of this drama.

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