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Friday, April 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Falling For Innocence Episode 6 Review


1. The love triangle is starting for Joon Hee, Soon Joong and Min Ho.
2. The company uses the labor union to get some time and stop Min Ho from his plans to push the company to sell the middle factory.
3. The man who drove the Pride is still unconscious in the hospital after surgery.
4. Min Ho has become aware of what's happening to him and the way his heart responds every time Soon Joong is near and when she is not. He also found out that Soon Joong's boyfriend died.
5. Soon Joong continue to do her duties as Min Ho's secretary. She even helped him prepare for his interview when the stylist did not arrive.
6. Joon Hee did not feel grateful when his father decided to drop by his place with relatives. He was rude enough to tell his father that they did not help them when they asked them for money before.
7. Chairman Kang's wife asked Soon Joong for a task that must be kept secret from Min Ho.
8. The directors thought that Chairman Kang is out of the country.
9. Min Ho found out that his uncle is confined secretly in a hospital. He has cancer.
10. Min Ho has mixed feelings about it but what he showed was his anger towards his uncle and his desire to still exact revenge on him.
11. Joon Hee also found out about the illness of the chairman. He decided to make his move by calling for a board meeting and telling about the chairman's whereabouts and his illness. He also asked that they dismiss the current chairman. He used Min Ho's name for his selfish agenda.
12. Min Ho and Soon Joong talked outside the hospital. She asked him not to tell media about the chairman and to forget his revenge. She also told him how his father loved the factory then.
13. Min Ho was surprised about the board meeting Joon Hee presided. He wen to the company and the directors were behind Joon Hee. He realized what his uncle told him about others like him who will also betray for money.
14. Soon Joong feels disappointed. She learned that the media found out about the chairman's illness. I think she thought that Min Ho told the media.
15. Min Ho went after Soon Joong who decided to skip work that day. He followed her walking at the streets. He is getting confused again with his emotions towards her. In the end he decided to kiss her to know exactly what he feels for her.


How will Min Ho differentiate his own feelings from the lingering feelings his heart has towards Soon Joong. He will soon find out that he got his heart from Dong Wook. Will it complicate his emotions? I think if Soon Joong will realize that Min Ho got Dong Wook's heart, she will also feel confused. If she will fall in lobe with Min Ho, will she think it is going to be a betrayal towards Dong Wook's memories?

Joon Hee's greed is now showing. He is using Min Ho to hide his true intention from the board of directors. I hope Soon Joong will soon realize that Joon Hee has a greedy heart.

I think Min Ho felt sad knowing his uncle will soon die. But he just doesn't want to accept the truth that even if he grew up with an avenging heart, he feels that the only blood relative he got will soon be gone. I think that the fight between them will stop and it will be between him and Joon Hee.

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