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Thursday, April 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Episode 4 Screen caps Review

This is one drama that never let me take my eyes off the screen even for a second or let my mind wander off if I want to understand fully what is happening in the story. It is really complex that I felt I was not able to follow some theories of Gil Soo Hyun particularly the mystery surrounding the death of the woman 8 years ago named Eun Chae Rin.

Another thing that makes me confused are the character's names because they are not regulars of the drama but only parts of a case that will soon be over. 

Anyway, I hope I got the right understanding now after watching the whole episode. There is another culprit behind the kidnappings of the children, one from Ha Tae Jo and the other from the President of the pharmaceutical company, Ryoo Jung Gook.

The back story of the case is about the vaccine invented by the company which were given to children and 8 among those died from the side effects. During that time Eun Chae Rin and Ha Tae Jo were already working at the company. Chae Rin knew about the deaths of the children and was about to be a whistle blower but was stopped by Ha Tae Jo. Of course, he was ordered by Jung Gook but according to him he did not know that she will be killed.

Gil Soo Hyun somehow realized that the Chae Rin did not commit suicide but was murdered. He played the CCTV recording and he saw something flickered by her neck even before she was on fire. He investigated the building and this is where he lost me. Yup, I never understand his logic or reasoning to whatever it was called on how he came to the conclusion that besides the CCTV recording Chae Rin on the rooftop, there was another camera used to record her without the securities realizing it and the handing them to the media just after she died. Gil Soo Hyun followed a certain path inside the building leading him to the ground floor without ever been seen via CCTV.  Well, it was his theory and it seemed that he is right about the one who killed her was the one who triggered the fire already attached on her body and the camera was one and the same person. 

Ha Tae Jo was used to lure her to the rooftop in exchange with a video he happened to see with her in a compromising situation that will be bad if showed to others. She wanted to get back the video that was why she went. She kept on looking at the clock there and that action made Gil Soo Hyun realized that it was the time she was supposed to go to the police for what she knew of the vaccine.

So far the child was no longer in Ha Tae Jo's care which left him vulnerable and without insurance regarding his own son that was kidnapped. Jung Gook's son is kidnapped again and this time I think the culprit has two children. 

A man who used to work in a shipping company was the one behind the kidnapping. A package was delivered in Tae Jo's wife with their son's hair and a photo inside a box. A warning that something will happen to their child if they go to the police. The man kept on calling Tae Jo in a clown's outfit. To summarize, this man who was found out later as Park Jun Myeong was the same truck driver that detective Oh had spoken to when the car in the free way was discovered empty. Jun Myeong is on revenge mode. He was one of the father of the child who died from the vaccine. Now he got Tae Jo to kidnap Jung Gook's son and then threatened Tae Jo and wife with a blast at the park and kidnap their son. He was also trying not to let Tae Jo proceed with the IR which is scheduled soon.

The horrific part of the events happening was when Tae Jo got a video message of Jung Gook using a vaccine to inject his son. Tae Jo cried and begged Jung Gook not to do it but still he did. Detective Oh was able to track Jun Myeong and the orphanage where he possibly  hid the children. Luckily, Jung Gook's son was brought to a hospital and when they check the child he was okay.

Jun Myeong was on custody of the police and being asked by detective Oh. He found out the bitter truth behind the revenge. Ha Tae Jo is still hiding. He has a USB file as evidence. He went to get it on a locker. Soo Hyun knew where he was but then decided not to catch him as Tae Jo hid inside a closet/cabinet. This was at first a confusing acts of Soo Hyun. But then I think he did it becaue he knew Tae Jo has to make his own move to prevent the company from obtaining the financial investment from the IR next day.

Tae Jo went to the hotel where the IR was being held. Jung Gook was speaking at the front. Tae Jo suddenly got to the front and told the people about the vaccine that had side effects. The detectives and police sudden;y appeared. The event became chaotic. Then at the big screen the woman Lee Ji Soo was there with Jung Gook's son. She was able to get the child from his wife who was still confined in the hospital because she was a known employee of the company.

She was in cahoots with Jun Myeong in avenging her lost child. Now she will inject the vaccine in Jung Gook's son in front of the him through the big screens. Soo Hyun already got away, finding the woman. Detective Oh found something at the back of Lee Ji Soo, a logo of the hotel where she was at.

Soo Hyun arrived at the room where Lee Ji Soo and the child were. He urged her to inject the vaccine to her. Provoking her to do it. I was wondering if he was using reverse psychology to make her guilty and not harm the child. He kept on urging her forcefully which detective Oh had witnessed and pushed him against a wall. Even Oh was perplexed at his actions and motive.

In the end, Lee Ji Soo did not do it.

The good news, Jun Myeong may be wanting revenge but he is not harming children. He exchanged the vaccine with a vitamin only. The culprits were all taken to the police. Tae Jo and Jung Mook for the case 8 years ago. Ji Soo and Jun Myeong for kidnapping and plotting the whole scheme.

Finally, the truth was unveiled. Chae Rin did not commit suicide but she was murdered.

There is something mysterious surrounding Gil Soo Hyun and the pills he keeps on popping in his mouth.  Sometimes there is something bothering him even after a case is luckily solved and closed. Even Oh could not easily penetrate Soo Hyun's serious facade even if he wanted to. Oh knew when to back out and not pursue.

Another twist and turn episode that I feel like I will be in for another headache for the next episode and case. Still, worth watching.

I hope more of Gil Soo Hyun and what makes him tick or what hides behind his smirk.

I hope I was on spot on in my review of this drama.

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