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Saturday, August 30, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] It's Okay It's Love Episode 11 Screen caps Review

Some highlights on this episode...

Episode 11

They had a little argument about not revealing to the people he worked with the status of their relationship, which of course made Hae Soo question his sincerity towards her. But even before the radio talk ended, they reconciled their differences discreetly.

His manager Tae Yong got his proof that Kang Woo did not exist when he dropped by at Jae Yeol's place and asked him to call the boy. Even if the phone was saying that the number did not exist, Jae Yeol kept on talking to Kang Woo and then gave him the phone to speak to him after. Tae Yong had mixed emotions but tried to control them. He told Dong Min to ask for help.

Jae Yeol moved out of the house completely and Hae Soo cried [teared] inside his car while she showed him what she wanted to say like goodbye.  In this episode, Jang Yeol also carelessly asked "Let's get married", which she took as a joke but found out that though it sounded light, there is truth about the casual proposal. But they she made excuses which he received casually too. These two are continuing their mind games.

A new revelation in this episode about who was the real culprit of the crime. The knife did not even cut deep, but the step father died from suffocation, which meant that when Jae Bom carried Jae Yeol outside the mother was left behind and she was the one who started the fire in the house. Jae Yeol protected her mother that's why he betrayed his hyung.

The story is getting deeper with each episode. The romance is growing between two scarred people and at the moment they are enjoying the bliss they got from each other. The knowledge that both  feel the presence of  someone in their life, one who can they trust with their deepest secrets are binding them completely despite the petty arguments that erupts now and then. 

But the troubles ahead can't be avoided any longer. Soon, Hae Soo will know the extent of Jae Yeol's illness. How will cope when she finds out? 


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[HD] Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜-Samantha Thavasa (사만사 타바사) BTS 스케치 of F/W 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Three Musketeers Episode 2 Screen caps Review

Short recap on this episode...

While Park Dal Hyang created chaos during the final exam, hitting the horse instead, Crown Prince was having fun. He even suggested to the King that he passed Dal Hyang and gave him a low position for a start. Regarding the Crown Prince and his wife, I think that even if they are married for years now, he does not love her. The chosen Crown Princess was dead. She was reported to had taken her own life [suicide]. The Crown Prince loved her.

Seung Po and Min Seo invited Dal Hyang for a congratulatory drink. Inside the taverna, Seung Po was having the time of his life, gambling and womanizing. Min Seo was the silent type. He told Dal Hyang that Seung Po and the Prince grew up together.

While they were drinking a group of men walked upstairs to where they sat.  They were the ministers from the palace.  Something was definitely fishy so Seung Po decided to go inside the next room to listen. They were plotting something. Messengers from  Yong Gol Dae arrived. He was dealing with the Qings.

Fight erupted when Seung Po was found out by No Soo, the one eyed man. She was with a woman, who the Prince will soon find out as Jo Mi Ryeong , his dead First Crown Princess.

What happened to her? Why did she lie to him?

Dal Hyang followed the two[No Soo and Mi Ryeon], chased them when they got away after No Soo hurt the Prince's arm with his blade.

Dal Hyang stopped when he realized he was in a dangerous territory. The large group were waiting at the hillside where No Soo and Mi Ryeong stopped their horses. Then Gol Dae asked him who he was. Mi Ryeong told him he was a Prince's person. Soon, arrows were flying in the sky, targeting Dal Hyang.