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Monday, August 25, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] It's Okay It's Love Episode 10 Screen caps Review

Just some thoughts on this episode.

After returning from their trip, Jang Jae Yeol decided to move out of the house share. His own place is ready to be occupied again. But this information surprised Hye Soo. Maybe she thought they are moving forward after their night at the beach and the moments they shared from Japan, but suddenly Jae Yeol wanted space.

He is becoming restless. He needs to write and he realized he can not do any writing with Hye Soo interrupting him anytime she wants. It is not his style. Time passes by when he writes. Not even caring about food or sleep. One reasons why Hye Soo is concerned for his health but it only makes him frustrated with her meddling.

The episode also show the interesting part of Jae Bom and Jae Yeol's past. In Jae Bom's mind, with Amytal injection, he relate what happened that day of the accident. The step father was beating Jae Yeol so hard when he  saw them and he tried to stop the beating. When the stepfather turned on him, Jae Yeol lying on the floor, he brought out a small knife and hold it to defend himself from the abuser. But the step father knocked away the knife from his hands and it landed near Jae Yeol. He grabbed the knife, stood up and while the two were in a brawl, the step father turned after knocking Jae Bom and accidentally lost his balance when he lunged at him, stabbing himself instead with the knife Jae Yeol held. Both tripped and fell on the floor, Jae Yeol knocked out for a while, stepfather on top of him. Jae Bom lifted the stepfather from Jae Yeol and saw the knife stuck inside his chest. He dug out the knife just when his mother appeared and saw him holding it with bloodied hand.

The story was awful. No one protected Jae Bom from being hurt, Both mother and dongsaeng betrayed him at the courthouse, not even telling them it was accident. It is no wonder why he harbor ill thoughts about them. He suffered alone and painfully. His young mind could not understand the love his mother showed towards his younger brother. There is jealousy in his heart. 

This trauma they all suffered in the family is still catching up with all of them. Jae Yeol's imaginary friend Kang Woo is his young self came to be comforted by him. Kang Woo is someone who reminds him of the past and someone who should have received protection from abuse. With his association with this imaginary friend, it was like he is comforting his younger self. But it is about to be out in the open when CCTV caught him talking and playing, doing foolish stuff alone out in the field where he and Kang Woo walked. The house where Kang Woo showed him, was really his own house from childhood.

The police has gotten the image and told on to his manager, who was so dumbfounded watching it. He even called Jae Yeol, asking for Kang Woo's number and when he dialed it, the number did not exist.

Hye Soo is not yet aware of this other personality of Jang Yeol. Their relationship is already in a tight string these days. When Jang Yeol visited her mother and ate there, he was speechless when she talked about marriage. So when she decided to show up on the talk show again as a guest, Jang Yeol clearly put a distance between them. He is not ready to tell the world about their relationship. Hye Soo seemed offended and when she asked why he is acting that way, is he really going to break up with her in the end? She wanted to know if there is no future with them besides this whatever they have right now. And shockingly, he answered her, "you right".

The story is slowly coming to unveil all the truth about them. And it will explode any minute now. I wonder how Jae Yeol will come to terms with the reality that he is having hallucinations. How will he react to this fact that he is not healthy mentally and needs treatment? I wonder how will Hye Soo comfort him?


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