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Friday, August 29, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Surplus Princess Episode 3 Screen caps Review

Just some thoughts on this episodes. A very late post and reaction to the drama.

Living in the real world made Kim Ha Ni, [Princess Aileen the mermaid] realized that being human is not as easy as she thinks just like finding true love. Her one reason of wanting to be human is the chef Kwon Shi Kyung but sadly he did not recognized her at the party. She then was greatly disappointed in him at felt a bit mad for thinking he would feel the same way. Of course it was her naivety of what does happens in the real world.

Well, I thought she had an eye connecting moment with Lee Hyun Myung at the last scene in episode 2 at the terrace. But it was not so. The following morning they met, surprised seeing each other at the same house. He dragged her in front of the building where Yoon Jin A worked to explain everything that happened at the Han river. But she never wanted to listen anyway. Her mind was closed already to the idea of reconciliation with him. She found a new man. Of course this just broke up Hyun Myung's heart and spirit. 

Meanwhile, our mermaid turned human Ha Ni who heard from An Ma Nyeo that feeling in love is like spinning 2o times [dizzy, nauseous in her perspective when she practiced spinning..lol girl!] So, she has her own conclusion of what it must feel like, dizziness.

Not exactly, girl. Because when she drank beer with the heart broken Hyun Myung, she felt dizzy.LOL!

The other housemates have their own issues as well. Do Ji Yong is hitting on her, perhaps hoping this naive girl would fall for his own brand of charm which he shows her everyday with simple gestures like cooking for her meals. Then the other girl at the attic, Ah Hye Young who has her own "food trip" account via internet, seducing the viewers with her different kinds of delicious foods and eating in front of the camera with so much "gusto". Her lovelife concern the landlord,  Lee Sun Kyu who she finds sexy. And the poor, adorable guy, BIG, in love with a gril named Suzy who was into another man.

Sort of a mess, right? No one seems to find their own true love. 

I was really shipping Ha Ni with Shi Kyung because of their initial escapades under the sea which brought a lot of chemistry between them. But Hyun Myung is also someone who can make Ha Ni realize that love actually exist already in front of her, she just did not realized it early.

Sad to say there is one character I am not glad to see and keeps me annoyed. Guess who? The third wheel in Ha Ni/Shi Kyung possible romance, Jin A. Well, I see her as an opportunist girl, like what she did with his Cell Phone. She told him she found it. Liar! Oh, but she was soon found out because when Shi Kyung asked her if she wore a pearl necklace that day, she shook her head, confused.

One of the realities in the episode is that while An Ma Nyeon also found his true love, she passed away, leaving him so soon, but with a precious memory like a daughter. I was touched by the scene because he suffers alone now without his beloved wife who matters to him the most. But then again, a loving daughter fulfills that empty hole inside his heart. I think that moment made Ha Ni realized that it is not easy to hold one true love.

The ending episode showed that perhaps someone already found out her secret, that she is actually a mermaid when she was in the bath tub.


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