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Friday, August 29, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Three Musketeers Episode 1 Screen caps and First Impression

Two weeks late writing my first impression of this drama.:))

Entertaining, exciting, humorous, and intriguing. Park Dal Hyang is either a myth or someone who did exist in the history during the Joseon era. 

Episode 1 is about Park Dal Hyang's journey to the capital city, Hanyang.

He came from the country side, traveled with an old horse towards Hanyang, the capital city to take the national exam. On his way, he met a lot of misfortunes but was able to arrive one day before the exam. The city was so different from where he came from. Lots of folks traveling her and there, with his money suddenly snatch away and thrown in the air, people did not even care if the money on the ground are their or not. It was an opportunity for them to get it. Poor Dal Hyang, left only with a few.

Finding a room was so hard, examiners form all over the country flocking to the city and lining up, making the caretaker increase the rent for every room. Naive Dal Hyang thought he was getting a room all to himself but he joined two already in a cramped room.

The incident of some bandits for hire targeting the intelligent ones who will take the exams became the reasons why Dal Hyang crossed paths with the Three Musketeers. His roommate was attacked and he run after them. He met The Three Musketeers and told them about what happened and they finally caught the villains. Dal Hyang had no idea who these people are on horses but they chose to be anonymous. 

A letter was found out by An Min Seo [Jung Hae In] and when he read it handed it to the Crown Prince Sohyeon [Lee Jin Wook]. A letter that Dal Hyang carried with him from a girl whom he had a promise to see when he comes to Hanyang. Unfortunately, she is now the Crown Prince's wife, Yoon Seo [Seo Hyun Jin].

For the mischievous and naughty Heon Seung Po [Yang Dong Geun] a small rivalry and jealousy is worth seeing. He mocked the Crown Prince about the letter resulting to him meeting Park Dal Hyang again and telling him that the girl in the letter is now the Crowned Princess, to Dal Hyang's shock.

The story is not boring, but rather amusing. Crown Prince seems not really affected by the letter and what it meant. 

Something is lacking in his marriage and definitely it is love. 


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