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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wonderful Days - Lee Seo Jin Kneels In Front of Cha Hae Won's Mother

One of the weekend dramas I follow is Wonderful Days. It is a family drama and although the pacing is slow, it delivers the story very well.

In this week's episode, Lee Seo Jin's character as Kang Dong Suk will kneel in front of Cha Hae Won's mother inside the hospital room where she is confined. This scene is interesting because Kang Dong Suk is a man full of principles and someone who has a hard personality but seems ready to be soft and bend to show his sincerity. I think this has to do with his feelings towards Cha Hae Won.

One of the love stories in the drama I really look forward to every episode.

photos via soompi

What Made Lee Seo Jin Drop to His Knees in “Wonderful Days”?

Lee Seo Jin

I hope the mother will realize her mistakes and soon give Kang Dong Suk a chance with her daughter.


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