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Saturday, June 28, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] A New Leaf Final Thoughts

The truth is, I was not happy how the story ended. Maybe the two episodes that were cut down from the story could have given the finale a  more interesting ending.  The drama was supposed to have 18 episodes but then they ended with 16 episodes. A big difference, about two hours, same amount time of a full movie. A lot can happen in those two episodes and perhaps the awaited face off between Cha Young Woo could be there.

Well, I am not sure but I know that how the drama ended was a bit hanging. It was like the story builds it's climax only to go downhill without any good results. Even the final settlement in the case Seok Joo accepted just closed without so much noise. His big loss against Cha Young Woo's firm only showed how a big firm can do anything in their power to get what they want, results in their favor. It showed that someone like Seok Joo can not go against them even if he is a good lawyer. 

Ah...seriously disappointed that my expectation was not met. I have enjoyed the first couple of episodes, the chemistry of Kim Myung min and Park Min Young and the funny moments they had. I also enjoyed the bromance with Park Sang Tae [Oh Jung Se]. Even Chae Jung Ahn's role as the fiancee [Yoo Jung Sun] did not have any weight at all in the drama. Although I was leaning towards Seok Joo/Ji Yoon romance, I can acknowledged that Seok Joo decided to give his attention to Jung Sun in the end. Not sure why the writer let it be, but for me as a viewer, I did not see any spark between them unlike with Ji Yoon where every opportunity was a nice moment and clearly the girl is infatuated with Seok Joo.  Guess Seok Joo only sees her as his subordinate, a colleague and a hoobae, nothing more. 

There were parts in the final episode that Jeon Ji Won felt surreal of what was happening before him. He has the look of surprise at how powerful and cunning Cha Young Woo. But he stayed still, so I am kind of not sure how his mind works or how he took everything inside. I can never tell if he let go of his principles and that he will take the place Seok Joo left onwards.

One of the good thing was when Ji Yeon resigned in the firm and found Seok Joo instead and works for him. Either she really wants to be close to him or that she knows Seok Joo is a new man and will be one of the lawyers who can help many people in need of assistance against big and powerful corporation that eats the small companies.

Actually, I never understood the last part of the drama, especially the conversation of Cha Young Woo and his VP. It ended there. But one thing is sure, Kim Seok Joo will be someone who will always be their opponent in the coming days.

I really hoped the drama has 18 episodes and maybe I could have a clear ending. It just felt that the story was cut abruptly.

This is my second Kim Myung Min drama and I do like him as an actor and I think I understand his choice of story. It has a lot of potential and even the legal terms did not deter me from dropping the drama. Well, for all it's worth, I can say that courtroom drama never bored me especially when it is a criminal case. One thing I can say, the title A New Leaf was achieved by the hero of the drama. It was not too late to turn around and start anew.


Friday, June 27, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded Episode 14 Review and Screen caps


From previous episodes, the killer who was once Pan Seok's partner was arrested but kept his lips closed as to who are the real culprits behind the murder of Dae Gu's mother. Even when Pan Seok visited him, he never divulged further information telling him that it is for Dae Gu's sake to stop further digging.

The incident at the department store where SooSun's mother had a bag switch from the assemblyman's daughter that led to assault became a big issue when a video of the crime was uploaded in the internet. It was a shocking and brutal video especially for Soo Sun. The team felt the pains of Soo Sun. There was not an ounce of remorse from Yoo In Ae, the madame who forced a seal on a contract before acting her crime against Soo Sun's mother.

Dae Gu was diligent and exhausting all possible help in securing a witness to the crime. He kept on following the madame which showed haughtiness and annoyance at his presence. If only I can help in slapping the woman's face! Her mighty attitude is really maddening, using her power and connection as the assemblyman's daughter to get away with assault.

The assemblyman even called Chief Kang to put a stop on the issue. Chief Kang had no choice but to ask Soo Sun to close the investigation. I am glad how Soo Sun found the courage to talk back to the Chief stressing on the fact that the citizens should be the ones being helped instead of protecting the people who do crimes.

The woman who uploaded the video was taken by the madame in a rest house away from the detectives interrogation. But both Soo Sun and Dae Gu found her and begged for help. In the end she gave them the original site where she uploaded the full cut of the video showing the contract was sealed before the assault happened in contrast to what the lawyer of the madame said.

They have a probable case, a valid and strong evidence, but the assemblyman won't have his daughter go to the police for interrogation. He acted on his own, putting an end to the case by personally visiting Soo Sun's mother at the hospital and bowing his head over and over again as he apologized in behalf if his daughter.

Crocodile Tears as the title od the episode. Pertaining to the fake apology of the assemblyman.

The interesting part of the story was that the madame knew Ji Yong. She was so surprised learning the boy is still alive. Something on the conversation with her father told about her possible connection to the crime 12 years ago. I then ponder of the possible relation of Dae Gu to the family of assemblyman. Could it be he was a son of her husband outside marriage, Dae Gu's mother the woman?

It could be a cause and one of the secrets of the past. Ironically, their fate is not yet through and I think unless they pay for the crimes they committed, that's why Dae Gu has once again cross path with these people. He can be in danger anytime soon.

Although the madame and the case was closed against their principles, Dae Gu has threatened/warned the madame.

One of the unexpected scene was when Pan Seok suddenly saw Tae Il hugging Sa Kyung. He thought Tae Il is doing something behind his back with his wife. But it was all one sided and Tae Il knew. 

The team got a new assignment. Dae Gu and Soo Sun posting as couple as they tried to find out the man in the photo as the gangster. In the midst of the operation, the people around them chanted KISS KISS! Soo Sun walked towards Dae Gu and leaned forward to kiss him to make it seem real. The rest of the team inside the van was surprised. But what was more interesting was when Soo Sun ended the kiss but Dae Gu held her back and gave her a second long kiss. 

I laughed at the shocked expression of Pan Seok. It's funny how they looked at the unexpected scene before their eyes.

I also happen to love the sunbae/hoobae relationship between Soo Sun and Pan Seok. I think what they have is beautiful, a relationship of respect and love between colleagues. I smiled when Pan Seok commented on how Soo Sun looks beautiful in her dress, which earned a frown [of jealousy?] from Dae Gu.

The story is far from over and it won't be until Dae Gu learned about the two faced Chief Kang, the assemblyman being the man behind the crime. I hope that revenge will be sweeter in the end.

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