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Saturday, October 3, 2015

150930 Media Photos of SULLI @K-Beauty Close Up by ARTISTRY Event.

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[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 2 Highlights

Random thoughts on episode 2

The sudden blast plus the huge crane toppling over and damaging everything on it's path caught unaware people and some got hurt by the accident. 

A big sinkhole was found a few meters away from where Ddol-Mi, Hae Sung and Jin Na were. A car fell down in the sinkhole with two people inside, both injured, one in critical condition.

The twist of the story is that the person who needed to be saved urgently, to be operated was no other than the Ministry of Health who just had dinner with the President of Mirae hospital and Woo Jin that night. When he was rushed to the ER, Woo Jin did not identify the patient properly and because he was in critical condition does not want to take a chance on him in case he dies in his hands. He turned the patient away, causing Ddol-Mi and Ji Na to transfer the patient to the hospital where Hae Sung now works. 

It is an affiliated hospital of Mirae but there are no staff and the operating room has not been in use for awhile now. Hae Sung decided on his own to operate the man even if there are no other doctors to assist him. He formed his own team, with Ddol-Mi, a orthopedic doctor and has no experience in surgery, Ji Na, as the nurse, his former classmate during early years in medicine who is now practicing in Psychiatry, Eun So Yool and has almost forgot about surgery. 

It was a tough task to do and only Hae Sung has that positive vibe inside the operating room. He would not let this man die while in his watch. Thankfully, the operation was a success even if the man suffered a cardiac arrest before the surgery.

While all the chaos were happening, a reporter on sight during the blast followed the story of this man being rejected from Mirae hospital and interviewed Hae Sung about it. The interview was shown on TV. 

Needless to say, the President was so angry and scolded Woo Jin and Kang Joo Ran who was not in the ER that time. Interestingly, she was once married to Goo Ja Hyuk, the man who was speaking about the earthquake in a forum and also had dinner with the Minister and both the President of Mirae and Woo Jin. 

The funds that the hospital is waiting could be halted because of this incident. Joo Ran found out that the man they denied was actually the Minister. She relayed it  to the President. She also came up with the excuse that he was with another woman that time the accident happened and it was to conceal the identity so rumor would not leak out and thus the reason that they rejected the man and decided that he be operated in the other hospital. A lame excuse but something that could really save their faces.

The President went to find Hae Sung and told him to transfer the man to their hospital but Hae Sung is not surprised or even giving in to the demands. The President was so pissed off when he went out of the ICU where the man was currently recuperating after the surgery, though still unconscious. 

Meanwhile the relationship between Ddol-Mi and Hae Sung is somewhat like cat and dog. I think Hae Sung is finding her cute enough to test her limits. During the surgery, she was so nervous that she made a mistake while cutting the thread which made Hae Sung yelled at her capability. But of course, he apologized after hearing his friend So Yool [the psychiatrist] pointed out to him about them being there by forced even if they are not experienced.

Busan hospital is already looking for Ddol-Mi because she was supposed to have come back the day before. The ambulance already left her because the driver would not wait for her in case he was fired out. 

No money in her pocket, Ddol-Mi was forced to ask Hae Sung for her fare. He gave it to her the next day. Mischievously, he is enjoying seeing her irritated towards him which only makes him wanna stall time and make her wait.

Regarding Ddol-Mi and Woo Jin, he remembered her when he saw her at the ER but decided not to show her that he knows her. A flashback from way back when he was kissed on his cheeks by Ddol-Mi came on his mind. Perhaps, she was already a student when he was doing his residency and that was how they met.

The ending of the episode is another cliffhanging one. 

A big rainbow caught Hae Sung's eyes and together with Ddol-Mi they went outside to see it. Leaves were swaying as the winds grow stronger. then the pavements began cracking, water from below the ground bursting high.

 Both were still for a moment, as if in shock, just looking at what is happening around them. Then the building n another side was crushing and falling. They ran for their lives.

and some more thoughts...

Interesting story between brothers...

It seems that Hae Sung's mother got a failed diagnosed resulting into medical malpractice which made her that way, in a coma for awhile now and he is at fault for not fighting the hospital about it which made his younger brother who works at the rescue team angry at him.

Why do I think Woo Jin is somehow the doctor behind this incident? Pure speculation on my side, though.