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Thursday, October 1, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] She Was Pretty Episode 3 Screen caps Highlights

and some random thoughts

Ha Ri could not run even if she wanted to because Sung Joon already caught her. She must think of a good excuse why she is working in Korea and not in England as she had told him. It was clearly confusing on Sung Joon's part but it seems any explanations will be accepted as long as Hye Jin is now back in the country.

This is a mess because Ha Ri would have to hide her real identity form Sung Joon. She is nervous. Buying time she came up with something like suddenly working at the hotel. Lame...fishy but Sung Joon seems to be satisfied.

Shin Hyuk answered Hye Jin's phone. It was Ha Ri totally panicking at the other end of the phone but was cut off by Shin Hyuk because Hye Jin is not available to take the call. 

The time to tell Hye Jin about Sung Joon finding out about her in Korea as Hye Jin is postponed for now. It would have made a difference if Hye Jin found out soon, though.

But I could not blame Ha Ri for keeping it herself after hearing Hye Jin told her accounts of what happened on her on that day at the office with Sung Joon looking down on her. Hye Jin is so pissed off that mere mention of Sung Joon is not allowed that time or any other time as she told Ha Ri.

It all came down to keeping it a secret for now from Hye Jin about Sung Joon and finding out the right time to end the upcoming meetings with him. This is becoming so much complicated and Ha Ri is caught up between these two.

So yeah, Hye Jin continues to do her work at the company, still not progressing from showing off her  ignorance about the basics in her works and still getting the ire of Sung Joon.

The only likable in the company is Shin Hyuk who keeps on talking to her, intrigue by her and somehow not irritating at all because he is so cute when he smiles at Hye Jin.

I wonder if I can request the writernim to make Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin the ultimate OTP? LOL! They also have good chemistry and at the moment I prefer him from Sung Joon.

I wonder why Hye Jin could not get her head straight in front of Sung Joon. Yes, she likes him and she is hiding the real her from him, but still, hearing degrading words from him should make her gather her senses and stop acting stupid. It just breaks my heart and my self esteem to see her pathetic in front of Sung Joon.

Yeah, can't help but continue complaining here. I want a strong heroin. [sigh]

In her desire to hide from Sung Joon, she forgot to use her head which she should have focused on  studying what fashion is all about because she is now working in a fashion magazine. her mind is full of quitting instead of fighting back and develop her knowledge to make these people looking down at her see her in a new way. Got to say, perhaps sooner, she will realize all these.

She can't always be a coward.

Ha Ri made her realized that after they had a petty misunderstanding when Ha Ri told her that she should study. As a good friend, she left notes for Hye Jin to read on and to familiarize her from fashion words which are alien to her ears.

Finally, Hye Jin is getting it right.

Hope the friendship progressed for these two. He keeps on asking her to buy him snacks, poor Shin Hyuk. Or is he really as he seemed to be? Anya...anya... he acts as if he is disguising himself too well.

When Ha Ri was slapped by her father because his wife insulted her mother and still he made her apologize to his wife.

Snack time for Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk.

Ha Ri got herself drunk because of her miserable family story. Hye Jin called Ha Ri seeing her text messages.

Ok, so I laughed seeing Kim Sung Oh in the drama. Is this a cameo role for him? Lol! Hitting on Ha Ri. Good thing Sung Joong arrived in time. He was waiting for Ha Ri aka Hye Jin in another restaurant but when she did not keep the oppointment with him he called her number and was told she is drunk.

Without knowing and planning, the fate of these two are heading towards a more deeper kind of relationship. I think Ha Ri is not anticipating the feelings of gratefulness and companionship from Sung Joon knowing she is lying to him about who she really is.

The warmth of Sung Joon's care is slowly creeping in inside Ha Ri and slowly making her confused.

When Sung Joon is in his own world. like reading, he can not hear anything.

Will they finally meet?


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