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Sunday, September 27, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] She Was Pretty Episode 1 Screen caps + First Impression

It has been a while since I posted screen caps and some thoughts on a current k-drama because nothing seems to attract me at the moment. Recently, on personal point of view, it seems that most dramas now airing are either have complicated story line just to make the drama unique even if as a viewer I am just looking for a simple plot and twist which what really attracted me in the first place to k-dramas before or that [k-drama] cliche's keep on flashing on screens which somehow losing it's appeal for awhile now.

So for a while I decided to just watch whatever is available and not stress myself over posting and sharing screen caps just to update my blog.

Now here comes a new drama from Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon who gave a good chemistry form their previous and successful drama with Ji Sung in Kill Me Heal Me. Perhaps producers saw the potential love line between these two which I also anticipated considering Hwang Jung Eum has been in my drama list which started from two consecutive dramas she did. She is a great and talented actress and I am really looking forward to this drama She Was Pretty.

Just like when I did review Kill Me Heal Me, my first impression of that pilot episode was what I also found in She Was Pretty. Although after a couple more of episodes, KMHM slowly dragged me into it's complex storyline that charmed me as the story progressed. Maybe it was the acting and the enlightenment I gathered as I watched the drama unfold. With regards to She Was Pretty, I felt that I am not impressed with the pilot episode because maybe I am not really a fan of exaggeration or over acting which irritates me when I see Hwang Jung Eum's character does as Kim Hye Jin. I don't know why her character has to play like a fool and stupid one just because her "used to be beautiful physical personality" faded because of hard work. 

The title already gave away the premise of the story. The heroin will be  plain looking and that will determine how people around her will take her either with sincerity or mockery. But then, having anticipated this scenario, I still felt acting like a fool while hiding her identity to her first love is too much for my eye sight. I have to endure the scene in the restaurant where Hye Jin kept on flashing her hands to her friend Min Ha Ri who was then pretending to be her in front of Ji Sung Joon.

It was either I dropped this drama or continue. 

To do so, I reminded myself that this is a rom/com. Perhaps Hye Jin's exaggerated actions on some scenes are the comedic part of the story that I have to enjoy  instead of seeing her as a stupid character that always put herself in  difficult or funny situations. So yeah, guess after digesting the comedic part, I started enjoying the drama.

A story of love that stayed through the years despite of separation. A story of young love. The irony is that Sung Joon used to be a fat boy and children teased him for being that way. Only Hye Jin extended her hand for a real friendship and protected him from bullies. Now, their characters are reversed. He became a dashing successful man looking for her back in Korea. While Hye Jin lost her shinning beauty when hard life hits her. A good friend stays besides her, whom she shares a house with. Ha Ri is a rare find because she seems to love Hye Jin beyond her physical appearance. 

The twist of the story almost made me stop [again] watching. Yes, I don't like a story where someone or a friend pretending to be her [the heroin] instead in front of a guy she seriously miss all this time because it adds complication that might test friendship. But then, luckily, it seems that Ha Ri is not interested with Sung Joon, thank you writernim for that. She is just there to pretend for a short while and say goodbye to cut the connection and to avoid further lies between the true Hye Jin and Sung Joon.

Then there is this rugged Choi Siwon as Kim Shin Hyuk. I am loving his mysterious character who works in a magazine company. This is where he and Hye Jin crossed path and the moment he saw her and her unbelievably fashion sense, he was intrigued in a good and cute way. Their fate is also entangled. They end up working in the same department thanks to Hye Jin's competent editing which she somehow found herself in while doing errands only from her boss in another department. This is one of the things I don't like in her character. She could not say clearly and with conviction what she wants to say that's why she ends up doing things she does not have to do. She is a push over and plain looking gal at the same time.These combination are seriously pathetic. I somehow expected her to be strong but I think the story will develop that way as her character will continue to be treated as trash or laughable by people around her particularly those who works in fashion magazine where she suddenly landed on. By mistake because they assumed she works for them and that she did a great job that she was transferred to that area.

But here's more. The more she evades Sung Joon the more their fate crossed. He arrived at the company as the new Chief Executive editor of the magazine. Omo, omo, omo! Yes, a surprising twist that shocked Hye Jin seeing him entering the office and smiling at everyone.

Well, as for first impression, somehow in the middle part of the pilot episode, I was able to enjoy the rest of the story once I resigned myself that the comedic part will be the antics of Hye Jin and that I have to endure seeing her being ridiculed. 

For now this is my random thoughts on episode 1. Got to have faith that this drama will captivate me with Hwang Jung Eum's versatility as an actress.

Hoping to write more on the coming episodes. Actually I am already a week late but..gwenchana. Gonna catch up soon,

screen caps below


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