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Thursday, October 1, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 1 Highlights

First look of this drama and I think that JTBC will not disappoint me as a viewer. A powerhouse cast with exemplary acting is what I am getting. Visuals are amazing. Seriously, this series is being filmed way ahead of it's pilot episode that's why the quality, so far as episode 1 is concerned is very good.

The story will center on rescue as the country is hit by a big natural disaster. An earthquake is possibly going to hit the country but no one is interested to hear it or even make it on news.


Lee Hae Sung, one of the doctors in the drama is a character that does not conform to rules and regulations as long as he can save lives. 

He never gives up on his patients because to do so is not what a doctor has sworn to. Even if the hospital where he works for is full of politics, he does not care. He is there to do his job. Unfortunately, because of some irregularity on his part [according to conduct being observed by the staff in the hospital] not really a fault, he faced lawsuits again and again from patients who thought the order of saving them is not the proper way. The hospital particularly the President is on the point of losing his patience with Hae Sung because of his rash and obstinate character. 

He just got back from one of his visits to the court to settle his case and work on an emergency patient coming and with his skill as a doctor decided to operate immediately even if the chief of the ER disagrees on his call. But for Hae Sung, time is precious and running out and his main concern is to save the man.

It was noticed again by the President, Park Gun and during the conference it was pointed out that the ER has been finally profiting since Kang Joo Ran handles the department. Only Hae Sung seems to be the one that keeps it from running smoothly. 

It was either he be transferred or give in but in the end, he  was still refrained from doing surgery [which he is at his best] and together with his mother who is currently in a comma and staying at the hospital will be transferred to a much smaller hospital. He can't do anything, not even resign because of his concern for his mother's situation. 

Currently, Han Woo Jin is the popular doctor in the hospital.

 His project, robotic surgery is under way and being used. the hospital is putting all it's major funds in this project with the help of the Ministry of Health. Can't help but see how Woo Jin's character is arrogant. He is being favored and he thinks that everyone should be responsible for the reputation of the hospital. This is how Hae Sung and Woo Jin clashed together with Park Ji Na, one of the nurse in the hospital. Somehow, Ji Na and Woo Jin parted ways because they different principles. She is more like Hae Sung, someone who will do anything to save human lives.

Jung Ddol-Mi, a doctor from Busan came with a patient being transferred to the hospital where Hae Sung used to work. 

She knew Woo Jin and was planning on meeting him but circumstances are not in her favor. After the transfer she was supposed to get back to Busan but decided to stay in Seoul for awhile together with the driver of the ambulance they are riding.

 It was when while she was taking in the beauty of the scenery that an accident occurred. Park Ji Na is also in the vicinity. Both teamed up to rescue the man using the ambulance. 

The nurse already knew what is happening to the man but Ddol-Min is hesitating to inject the emergency drug. She has not yet done that kind of procedure. 

Without wasting anymore time, Ji Na grabbed the needle from her and stab the man in the chest. She is ready to take full responsibility even if she is only the nurse. Thankfully, the man did not die. They reached the hospital. Ddol-Mi had no other option but to say that she performed the emergency because she is the doctor. Even if Ji Na told her not to stay anymore and go on she could not leave. She is somehow responsible, too.

Unfortunately, Woo Jin heard that it was Ji Na who did the emergency measures. He immediately grabbed her hand when he saw her and argument soon followed between them. I think he is really concern for her because she is not following the right order but for Ji Na it is about saving the man even if she is risking her job. Both could not understand where they stand. 

Ji Na decided to quit. 

Meanwhile, more patients arrive from the accident that happened.

 Staff are short, letting Hae Sung who was only sitting there to help. He was just to glad to perform his duty as a doctor even if he is not affiliated in the hospital anymore. Yoo Myung Hyun, a resident is not happy admitting patients but Hae Sung did not mind him. One man seemed like drunk that;'s why he almost passed out. An Dae Gil, a student doctor was tasked to see to him and was told to wait until the man is sober. 

When Hae Sung saw the man, he knew immediately that his case is urgent. Again, he ordered a different task in time to the flustered student. After, he talked to the students to use his head properly in the future and not only rely on what he learned from books.

Woo Jin saw him at the ER. It is not something that he would let pass on without telling Hae Sung to know his place. He is no longer in the hospital and if something bad happens who will take responsible for it? Kang Joo Ran, the chief told Woo Jin that she will take responsibility on her own department.

While all these is happening, Ddol-Mi witness the chaos in the ER and how Woo Jin seemed to be different from the man she used to know. Of course, it was only my deductions on her expressions after not needing to meet him or talk to him when he passed by when she was eager earlier to see him.

 She was also scolded by Hae Sung when he saw her outside regarding the patient they brought in with Ji Na risking her job by doing what a doctor should have done. Ddol-Mi felt guilty.

Hae Sung and Ji Na decided to meet and have a drink. Outside beside the place where they were, Ddol-Mi and the driver of the ambulance are sitting having their own snacks before heading back to Busan. 

Caught off guard while talking, Hae Sung and Ji Na felt the blast coming from outside as the windows exploded. They found themselves on the floor. A gas pipe was broken and soon it will explode too. They run out just as another explosion came.

 Ddol-Mi felt and saw what happened. It was like the disaster is only the beginning. A huge crane is falling and soon going to crash on Hae Sung and Ji Na.

For first impression, this is a good start and really looking forward to the nest episode. I love the conflict in the drama. At the end of the day they are all there to rescue and save lives. Firefighters and medical teams will have their hands full at the disaster coming their way. Will different agenda, principle and work ethics be resolve as they all journey to survive?

D-Day or Determination Day has come!


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