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Saturday, August 23, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Fated To Love You Episode 16 Screen caps Review

Okay, the awaited kiss did not happen. Writernim must have thought it was too early to have them another kiss, so made Mi Young faint instead. Ah...so sad for viewers like me. Mi Young had fever the whole night and Gun took care of her. He slept after holding her hand. She woke up to find him sleeping, pulled her hand from his clasp, looked at him with longing and melancholy, made sure he was deep in sleep then slip back her hand between his hands.

Mi Young is too hurt of their past, she could not easily trust Gun. She is protecting herself from him, from the possible of another heartache, which is understandable. But I also pity Gun for always trying to control his emotions, not letting her see beyond her silly laughs. These two are making me sad with their pretensions. 

The episode showed Mi Young finishing her work for Jang In Chemicals. She wrapped it up too quickly. She wanted to put distance between her and Gun. Gun could not help himself but always be around her while she was working, making her believe it was all about looking after the confidential documents she has with her. 

Daniel and Se Ra had their little moments, too. He found her crying after she had another argument with her mother. Daniel bought her ice cream in a cone and they sat on a bench at a park, reminiscing of their childhood they have yet to recognize.

Although Se Ra told him that there is only friendship between her and Gun, Daniel made it clear that he is also interested because he already proposed to Mi Young. I just wish these two won't interfere but of course, they have to be a part of the misunderstanding between Gun and Mi Young now. Each thinking they moved on and has someone with them,

The last part of the story in the episode was very intense. The atmosphere was so charged with high electricity between Gun and Mi Young. She found him at her studio, holding Gae Ddong portrait, and he was looking at her first art which is a man drawn with the sweet candy she gave Gun at Macau which he left at the hospital door for her. He wanted her to have all the happiness in the world, represented by the sweet candy.

Both were vulnerable at that moment. Raw feelings were suddenly in the open. If only their pride and the hurt they have will be put aside, both will know what their true feelings at that moment.

I wish the writer will give in to the situation. Make it happen please. 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Fated To Love You Episode 15 Screen caps Review

I was nervous watching the opening of the episode. With Daniel's proposal, I am not sure what were Mi Young's thoughts. I was just so relieved when she did not accept the ring. She was honest with him that I almost wished she could have said yes, but how about my Lee Gun?

But there is no closure, there is hope for Daniel. She has said it, if she finally think of settling down, she wants someone like him. [paraphrasing] I was glad that Mi Young met Gun's halmonie
 and that she felt comfortable with her still. But she really closes her heart to Gun. 

There are several meetings between them in this episode and all makes me want to cry for Gun. He appears confident but you can read the pain and the sadness he is trying to control on his face whenever he met Mi Young. She has been frank in stating she doesn't want to see him again or that they should avoid each other. She asked him if he is thinking other thoughts, like getting back together or something like that, but Gun continuous to assure her that he doesn't.

I was sad when Gun brought a cake to the site of the accident three years ago. There was Mi young with flowers, reminiscing Gae Ddong and how much she missed him and love him but when Gun showed up, she told him to go and not come back. I understand her and where those hurtful words are coming but just once I want her to see beyond Gun's face and read what's in his eyes. He also longed for the child unborn. He also grieves for the loss.

Mi Young remains blind by Gun's effort all these years. She accidentally saw him at her mother's restaurant. She realized he comes often since they separated. That alone should have made her realized Gun without her knowing continue to remain in contact with her mother because he wants to and he cares. He is not as selfish as she thinks. Ah if only I can poke her through the screens and tell her he misses her. I want her to know about his reason of letting her go three years ago. I want her to see the private room of Gun where all the things they bought for Gae Ddong were there, being treasured and cherished by him alone.

There's the mother of Se Ra, pointing out to Gun that remaining friends with her daughter is not good and it only makes Se Ra sad. Daniel moved to a new apartment and became neighbors with Se Ra. I hope their story will soon come to light so that they can carry on as brother and sister and make Daniel happy.

The last part of the episode was Gun and Mi young stranded at the plantation where Jang In Chemicals get their natural resources. The atmosphere inside the room where they stay becomes uncomfortable for Mi Young. The rain has not stopped outside, she is burning up from fever and she stood up wanting to run away from Gun. But Gun stopped her from leaving the room. The tension was high. It was now or never for Gun.

I hope the kiss will happen. But I am not so confident about that. Hanging endings are sometimes misleading. But just once, I hope they can open up their hearts again, trust each other and bring back the romance and fun.

But then again, this is a 20 episode drama and tonight will be the 16th. A lot can still happen in the remaining 4 episodes. Hopefully the writer won't let us wait any longer. I want to see Gun happy and erase the sadness he is carrying alone. I want to see Mi Young forgiving him and understanding his reasons. 


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