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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] It's Okay It's Love Episode 7 Screen caps Review

This episode marks the beginning of true romance between Jang Jae Yeol and Ji Hae Soo. Although both have their own weaknesses, suffering from trauma, they found comfort together. When hae Soo decided to give it a try with Jae Yeol, she opened herself to new vulnerabilities. She knew she is finding it hard to commit in a relationship, let intimacy between man and woman, but she gambled.

She waited at the bus stop for Jae Yeol to appear. There he was on the other side of the road, smiling and ready to cross the boundaries, figuratively and literally, but his brother who is so hooked up on revenge and the unfairness of life he is currently dealing appeared and with the syringe he hope as the "amystal" would finally free him from the truth he only knows. Of course, that is still debatable. Truth that he was unfairly accused and that his family left him on his own.

The story is still vague. Regarding Jae Yeol's past, only his trauma has been shown. I see the family as being one of those that were battered, maltreated and within themselves, they were misunderstanding each other of the motives and actions they did. Both brothers grew up in a poor environment and physical abuse was common, like everyday, one expect to be beaten when one was frustrated or angry. There was no help from outside the family to protect each one of them. No one cared to heal their traumas. No institution or agencies came to help these battered youngsters and their mother to deal with their sufferings and pains. But what's enlightening is that Jae Yeol fully understand his brother and up to what point he can only do harm. In his eyes, his hyung is like a child, deprived of so many things and his tantrums are his way of releasing his stress. Of course, he is emotionally and psychologically disturbed, just like Jae Yeol himself.

I have said in my impression that what drew me to this drama is the depth of the characters which I find shallow initially, my mistake. 

Hae Soo found out aboout what happened, why Jae Yeol did not make it to the bus stop. She found him and consoled him. Sometimes, a hug is enough to calm the emotions. To convey that he is not alone. A hug also makes one to breathe in relief, to feel he is wanted and to know that there is someone who cares.

Certainly, Hae Soo claimed her right as a girlfriend. Jae Yeol kissed her promptly. A kiss of gratefulness perhaps. Or a kiss of a man finding that woman he has been looking for. Either way, this marks the beginning of a new romance between them. But Hae Soo still has anxiety disorder or panic disorder. Where her thoughts get ahead and make her feel unable to control. I think she likes it slow. She wants to control everything in her power. She wants to know the limit of until when or how or why and not be blindsided.

Because it was supposed to be a happy reunion for Jae Yeol's family with his hyung, the mother cooked and prepared a lot of foods only to be disappointed that they won't be coming. But Jae Yeol assured her that everything is okay.

I am very interested in this illusion of having an imaginary friend. Gang Woo seems like Jae Yeol's past. Having imaginary friend may be understandable in his case for he has a troubled childhood. Maybe this is his way of expressing his feelings that he should have shared with someone who cares back then, This maybe his stress releasing habits to over come what happened in his past. It is surely not healthy and needs to be addressed quickly.

I am still not going to be judgmental about the mother of Hae Soo. There is no easy way of telling that she made a bad decision, a selfish one which made Hae Soo now, a person who has trust issues. But I think, there will come a time that the wound the mother has inflicted on Hae Soo will heal as she learns to trust again.

This divorced couple is another thing. One can't move on and still stuck from yesterday and the problems they encountered back then. Both are having trouble getting past their decisions. One hopes while the other just take what's coming.

Ironically, they are the nones that should be logical, have a broad mind of how to take each day as is to prevent stress, but incidentally, they are also the ones having troubles following the best medicines of what ails them.

The best is yet to come. Hae Soo already out the relationship. She did not try to hide it from her house mate and sunbae. She acts as if she is ready for whatever there is ahead. She acts so normal that I really hope to see her heal together with Jae Yeol.

And the trip to Japan began. Alone, together, anything can happen. Hae Soo gambles again at love. How about trust? Jae Yeol found someone to trust. He found someone who cares. He found someone not perfect, but flawed, too, but enough to make him smile.

The story is starting on a new level. Will Hae Soo not run anymore? Will Jae Yeol have enough patience for someone like Hae Soo? 

But first a little stop over to Jae Yeol's home to meet mother [ommonie]:)) A new action fro Jae Yeol for he has yet to bring girlfriends over to introduce to ommonie. And the best part, there is no pretense, almost everything she needs to know, he told her already.

Aww...mslee is kinda anxious here too, to know the answers. These two takes the romance in a new heights. The spontaneous kiss, skinships and some more are all putting a grin on my face. 

Kamsahamnida writernim and PDnim. K-drama romance is evolving.


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