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Saturday, October 25, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] My Spring Days Episodes 13 and 14 Review

This week's episodes got a lot of tears flowing down my face silently. From my previous thoughts last week, I wrote that the drama may forebodes a melancholy ending. Watching this week's episodes, I am reminded of the movie A Walk To Remember when I saw the last scene in episode 14 when Dong Ha proposed marriage to Bom Yi. It was like a deja vu'.  And my heart squeezed tightly for the possible ending.

So far the drama has brought us viewers some laughs, great chemistry and cute banters from Dong Ha and Bom Yi since the beginning of the story. How they fought for their love made us believe that truly, they are in love with each other and nothing can stop them, specially Bom Yi from being with Dong Ha. Though she is stubborn, she still never really defies her parents. She tried to make them understand her and her feelings and still working on them. Regarding Dong Ha, he stayed silently by her side, not advancing but letting each day strengthen their love for them.

There are a lot of heart tugging and memorable moments in both episodes. I have my favorites.

Episode 13

1. When Bom Yi met Dong Ha after she was rushed to the hospital not able to meet him at the restaurant. She went to his house to let him know she is okay but hide the fact about her being from the hospital.

2. When Bom Yi met her mother at the cafeteria. She has not told her about why she was there, also. But she tried to let her understand that she can learn to be a great mother because she is an amazing mother and that she knows she will teach her.

This shows that Bom Yi is determined to pursue her romantic relationship with Dong Ha and still seeking permission from her mother.

3. And of course the most aching part, when her father told her that her heart is rejecting and she needed to be in the hospital. Tears fell but all she could think of is Dong Ha and how he will wait for her again if she did not show up.

The heartbreaking scenes and really tough to watch is when she could not almost make it through the bridge. When her candies/mini cup cakes fell and rolled away because she was having a hard time clutching her chest for the pains she was feeling. How she asked to let her make it even for ten minutes made the moment compellingly beautiful. 

I love the lines being uttered in this back to back episodes. Silent but it cut right through the heart.

4. The moment she met Dong Ha and how she break up with him conveyed all the right feelings. 

Episode 14

1.The silent way Dong Ha sat with Bom Yi inside the ICU.  When he held her hand, it showed all his suppressed feelings.

2. The best scene for me in this episode is when Bom Yi rushed out of the hospital to go to Dong Ha's house. It was a moment where she did not care about her health but only thought of him and how she missed him and how sorry she was to break up with him.

The moment he saw her, I felt my heart constrict. Bom Yi really and honestly loves him. When she cried as she laid her head on his shoulder, it was hauntingly beautiful.

3. When Dong Ha talked to his wife's picture telling her he has decided to stay by Bom Yi's side. It will not hurt badly this time because he can do things and say things to Bom Yi however short the time they will have. Unlike when she died suddenly, he was left alone unprepared.

4. Of course, another well worth appraisal moment that brought another flood of tears was when  Bom Yi cried that she wants to live, to live happily ever after with Dong Ha and asked, begged Dong Wook to save her.

Sometimes, a patient resigned to the fact that he/she may die sooner but because Bom Yi loves Dong Ha so much, she does not want to leave him alone and in pain. This is the struggle that is much too painful for a patient than the illness that she actually has. The thought of leaving someone behind.

5. Almost all moments with Dong Ha and Bom Yi are all beautiful. When he told her that the woman he loves is very sick that it hurts him and when she embraced him speaks volume.

Still, when Dong Ha was faced with reality of her illness, when she suddenly collapsed in his arms, when the only way he can do is look at the sides, nothing he can do that he feels helpless, is another memorable scene in this episode.

6. Lastly, the proposal. Very simple. And as I said, like a deja vu' from the movie I like so much.

I want to be optimistic somehow that the writer will not let us see Bom Yi pass away. There are a lot of conversations that tells there is a positive outcome in the end.

1. It would be too cruel for Dong Ha to suffer again by loosing a woman he loves, for the second time.

2. Dong Wook would feel failure the second time around if he won't be able to help save Bom Yi. And he told his hyung that he is working hard so that no more family members or love ones will pass away.

3. The mother of Dong Ha telling Bom Yi's mother that there are many who are praying for her so perhaps it will be heard.

4.The operation will be a success not only for Bom Yi but for the hospital that can give the recognition it needs. [for the operation of the heart center]

And maybe, just to give the viewers something to smile and appreciate after the tears that flowed. That love is simply beautiful when the right person comes along,  Or that it has to happen, Bom Yi being sick for the parents to accept Dong Ha.

Seriously, the writer nailed every scene in this week's episodes. 

I like to say that SooYoung has really delivered what her character is asked and how the scenes must be portrayed. It was all effortless in her part as Bom Yi. As for Kam Woo Sung, no need for words, he simply stamped his emotions and they were all outstandingly sweet, helpless and sad at the same time.

Two more episodes and I think whatever the ending, I won't be disappointed. The drama has been consistently good up to this point. Well, it just delivered the most memorable episodes this week.


A Possible Movie Comeback Of Park Shi Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye in "After Love"

Wow! This is seriously going to be anticipated movie. A Park Shi Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye in a movie together. It has been a while since PSH did his last drama and movie. 

A story of love and break up between a man and woman that will be filmed in China and Jeju Island in Korea.

Looking forward to confirmations of these two actors.


news source: soompi

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