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Monday, October 20, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Three Musketeers Episode 10 Review

Park Dal Hyang is alive! And Kim Ja Jeom is not aware of it. Just in time before the one eyed man struck his sword the second time underneath the floor, the cute Qing girl [Tan Yi] who is besotted to Dal Hyang arrived at the scene with some men. The one eyed man went away. They rescued Dal Hyang and kept him safe and hidden for awhile his wounds healed. 

By some miracle, Gol Dae was spared from beheading. Some masked men arrived at the scene, causing havoc as they rescued him. All along, it was Ja Jeom who was behind it and hid him for awhile to use against the Prince.

Meanwhile, the Crowned Princess was anxious when Hyang Sun visited her at her parent's house. Hyang Sun told her that she will be the next Princess after she relayed the bad news that Dal Hyang was dead. Oppss...she had not gotten the latest news about it. The Princess recalled what she heard about someone dying when she visited the Prince the night he told her to go home for the time being. She was silent after hearing the bad news. But more so when Hyang Sun told her that the Prince has no other way but to accept her as the next Princess. I like the spirit of the Princess. She told Hyang Sun that the Prince may not love her but he certainly would not let a murderer take her place. 

And even if what Hyang Sun told her bothered her that night, she did not commit suicide as what Hyang Sun had maliciously implied. The Princess decided to go back to the palace and when she encountered Hyang Sun outside on her way to the palace, she again talked to her and with conviction, told her that Dal Hyang would not die so easily and that she will remain the Princess until she died inside the palace. Yes! Go girl! The Princess just gathered enough courage to show her strength to Hyang Sun. I was surprised by her confidence.

At Ajun, they buried the supposed head of Dal Hyang. The Prince was ready to sign the deal with Ja Jeom even if the Princess will be dethroned but live and Gol Dae would go back safely to his journey homebound. Even if the deal included Hayng Sun as the next Princess, the Prince had no other way but to surrender to Ja Jeom's plans.

But here comes the cute Qing girl, the savior of Dal Hyang asking for the The Three Musketeers. No one knew about it, only the Prince, Seung Po and Min Seo. The Prince blurted out the name of their group out of nowhere when they first met Dal Hyang who asked for their names back then, It was like their secret code. And hearing it from a stranger, somehow the Prince found the solution out of this mess. The two bodyguard found the girl who was dragged outside while the Prince threw back Ja Jeom's plan on his face, figuratively.  Ja Jeom was left to wonder what happened when he ws on the brink of signing.

But the one eyed man saw the girl's father and got to Dal Hyang first before the the three musketeers. Dal Hyang was too weak to fight. But of course, he was saved when his friends appeared. Happy to see him alive but he had to leave for the palace to save the Princess from being dethroned. Seung Po had a deal with the eunach who had the hair pin. He should wait for Dal Hyang to appear and not go to the King yet. On the day of the party, the Princess was still nervous knowing that the Prince was not back yet and the hair pin was not in her possession. But she braved it out, walked towards the party.

Just in time, Dal Hyang arrived and handed her the precious hair pin. The Princess was so glad to see him alive. But more than that, she was happy to walk towards the waiting King to let him know that the hair pin is on her hair. She has finally secured her place once again.

As for these two,  I am definitely shipping them. This girl is very charming with her sweet smiles. Soon, Dal Hyang will definitely notice her not because she saved him but because they are fated. Yes, I believe that the Crowned Princess and Dal Hyang had their closure and both wish happiness towards another. The Princess definitely wants to secure her position not because of power but because she is liking the Prince.

So I am waiting for these two to cross paths again. 

Meanwhile, the three musketeers who are left at Ajin were being taken somewhere while being  caged. The police were asking for the Prince's name and when he told him, he could not believe him. As usual Seung Po found it funny saying that the countryside was weird. Lol!

The saga is getting beautiful and the turn of events will surely make it more interesting. I can not wait for next episode.

Some preview spoilers that really made me anticipate next week's episode. The Prince finally has feelings though unknown yet towards the Crowned Princess.

Will be awaiting this scene!

...and some more spoiler...


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