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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lee Jun Ki Is All Bloody on the Set of “Two Weeks”

Lee Jun Ki Is All Bloody on the Set of “Two Weeks”

cre: soompi

Recently on July 12, actor Lee Jun Ki’s agency IMX revealed two photos taken at the set of MBC’s upcoming drama “Two Weeks.
In the released pictures is Lee Jun Ki at the outdoor set. He is wearing a black shirt, and is wearing bloody makeup on his face. In the first photo, he is smiling brightly, while in the second picture, he looks serious.
A crew member from the set later revealed that despite the fact that he had a long hard day, Lee Jun Ki was perfectly focused throughout the entire time.
Netizens that saw these pictures commented, “Lee Jun Ki looks cool even with all the blood,” “I am looking forward to this drama,” and “Good luck with your drama.”     
Meanwhile, “Two Weeks” will air its first episode on August 7, 2013.
lee jun ji two weeks2

CNBlue Takes No.1 and 2 on Japanese Ringtone Chart

CNBlue Takes No.1 and 2 on Japanese Ringtone Chart

cre: soompi

On July 12, CNBlue was first and second place simultaneously on the ringtone chart on the Japanese online music store Dwango. For the K-Pop ringtone daily chart, CNBlue’s latest Japanese single, “Lady,” was number one. Number two was CNBlue’s previous single “Blind Love.”
cnblue ringtone
The full “Lady” single album will be released in Japan on July 31. The album contains songs composed by memberJung Yong Hwa: “Lady,” “Don’t Care,” and “Monday.” In particular, “Don’t Care” was composed and also arranged by Jung Yong Hwa for fans, thankful for their support and love.
CNBlue also starts their 1o-concert Japanese Zepp tour July 24, traveling to five cities: Hokkaido on July 24-25, Nagoya July 29-30, Fukuoka August 1-2, Tokyo August 6-7, and Osaka August 14-15.

Friday, July 12, 2013

[TWTWB] Jo In Sung: “Song Hye Gyo Is More Than a Pretty Face”

Jo In Sung: “Song Hye Gyo Is More Than a Pretty Face”

cre: soompi

Actor Jo In Sung had some kind words to say about his co-star, Song Hye Gyo.
Recently, Jo In Sung had an interview with China’s Cinema Dot Com for the drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” according to Newsen.
He praised her saying, “She has so many talents. Her charm doesn’t lie in just the pretty genes she inherited from her parents. You can’t measure her up with just her face. She is really concentrated and focused on her work, and she is a true professional. She really brightens up any set. She’s like a flower.”
In regards to his acting hiatus, Jo In Sung said, “I was preparing for the movie ‘The Art of Fist Duel.’ The making of the movie was delayed, so all I could do was wait. As a result, I had a blank period.”
He added, “I wanted to meet with the public, but there were some changes. After the movie was finished, I received contact from director Noh Hee Kyung for ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows,’ and I decided on that project. “

[videos] SHARK - Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Shared a Comfortable Atmosphere in BTS

Decided to post BTS of Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil as Hae Woo and Yi Soo in SHARK, here. They have a very nice chemistry and watching the BTS, they are comfortable around each other. KNG is also playful which is total opposite to his character Yi Soo. While SYJ is very beautiful and also not intimadated by her co star, KMG. She teases him and seems enjoying his company. 

Another look at the BTS of SHARK

credit as tagged via YouTube

[Shark BTS] Son Ye Jin & Kim Nam Gil Kiss Scene

[Shark BTS] Son Ye Jin & Kim Nam Gil 3

[Shark BTS] Son Ye Jin & Kim Nam Gil 2

[Shark BTS] Son Ye Jin & Kim Nam Gil 1

[Shark BTS] Kim Nam Gil Plays Football

Kim Nam Gil 김남길 & Son Ye Jin 손예진 - Shark 상어 (interview 3)

Joo Won And Other Cast Members Ready For Their Roles in "Good Doctor"

Good Doctor

With only a few weeks of the drama "Shark" left, viewers may already be wondering what will replace it. That series, "Good Doctor," will take place inside the pediatric department of a university hospital and stars Moon Chae Won, Joo Sang Wook, Joo Won and Kim Min Seo.
Joo Won plays Park Si On, a pediatrician who despite his developmental disabilities is a medical genius. He is a gifted doctor but has trouble with other areas of his life, such as relating to people socially. The character has overcome much prejudice to achieve his goal of becoming a pediatrician.
To fully engage in his role, Joo Won researched the character's disability and other medical issues by reading books and consulting with experts.
According to a representative from the production company, "Joo Won is trying something he's never done before and he's very passionate about it."
His most recent role was a novice spy in "Level 7 Civil Servant" and before that he played the masked avenger in "Bridal Mask."
Moon Chae Won will play Cha Yoon Seo, a pediatric surgical fellow. She is studying for her role by reading books, getting lessons and watching documentaries. Moon Chae Won previously played Seo Eun Gi in "Bad Guy" and Lee Se Ryung in "The Princess' Man."
Actress Kim Min Seo will play Yoo Chae Kyong, who works in the hospital's planning department and is the daughter of the hospital's director. Kim Min Seo starred together with Joo Won in "Level 7 Civil Servant." She also had roles in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "The Moon Embracing The Sun."
Kim said she took on the role because she read the script and loved the intense interactions between the characters.
"Yoo Chae Kyong is a privileged woman who is smart and practical," said Kim. "She's a complex character."
Yoo Chae Kyong is also the fiancée of pediatrician Kim Do Han, played by Joo Sang Wook. While Kim Do Han is engaged to Yoo Chae Kyong, he has a crush on Cha Yoon Seo, which is bound to create some drama. Joo Sang Wook played Yeo Ji Hoon in "Special Affairs Team Ten, Season 2."
Kim Young Kwang, who appeared in "Birth Secret," plays a resident who befriends Joo Won. Ko Chang Seok plays Jo Jeong Mi, a pediatric male nurse, who was formerly a tough guy,
The series has been described as a heartwarming medical drama. It will air August 5.

130710 - Choi Minho @Gimpo Airport Departure to Japan

This page is rarely updated with photos of my MinSul half, Choi Minho of SHINee. Well, my twitter account is always updated of course.

Here's some photos of Minho at Gimpo on his way to Japan.

as tagged

Yes, he is one of the good looking K-pop idols there is.

Photos of Kim Hyun Joong - BareFoot Friends Diving Master Champion - Gimcheon 130711

photos by murdererQ

[Nice Guy] Innocent Man Soon on GMA 7 Kapuso Network

GMA 7 will once again bring its audience one of the best dramas of 2012 in Korea , Innocent Man. I believe it is going to be their feature drama for their 10th year anniversary as the Heart of Asia novelas.
Once again, I will give my support to this drama. It will premiere on July 22, 2013 in GMA telebabad.

The plot and cast of the Korean drama + my thoughts


Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Ep. 3 & 4] Empire of Gold - Summary Review + mslee's thoughts

Just found the time to finish watching episodes 3 and 4 with subs this afternoon. 

In episode 3, Tae Joo secured the ownership of the land needed by both cousins, Min Jae and Seo Yoon. The purchase of that particular land will benefit either one the sit and share in the board meeting to stay in the game of holding on to power and authority.

With TJ's calculating intelligence, he laid the bait for Min Jae, expecting him to bid badly, but vengeance is the name of the game. Tae Joo once again hold the upper hand and flatly refused to sell the land. Instead, he called Seo Yoon and negotiated with her. Min Jae of course would not just sit and take a step back, he would do anything to get that piece of land. Calling his right man who deals in cases like this, Joo Pil Do the gang beat the hell out of Tae Joo when he showed up to save his sister and friend who were hostaged by the group.

In a badly beaten state, Min Jae just offered him the money he thought was enough. Tae Joo surrendered momentarily, to save his life. But of course, even in that sorry state, he still went to Seo Yoon the next day, as Seol Hee was already given instructions to close the account so that Min Jae won't be able to wire the rest of the money to complete the transaction and close the deal, in order to get the clearance they needed for the renovation.

Seo Yoon only wanted to give Tae Joo more than the amount of the land but TJ told him about his father and how he lost his life. How SungJin Corporation in the hands of Min Jae dragged the death compensation for the longest time. Now even if they badly wanted the land he owned, he would only sell it to the price he wants. And that is a billion won. 

Seo Yoon in her surprised and perhaps shocked knowledge of what happened, gave in. Once again, Tae Joo won over Min Jae and he made sure he knew it in the most sarcastic and humiliating form by throwing a bundle of money in front of him.

The money TJ get from SungJin group, he bought a noodle shop for his mom, a house and pay for Hee Joo's studies. He jumped into real state together with his friend Yoon Seol Hee. They gambled in the world of construction and after a few years, they succeeded. But still not as big as SungJin.

Meanwhile, father and son, Dong Jin and Min Jae were kicked out of the company and both were struggling to be afloat while near bankruptcy. 

In episode 4 Choi Dong Sung's illness is getting obvious to the family particulary to Seo Yoon who is now working outside the company and teaching in school. Though the illness is not yet being divulged to the family, but because the old man is showing signs of forget fullness and incoherent mumblings, Seo Yoon decided to talk to the doctor in charge of his father's health.

The tumor in the brain was not successfully treated during the surgery and is advancing fast. Sooner, he will get worse, his memory will be lost and his health will deteriorate. Dong Sung talked to Seo Yoon, encouraging her to step in his place as the president/successor of the company. However, Won Jae, her brother is already managing the company but her father knew Won Jae will never be capable of handling the corporation. He is a puppet for Min Jae and Dong Sung knows it very well. He only trusts Seo Yoon. He begged her to do as he wished for his time is running out. 

These were the scenes I found myself crying. the tears just rolled down silently as I watched father and daughter embraced each other tightly knowing he is leaving his empire in the hands of his daughter. He knew she looks fragile but her loyalty and love for the company will make his heart and mind at peace. 

Min Jae is at his loosing end but a new opportunity present itself. The woman, Yoona who wants to be his wife offered him a solution to all his money problem. The fact is, he promised his father Dong Jin that they will come back in the SungJin company and promised his dad that people will again vow their heads to him. What's so heart wrenching was that, although Min Jae is a tough businessman and an ambitious one, his wife is in the hospital for a very long time, a decade just as she said. He is a loving husband even though he has a sick wife.

But because of circumstances, he needed to abandon her even though he seemed in despair and still very much in love with his wife despite her sickness. But he had no choice. He needed to survive. He pitied her but he had to say goodbye.

I felt the sorrow they felt.  It crushes one's heart to see marriages fall apart not because there is no longer love towards each other, but because it needed to stop.

The race to grab the next project is on and Tae Joo, Min Jae and Seo Yoon are all jumping on the wagon to snatch it. Min Jae offered once to Tae Joo a partnership but he refused. Still not recovering from their past encounter. But Seo Yoon on her part is trying to mess up Tae Joo's plans by convincing his candidate [sorry, not sure what the election is for...maybe someone who will represent the entire neighborhood to bid for the project of renovations in the buildings] to be on her side. Tae Joo soon knew about it and decided to give him a lesson.

Who will win in this current project, I don't have any idea. Who will collaborate, I might be in for a big surprise. Who will be the looser, I can only guess. But all three have huge stake outs and surely it will be bitter to loose.

My additional thoughts about the drama so far....

This drama made me think again about family, relationships, loyalty, and how sometimes there is  a special child among your children who you'll put your trust to, because that child really cares more than any other. In the midst of division and grab for power, I like the relationship between Min Jae and his dad, Dong Jin, ... Dong Sung and Seo Yoon's father and daughter conversation that made me cry, how Seo Yoon doesn't want to repeat what happened to his father and uncle ... and the story of Dong Sung on what Dong Jin did when they were young, even stealing medication for him. Dong Sung's story tells how he also cared for his brother and that after all that has happened between them, he would always remember that incident in his heart.

All characters are worth watching. Dong Sung's wife [of 20 years] is clearly extending her hand towards Min Jae, to secure her son's future in the company. Maybe she thinks that with Seo Yoon being the trustee, [for now] and soon the successor, her son deserve to have her position. Min Jae is the villain here, but his story is really interesting. 

I have faith in this drama. A lot will happen and  much will be learned.

for now these are my thoughts...


Preview - Episode 5 Empire of Gold

cre: Dung Hồ

[mslee's thoughts] Review - SHARK Episode 14 Who is the Real Jo Sang Gook?

The drama becomes intriguing as the episodes pass by. More revelations of secrets are being shown, and while I thought that I fully understand where the writer is taking me, leading me to believe, still, I am clueless. Or perhaps, my instinct tells me that what the story wants to convey is really not what the truth after all. The lies behind the photo all points towards Chairman Jo Sang Gook, or it seems to be. But, here I am, taking a second look and thinking hard about the conversations between Yi Soo and Chairman Jo, there is something still hidden behind them.

Let me first write my thoughts about what happened in episode 14. Yi Soo with the aid of Hae Woo assistant prosecutor Kim Soo Hyun [Lee Soo Hyuj] who without her knowledge all along, is the one helping YS, kidnapped his father, Jo Ui  Sun.

I was intrigued on how the Chairman,  the grandfather and the father of Jo family is not risking his secrets to save his son. Or...like Jo Ui Sun asked him, is he really his son? I take a back seat for awhile and my mind was in confussion, thinking what were the conversations followed, what Hae Woo discovered looking at the photos in the album.

I am going to share what bugs me. The photo YS kept all this time that has been copied by detective Oh, then passed to Chief prosecutor contained two men,  the father with eyeglasses [sorry, forgot the name] together with his son Jo Sang Gook. Apparently, this is the only existing photo, and the SJG in the photo was the real one. Has Hae Woo and Yi Soo found out that the man in the photo and the living JSG is still one and the same person? Or not.

Yi Soo called JSG a fake! He told him on the phone. Did I hear the chairman denying the accusation? The name Cheon Yeong Bo  came up. He was long ago declared dead. Hearing and reading his name makes Chairman Jo rattled and angry. Who was this person? Later on, he was said to be a North Korean spy who later went to America. He also massacred a lot of people. In short, a very vicious and scary man who could kill in cold blood.

Another interesting thing here, the Chairman told YS that his father Han Young Man was not as he seemed. He was clearly insinuating that HYM was not as clean and perfect as YS knew. Then YS was bugged by the memory of his father saying that he was thankful he was finally forgiven. For what? Well, I'm still clueless.

Hae Woo asked Mrs Park about her grandmother. The grandmother she knew was not the grandmother in the family photo with Chairman Jo. It seemed that the chairman had two wives? The first one run off, as what Mrs Park remembered from her memory. Did not know if she died or just went missing, and Hae Woo was bothered.

Who was the ahjussi pen holder that seemed to be Chairman Jo hitman?

Here's my thought about him. I could be very well wrong but just let me share what this episode has made me think and arrive at this crazy thoughts.

Kim Soo Hyun told Yi Soo that he was an ex cop. he had a wife and a son in the states. But there was no more file about him before he became a cop. Who is this old man? His character is so vague here in the story, just an old man with a bookstore. But he could kill in cold blood!

Chairman Jo in the end of the episode told Hae Woo he killed Cheon Yeong Bo. But Yi Soo was thinking he killed the real Jo Sang Gook and pretended to be him, that's why it seemed to be the secret of the century or crime of the century.

But if I will think hard.... the description of the ruthless killer/spy CYB is the same as this low profile ahjussi pen holder/bookstore keeper that is continuously killing innocent people.

Is Chairman Jo speaking the truth about him killing CYB? Or is he in fact the real CYB? If he is CYB, who is this ahjussi? Then I arrive at the conclusion that perhaps...

1. Jo Ui Sun is the real son of Jo Sang Gook in the photo, whoever he was.
2. Hae Woo then being the daughter of Jo Ui Sun is also a real granddaughter and has the right to all the wealth of the family.
3. The biological mother of Jo In Sun was the one in the photo, who later left and was maybe missing/dead.
4.Did Chairman Jo supposing he killed the real one and snatched the identity of another person posed as the father of the child? Did he threaten the mother? That's why she took off?

My head is spinning in circles, trying to uncover what seems to be hidden still in the story.

It is so much easier to believe that Grandfather Jo is a fake. But why did he do that> Why keep on lying to Hae Woo and to the world?

But if indeed he is the real Jo Sang Gook, then the real truth behind the ahjussi pen holder needed to be out in the open to justify his character.

The ending is as thrilling as ever, with Yi Hyun being kidnapped by the ahjussi. Another revelation was Joong Young is suspecting his wife about something, after he saw her holding the shark miniature pendant while in deep thought. Adding that the president of the Blue hotel told him he has evidence that will show YS and HW in a questionable [maybe] scene?

Detective Byeon Bang Jin, adoptive father to Yi Hyun saw Kim Joon aka Yi Soo in the library clip. What must he be thinking now?

SHARK really is an interesting drama full of twists and turns and secrets. It's a drama that is worth watching every week. With six more episodes, I am positive that the writer won't disappoint me.

for now these are my random thoughts.

-its mslee1107 writing-

Gui Gui Sheds Tears for Final Episode with Taecyeon on “We Got Married – Global Edition”

Gui Gui Sheds Tears for Final Episode with Taecyeon on “We Got Married – Global Edition”

cre : soompi

Virtual couple Taecyeon and Gui Gui chose to take a romantic farewell trip to leave as their last memory together.
For the upcoming episode of “We Got Married – Global Edition,” which will air on July 14, Taecyeon and Gui Gui will be saying their last goodbye as a married couple.
Spoilers ahead: do not proceed if you don’t want to know what Gui Gui and Taecyeon say to each other for their last goodbye.
wgm global gui gui 071013
During the recording, Gui Gui and Taecyeon were on a train to travel to their farewell spot. Gui Gui proceeded to gift Taecyeon with a pair of shoes and said, “In Taiwan, giving someone a pair of shoes means that you’re letting that person go,” and “I prepared this gift so we can think of each other when we wear these shoes in the future.”
After arriving at their destination, the couple set up a tent, in which they shared their feelings for the last time. Taecyeon stated, “I wanted to thank you for being so bright and energetic ever since we met.”
Gui Gui also commented, “Though we speak different languages, I was thankful for your care and for treating me so well. Thanks for always doing what I asked.” Then Taecyeon responded, “Thank you for marrying me,” which made finally made Gui Gui spill tears.
During the interview, Taecyeon remarked, “I was sorry that I couldn’t treat her better.”
When they were about to say their final goodbye at the train station, Taecyeon said, “Maybe we’ll run into each other on a different train station later in life.” Gui Gui was said to have cried all throughout the filming session on this day.
The last episode of the Gui Gui/Taecyeon couple on “We Got Married – Global Edition” will air on July 14.


Oh, she cried! Guess you can't play this kind of game without being emotionally involved somehow. And they are such a cute pair.


Media Photos - Kim Hyun Joong Filming for Barefoot Friends 130711

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