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Saturday, October 21, 2017

[screencaps] episode 7 My Golden Life Highlights

Do Kyung can't believe that JiAn is his sister. It's not even funny as a joke but seems she is really his long lost sibling!

Welcome JiAn!
But Do Kyung still finds it awkward to introduce his name..so he acted formal. His parents were surprised at this but told him to be informal about it since he is thr older brother and eldest.

It's true he could have forgotten most of his memories of her...

...and she certainly had none of those memories.

Gift giving to JiAn...

A fountain pen with her name embedded on it. A personalized pen. Her "siblings" also haver it as a gift from their father.

Something is off. 
The personal assistant of his parents talked to Do Kyung and asked if he knew JiAn previously. 
He answered her query simply.
Nothing to worry about. 

With Do Kyung he has the ability to put everything in the past and start anew. He is willing since he is the older sibling. But JiAn is not as accepting as he is. He has to request to unlock his mobile number from her.

First dinner together.
JiAn is feeling ignorant of table manners. She was used to eating with her former family in an informal way. Talking while eating/chewing is a no.
She needs to learn and to be guided properly.
Well i understand her. All these are new to her and quite intimidating.

Time for a total make over.

Even she feels strange afterwards. Her new look is expensive

Here..Hyuk plans on giving JiAn money. He thought she got it from uncompromising way.

Satisfied with the new JiAn.

She was given a new task.
To spend.

Having lots of money can still.be a problem for JiAn. She does not know what to buy.

Meanwhile JiSoo is trying to sell the baked bread to the cafe manager. The manager liked the bread. JiSoo will make the deliveries.

The couple are planning to make JiAn forget her former family. The restaurant the6 gave to JiAn's mother will determine if she will think she was sold off to her new parents.

JiSoo is not impressed by new clothes from JiAn.

Accounting for all of the things she bought.
She was aksed for receipts.

Do kyung saw his gift to JiAn worn by his younger sibling.

Another round of conversation...
Do Kyung is not pleased at all. He told JiAn how she lied abouy the clothes that was never given to her former family. 
He was too disappointed and told her there are rules to follow in their house. She must abide by them. 
He felt he was being taken for granted as the eldest son of the family. She kept on talking back to him as if he is nothing and that seems to prick his ego as the eldest.

If she still feel like JiAn then there is no place for her in that house.

I think he is right though. She decided to be a part of that family. She must conform to their ways. She must respect their wishes. It is hard but she must for she chose them to be a part of her new world.

As Eun Seok.