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Monday, October 16, 2017

[screencaps] My Golden Life Episode 4 Highlights


Meet The Parents

Real / Biological Parents

No Myung Hee and her husband Choi Jae Sung of Haesung Group are her real parents.
According to her mother Yang Mi Jung who suddenly told her this unexpected secret. Ji An felt as if she heard wrong and it was a joke her mother had made up. She thought she was there because her mother ask them for help to let her work in the company. Not in her wildest dream that she is a heiress. A chaebol's daughter. What an absurd idea.
And funny if anyone heard but no one is laughing at that moment. It was as if time stood still as the couple opposite her stared at her with mixed feelings. At least they are not appalled at the thought of her as their long lost daughter. 

Still it was not something Ji An believed easily.

Apparently she was abducted when she was young and her parents who took care of her all these years found her. Her real parents want to take her back now that they found her.

At home Ji An acted as if nothing happened. Her siblings do not know yet about the truth.

Back at the house they told Do Kyung about meeting Eun Seok.

Ji Ho bought the nice shoes for Ji An. 
I love how the siblings love each other. Their bond is good.

Ji An's mother asked her to go to her real parents. She can have a good life. She can study and live abroad. Her sufferings will end.

But for her they are her family. She does not mind if she suffers. She likes to be with them.

Meeting Mr. Sun guy of Ji Soo.
Small world but Ji An is still clueless that this guy likes het and her sister likes him.

Timid and decent girl in the morning..
Wild and mysterious woman by night.
Do Kyung's sister...
She hides this part of her from her family. An act of rebellion?

The endless hide and seek...
Misunderstanding between Ji An and Do Kyung continuous.

And because she thought it was him pestering her with calls she cursed.
And an impertinent snubby customer got mad at her.

A sight that was hard to look.

Do Kyung waited on Ji An.

She has a lot on her mind and she was tired of him that her ego was pricked she somehow acted arrogant. Yes
.all she has is her pride and what is left of it. 

But he misunderstood of course.

It was a tough day for her
 She was sacked from her job and she has no money.

Time to tell her siblings..

Ji An made the decision.
Suffering and being humiliated made her want to taste what is life of a chaebol's daughter.
Maybe now she can have a break from people hurting her.

Not knowing they are soon to be introduced aa brother and sister the rift goes on.

Payment on delivery!

There is more from what already has been divulged about the lost daughter

It is not Ji An!
It is Ji Soo!!!

She lied.
Her daughter is Ji An and Ji Soo is Eun Seok.
But she cried for Ji An and her pains. She wanted her to have a bright future.

It is wrong and she will surely get in trouble for fooling the rich couple but she will stand by her lies.

She met Eun Seok's mother.

For the time they took care of their daughter..
A thank you gift.

Ji Soo saw her nice guy with a girl.
She did not see Ji An's face.

Will her father be able to say she is not the real daughter? 
Now that she has decided?


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