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Saturday, October 21, 2017

[screencaps] episode 6 My Golden Life Highlights

And I thought the secret will be revealed that she JiAn is not the long lost daughter of Haesung Group family but JiSoo.
She was determined to go to her "family" because she is tired of struggles. In a way this could be the reason her father could not tell her.

JiSoo was trying to stop her but she heard enough. She has decided. 

For Ji Soo she thinks going to "that" family is a betrayal towards their parents. I feel that if Ji Soo knew she is the real daughter of the wealthy family she would still stay. She has that easy going kind of personality. Life is tough but she manages somehow. She is not pressured to make more money. 
I think because she iw contented of only what she has.

I was touched that he also misses hisndaughter. I thought he was cold and does not care. But he is. He does. He is looking forward to JiAn coming home.

The funny thing when you don't know where she got the money and then hearibg news of a woman who was unfortunate enough to end her life because of the borrowed money.

All he could think of was JiAn.

Letting JiAn go...

Do Kyung went to see JiAn.
He returned the money she gave him ae payment.

He ran. She chased.

I am somehow annoyed that she has to explain to Hyuk aka Mr. Sun about her dilema or the money she owed to Do akyung. 

Hyuk seems already possessive of her when they are not even in a relationship. He is acting proprietorial which is irritating.

And childish too. Maybe I know Do Kyung is not aware of their first meeting.but still..Hyuk acted revengeful in a petty way for me.

Times when life is easy and happy for them.

Time for JiAn to leave...

Unfortunately..her father ran after her in a car but he could not catch up. If only JiAn looked back she would see her father lost his balance while running and fell to the ground.

The house.
Here she was...
Standing in front of the house where she will live from now on.

Someone stopped her from walking forward.

Both were surprised to see each other there.

His house???

Oh no!

Meet your "enemy"!
The story is getting more interesting.
Will they feel awkward as siblings?
But...they are not real siblings.๐Ÿ˜


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