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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

[GIF] episode 5 Temperature of Love Highlights

Random scenes in episode 5

After their first date...

Getting her home.
Peeking as soon as he turned his back.
Typical in every woman, if she likes the guy.

Hong Ah calling Jung Sun. She got his number from Hyun Soo.
Everytime, he draws the line that's why i like him.

When you meet his mother...
It is clear she does not want her around Jung Sun.
Just because she is older than him?

CEO Park is persistent.
When he likes someone he will do the chasing until that person becomes his person.

If only Hong Ah would care about this guy's feelings towards her. He is so patient and understanding with her.

Hyun Soo and CEO Park

There is tension...
But not romantic in nature. 
Although he can be falling for her...

Weird how Hong Ah advices Hyun Soo on not going out with Jung Sun. Well.. I think she knew his feelings towards Hyun Soo that's why she wanted Hyun Soo to be cautious of him. Making sure there will be no developing relationship between the two. 
I really wish Hyun Soo was honest in liking him so that Hong Ah would have known her place.

Jung Sun giving her a ride😀

Jung Sun shows he likes her very much but she is hesistant and realistic at the same time. I can't blame her. She is at the age where future is more important than romance. But then there is no harm in making both priority. 

Sometimes you just have to be confident that you can do both. Going towards your dream and love a person who is willing to be there for you.

She is trying to make light of whatever they have but still can not resist his charms. She falls for his adorable ways everytime.

It is slow but I am loving the romance.


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