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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

[screencaps] The Package episode 1 First Thoughts....

The Package is a story of a group of people who took time for a vacation and visit one of the most romantic and historical places, France. 
Personally, I would love to visit the place for it's old buildings and stories.

Our heroine is Lee Yeon Hee and she plays the character of a tourist guide. In a flashback we see her gone through a marriage and separation. She had gone through heartbreak and as the story goes, the man she married just got out of prison looking for her in earnest. She on the other hand is trying her best to hide from him. Whatever happened between them is yet to unfold.

Jung Yong Hwa is our lead male character. He travels alone. With couples in the tour package, he was the odd one. He also caused delay upon entering immigration because of his name "Ma Ru" and while trying to convince the officers that he is not a criminal they decided to check his luggage and ironically found assorted brassieres inside which is suspicious.

After a while, he was let go but seeing the angry and frustrated faces of the other people in the group who waited for him almost an hour...he was really apologetic.

There are different couples in the group. One couple are young but seems to be always arguing. Another one is an old couple. Husband is impatient while the wife is soft spoken and always tries to stop her husband from saying nasty things. The other couple, the man is suspected to have a wife left in Korea and travels with a young woman he has an on going affair. He looks like a businessman who can afford the whims of his other woman.

As for JYH..he has his own love story to tell. Of a woman that he met in the company where he works for and both of them decided to travel but on the last minute, only he came. And he also has issues in his workplace. [episode 2]

I think this drama will tell their different stories and how the journey  will affect their personal relationships.

I am looking forward to the development of this drama. As for the cinematography, I am loving it. I love the scenes that shows the beauty of the city. It was a if I am touring with them.

screen caps below...


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