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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

[GIF] episode 6 Temperature of Love Highlights

Random scenes

Times when he cooks for her...

He is sharing his passion in making mouthwatering foods and at the same time wants her to eat his prepared meals. It is like sharing a part of him.

They not only eat but they talk. It can be about trivial things but it shows they can have conversation and enjoy their time together.

It is not only her who is chasing dreams but he too is looking forward to working in France. 

Time apart will be a big deal for her if she commits herself into a relationship with him. Not only is she older than him but waiting until he comes back will take years.

She wanted to play but she knows when to quit. 
She is so realistic and too logical for him. He could not argue his case. Even if they kissed.

For him it was a moment he cherished but for her it was just a fleeting moment.
As she said..they were swept up in the moment.

How can he win against her when she narrowed down his emotions just like that.

The reality for her is that playing and working can not be done at the same time.
Because she played..she took the day off...
Now she is being sacked from work. Not really because she was absent the whole day. It was more than that. Her sunbae's true feelings about her revealed. It was just bad timing that she chose to be with Jung Sun the day before.

Everything falls apart after that romantic get away.
Her sister is moving from their place and got the deposit from the land lady.
It was is everything is a mess and she had nowhere to go. Like she has to make a decision regarding her future. And Jung Sun is not a part of it.
The irony is that when he is okay and happy she is not.

She has her pride to protect too.

But he is determined to leave. He knew Hyun Soo is not the type to wait. He knew she is hesitant. He knew her priorities. It is not him.

She will work for CEO Park.
She decided that this is the best she can do at the moment.

At the cost of losing Jung Sun.
But she did not know he will be leaving soon.

She did not know it could be his last call to her...

Still she ignored his call.


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