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Saturday, April 11, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Sensory Couple Episode 4 Screen caps and GIF Review


Yeom Mi almost recognized Cho Rim as Eun Seol but maybe looking at her old photo in the computer did not really strike the same resemblance with Cho Rim drunk and older. She asked Moo Gak his friend's name and was given Oh Cho Rim, not Choi Eun Seol. Yeom Mi did not pursue anymore and left them.

Cho Rim was too drunk to do anything but sleep on the couch. But of course some funny and cute scene were added to make Cho Rim adorable as a drunk. She suddenly stood up when Moo Gak came back from getting a drink, maybe to make her sober up but she walked passed him and circled the office while Moo Gak sat on the couch, letting her walk in a trance. She found herself on the same couch then fell asleep on his thighs, to his surprise.

Next morning, four detectives were huddled close as they inspect her still sleeping on the office couch. She awaken with their faces crowding her and she let out a squeal of surprise. She asked them who they were but was answered by who she was. She was so embarrassed at being caught in a situation on a police headquarters. She ran outside, Moo Gak following on her heels. She suddenly remembered how he did not show up last night and that she was scolded and told not to show her face again by her boss. She was so hurt that she hurt him by punching him on the face twice. Moo Gak felt guilty after she told him how he destroyed her dreams. He went to see the troupe and asked the director to give Cho Rim another chance. He was told that if he made the director laugh, he will consider. The other members were asked to leave the room. They did but very skeptical that Moo Gak will be able to make the director laugh, because he usually never did. But surprisingly, they heard him laughing non stop. Guess Moo Gak really succeed.

Cho Rim got a call from the troupe and she was told to practice again with officer Choi only. She then went to the police headquarters and gave drinks to all Moo Gak's colleagues. Moo Gak did not immediately cooperated with her, making her feel sorry for the words she uttered when they last met and apologize for them as well. Then they went to ate together. The two reconciled.

There was a new case. Someone was found dead at a park and suspiciously, the wrist was similar to those bar codes cases. But Yeom Mi did not want to believe that this case is related at all to the bar code serial killings. It was too soon after Joo Ma Ri's death and it broke the cycle of the time frame of serial killings. Even Moo Gak is also not sure.

One of the scary moments was when Cho Rim met Chef Kwon. Yes, scary for me as a viewer because I really suspect him as the serial killer. It seemed that the chanced meeting was planned with his dog running away in the same vicinity as to where Cho Rim was. She bumped into him which caused her wrist to have a sprain. Chef Kwon accompanied her to doctor Chun's clinic. I really can't figure out the relation between these two guys. Something is fishy. Anyway, Doctor Chun looked at her wrist. Even done x-ray on her arms. He noticed a scar on her arm and asked about it. She told him she was in an accident three years ago. Doctor Chun had in his possession Choi Eun Seol's x-ray. He compared it to the recent one of Cho Rim and was sure that they are one and the same person. What does he know? What does he want?

Cho Rim was invited by Chef Kwon in his house for dinner together with doctor Chun. The dog was barking and scratching at a closed door suspiciously. Chef Kwon went to the dog and calmed it, telling his guests that it leads to the basement. Now what was in there that the dog showed anxiety?

The new murder case was being investigated. The detectives are finding out clues. Cho Rim told Moo Gak that she saw different smell from the upper clothes and pants of the victim. Usually, the scent are scattered all through out the body. There was barbecue smell on the upper clothes while on the lower part were milk scent. The team posed as undercover at the park to capture a suspect. Moo Gak who had identified the victim as a former worker at a gym went to asked questions on other workers there. He found out that someone borrowed money. Yeom Mi was still confident that this case is different from serial killings and that maybe someone who had knowledge of bar code killings had copied the same scheme to get away from being caught.

A pen was found at the park and obviously it was from Doctor Chun. Maybe it was planted there or that he really killed the man. Doctor Chun got arrested and brought to be investigated. He claimed that he lost his pen. Yeom Mi was delegated to other branch while Chief Kang Hyeok was given the bar code case.

Cho Rim who got extra passes at the gym went to exercise, While exercising she saw the scent of milk, the same scent used by one of the detectives. She called Moo Gak and informed him of it. The relationship between the gym trainer and the detective enlightened Moo Gak. They are brothers. He went to arrest the younger brother. the culprit was not able to deny his crime. Moo Gak brought him at the police headquarters. The detective saw his dongsaeng and knew they were caught. Case closed. Another case solved by Moo Gak.

The romance in the story is starting already. Cho Rim is unconsciously liking Moo Gak. When her friend texted her that Moo Gak is at the restaurant she is working at, Cho Rim got out of the car of Woo Ya, her childish colleague even if she was offered to eat at an expensive restaurant. She went hurriedly at the where Moo Gak was but she was too late. Yeom Mi was already there sitting opposite Moo Gak and the two seemed to be enjoying each other's company. Guess the picture of those two made Cho Rim realize something about her feelings to Moo Gak. Or maybe, the sight of those two put a damp on her emotions.

I am reminded of You're All Surrounded. Maybe because this is a police investigation drama and besides the main crime they are trying to solve, new cases show up. But I really hope that Cho Rim will always assist Moo Gak in solving crimes. They look good together as detectives.

As for the reasons why the bar code killings are happening, considering that the victims are random, are yet to be revealed.


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