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Thursday, April 9, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine or Go Crazy Episode 22 Screen caps Review

I never see the surprised twist in this episode coming.

It's sad that Se Won died in this episode without revealing his true identity to his sister Shin Yool. He was tasked to kill Shin Yool by Sik Yeom to show his loyalty to him. If not, then Hwang family may be in danger and Se Won would notlet Princess Yeo Won hurt or be in danger. This is a dilemma. But I really wonder if Se Won will really kill his own sister if Wang Wook did not appear and block his sword. This will always be a hanging question in my mind how far Se Won would have gone? He flee the scene as Wang Wook chased him. He had his face covered so no one would know him, even Wang Wook. But I think Se Won was ready to face death because before going to Chunghae Trading he met Princess Yeo Won and gave her something attached from his sword, the miniature thing that is identified with Balhae, the place where he came from. He asked for a cup of tea and drank it with the Princess. It was his way of saying goodbye but leaving his heart to her for eternity. Yeo Won did not really understood that moment until she learned of his death.

Wang Wook killed him while fighting with him, only realizing after that it was Se Won. They have long years of history together while Se Won served his sister before he went to Sik Ryeom after she wed Wang So. Se Won was like family even though he was only a sort of bodyguard. Wang Wook wept for his death. Se Won made him promised not to tell Shin Yool about him.

While all these were happening, Wang So was serving his punishment the King bestowed on him. He was with Sik Ryeom's son. He volunteered to go to the west and leave the capital. Sik Ryeom minstaken Wang So's actions as evading witnessing the marriage between Wang Wook and Shin Yool, but the truth was Wang So wants to find out Sik Ryeom true intention and his secrets.

Sik Ryeom waited for Se Won to return but he never arrived. He ordered another assassin/bodyguard to go to Chunghae and confirm Shin Yool's death. Shin Yool had to fake her death to avoid another assassin. The company was closed to show they were in mourning but the man tasked to confirm her death went inside. But Wang Wook and the rest were all ready in case something like this would happen. Shin Yool was lying on her bed like a corpse, not breathing when she was checked out by Sik Ryeom's man. After the two men left Wang Wook held a medicine close to her face perhaps to make her breath again and come to her senses. 

Wang Wook told Shin Yool that her death would mean nullifying their marriage. Wang Wook finally realized that he has to let her go. He even asked the King to order the nullification. Shin Yool agreed but told Wang Wook not to tell Wang So about her fake death. She does not want to burden Wang So anymore. Time will reveal that she is alive.

She had to hide to make Sik Ryeom stop doubting her death. But still men are lingering around Chunghae. Wang Wook left on a horse with company. One looked female and the men followed. Shin Yool was disguised as a man again and together with Baek Myo they traveled on a different route. She was staying in a far place and thankfully getting medical care. She decided to live and not give up on life.

Sik Ryeom ordered his men and son to kill Wang So and not let him come back to the capital. Wang So was prepared and was able to run away as he fought with Sik Ryeom's men. He met with virtuous men and made some plans.

Towards the end of the episode Wang So went with the volunteers who are going to the capital. He disguised himself as one of them together with Eun Chun. He saw one men being harmed by soldiers of Sik Ryeom. 

That moment was the turning point for Wang So. He made himself visible for all to see. He announce that he is the late King's son. He shouted that he will protect his people. Finally Wang So has acknowledged his right to lead his people.

Will Wang So really be the next King after the current King abdicated the throne?

I wonder about the fate of Shin Yool and Wang So's romance.


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