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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Falling For Innocence First Review

The drama started with Kang Min Ho being rushed to the emergency of a hospital. While looking at the ceilings of the hospital corridors as he was being moved, he was thinking how his life would end, how he does not believe in miracles or anything about God because his life has been a pile of sufferings until that moment. But as he was being monitored by doctors, another patient came in, as if any second he would meet his death. Kang Min Ho ironically thought that perhaps, his fate is being played at, at that moment.

Kang Min Ho is a known investor who is cruel and choose money over anything. He does not care if his actions will cause sufferings for labors who will be forced to stop working. He has one desire and goal, that is to make revenge for what happened to his family, to his parents. He was just a boy when his father passed away. His father was the President of Hermia Company, but his uncle took everything away from them after his father passed away. Even the trusted person which turned out to be Kim Soon Jung's father betrayed his mother and siding with his uncle Kang Hyun Cheol. Those memories were embedded in his child's mind. His mother was so depressed at the way things turned out for them that she took her own life. He was left all alone with all the painful memories.

Now years later, he found out that he has the same heart disease as his father and will soon die. Even the doctor who treats him already gave up on his condition because he has only 1% chance at surviving and having a donor that will match him. Before this tragedy comes, he must succeed in his revenge. 

Hermia Company was found out to have ingredients in their products harmful to humans. The board of directors gathered for a meeting and all were confused how did it happened. Someone in the production team [as I understood] is gone missing. They think that this man is in connection with the rumor that is currently ruining the company's image and the stocks that are decreasing. Kang Hyun Cheol asked his trusted lawyer Lee Joon Hee about it and the latter reported that it was all doings of Kang Min Ho, his nephew. Kang Min Ho also got a large quantity of bonds without their awareness, perhaps because he invested in the company. [not sure how did he got it...]

Now that the company is in trouble, Kang Min Ho is proceeding with his plans, to put a time limit until he got his investment or stop the company's operation at the factory and let workers be laid off. He went to see his uncle at the company but a smart and capable woman who looks like a secretary was blocking his way in. She was very firm in telling him to make appointments ahead of time if he wants to see the President. The woman was annoying and grated his nerves that he took time to read her name tag. Realization dawned on him when he read Kim Soon Jung. He deducted that she is the daughter of the man who betrayed his mother and tell the court that his father embezzled money from the company.

The sparks between Kang Min Ho and Kim Joon Sung started to take off. Both were fiery although Soon Jung felt the first tremors of guilt after he uttered the words betrayal. Perhaps she knew that once the company belonged to him or that unconsciously as she grew up, she may have heard things about what her father did to the former President's family. Kang Min Ho Backed down from entering the office but he eyed her, marking her as his enemy.

Kim Soon Jung has a cheerful boyfriend, Ma Dong Wook, a police officer who is righteous and friendly. It seems that they both grew up under Hermia's because their fathers worked there at the company. Even Lee Joon Hee is friends with them and his father is still the security at the factory. Ma Dong Wook proposed to Soon Jung and she accepted. Everyone around them are happy to see them engaged. 

An incident happened at the factory when while Soon Jung was there visiting Dong Wook's father, Min Ho arrived with his team, already taking notes of everything inside the factory. The workers were told to cooperate or they will lose their jobs. Once again Soon Jung and Min Ho got in a word fight. She was being loyal to the President while he is taking things as he pleases. Just about that time Dong Wook arrived and saw the two exchanging heated words. Of course, he would not let his fiancee be treated that way. Fight started between Min Ho and Dong Wook. Dong Wook got to punch Min Ho as men tried to separate the two. They ended up in a police station. Dong Wook is not apologizing.  Min Ho is not settling. Lee Joon Hee arrived and talked with the prosecutor handling or representing Min Ho. Both lawyers are Hermia scholars and they compromised about the case. But before the prosecutor left Joon Hee, he was taunted, saying that he was by far the most hard working scholar of Hermia doing all the things for the company. I think this truth grated on Joon Hee's mind because it is the truth and he can never deny it.

Soon Jung asked Min Ho to settle but she was answered that he would do in exchange for her. 

So what does it mean?
Min Ho wants to make use of her in front of his uncle and cause trouble between them. He wants the trust between his uncle and Soon Jung to break. He asked to see her and she showed up. He dressed her up like an expensive woman. When they arrived at the place, she was shocked to see that the President and the other directors were present. Her presence was indication that somehow she betrayed them. But President Kang seems to think that she was fooled and it was not her fault. Anyhow, it did not lessen her anxiety and nervousness. Min Ho dared the directors to call him and he will pay the original price of the bonds they have in their hands.

Soon Jung went ot see the President at the office with her resignations ready to be handed. But President Kang told her to keep it and that she will remain in her position. She was ordered to deliver something. She went out to do the errand.

She was surprised to see Min Ho and the directors at the place where she was supposed to deliver the package. Min Ho was angry that she got there. Then President Kang appeared. She knew she was used then to irritate Min Ho. But what's appalling at that very moment was when the President opened the package and revealed a type of fruit that will be good to Min Ho, revealing his inherited disease from his father. He announced that Min Ho will soon die, making it seemed like Soon Jung had know about it since she was with him the first time she went to see him at the hotel and he collapsed. The directors now have a changed of heart. They don't want to give their trust to someone who is soon leaving. 

When everyone is already gone, she stayed still. Min Ho shouted at her to leave but she could not find the strength to move. She wanted to explain but she could not. Mn Ho threw something at the wall that made a loud crash as he told her to get lost. She started to turn around and leave but heard a loud thu. Min Ho lost consciousness. He was rushed to the hospital. She stayed with him.

Dong Wook found out that Joon Hee was the man hiding the employee. Joon Hee was creating the troubles in the company without the knowledge of the President. He is betraying the President and siding with Gold Partner. He is doing all these to start anew. His reasons can be understood but his means his unlawful. Dong Wook is set to reveal Joon Hee's betrayal if he will not admit it himself. 

They parted ways. But as Dong Wook walked alone in a darkened street, a car suddenly hit him. He lay there, wounded. I think Joon Hee hit Dong Wook to prevent exposing him. Dong Wook was rushed to the hospital where Min Ho was.

That night, miracle happened to Min Ho. A heart surgery was done and it was successful. Soon Jung received a call, possibly of what happened to Dong Wook. Her legs gave out, crumbling her form and  sat on the floor of the hospital lobby as everyone passed her by.

Min Ho got a new life. It seems that Min Ho has acquired cellular memories in his system without realizing it. The way he tapped his forefinger to the girl's nose when her ball rolled towards him was the same actions Dong Wook used to do to Soon Jung every time they were together. Now a part of Dong Wook is in him. 

The romance will start.

I like how the drama started. The chemistry is intense already between Min Ho and Soon Jung. Although it is saddening that Dong Wook died because his love for her is pure. Lee Joon Hee is someone whose character is still vague. Will he be the antagonist? Will his crime be the start of his greed? 

There will be revenge but I hope that the romance will be great.


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