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Thursday, April 9, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Episode 2 Screen caps + GIF Review


Can I say that episode 2 is mind boggling? I thought I already knew the culprit in episode 1. I thought Lee Jung Soo is the son of the woman he was looking for, Kang Soon Yeong. But the twist of the story in this episode revealed there is another one who is manipulating all the scenarios making use of Lee Jung Soo who happens to be already inside the prison and son of one of the men in the photograph.

So what's the real back story in this case?

Kang Soon Yeong 15 years ago was raped by the four boys who were all dead now, killed and found out too late by Gil Soo Hyun and Detective Oh. Except for the priest who took his own life but also one of the four boys back then. Soon Yeong was mentally challenged and those boys took advantage of her state.  The sad fate was when she went to the police station, town constable Kim Seok Gyu who was then at the station thought of something to make money.

Detective Oh as he was investigating what happened in December 1989 saw a photo of another boy not included in the photo taken with Soon Yeong. He learned that he is now an actor named Kim Seok Jin. He saw some photos of both together. He thought this man is the remaining link to the murder of Soon Yeong. 

Gil Soo Hyun visited the actor in the filming set and asked about him and his relation to Soon Yeong. He said that she was like a sister and that he used to visit the town when he was young. Soo Hyun told him that all the boys in the photo are already dead and he was shocked.

Soo Hyun went to visit one of the boy's father in the photo. He learned that Soon Yeong asked for money or settlement and gave them a written document that she will not reveal the father of her son named Kang Min Cheol. Soo Hyun studied the writings and doubted if she really wrote it or was there someone who helped her. Detective Oh also wondered why she sold herself to feed her son if she got settlement money. Her son back then was hospitalized and she needed money. Detective Oh found out a video recording during that day, December 1989. There was an event there and Kim Seok Jin was the town's guest that time and was on stage. At the side with the onlookers, Detective Oh saw Soon Yeong apparently looking at Kim Seok Jin, anxious while her son was at the hospital. 

The writings differ from Soon Yeong's and was more matched with Kim Seok Jin. They started to move to capture Seok Jin but they were already too late. He was found dead in one of the alleys without CCTV. Now the case is getting mysterious. That's where town constable Kim Seok Gyu comes in. He was really the one behind the settlement money in cahoots with the actor Kim Seok Jin. He benefited from the money and only gave Soon Yeong 2 dollars monthly. She was actually looking for him that day because she wanted to ask him money for her son. But he told her not to ask him anymore. She begged him. She even offered herself to him for money. That was the last time she was seen, riding in a car with him. He killed her. Even took photo of her dead body with him in the picture. The statue of limitations will soon be over, he even marked the date on his calendar at this present time.

Okay this is really random recap. The twist in the story is unpredictable. Soo Hyun told Lee Jung Soo that Kim Seok Gyu was the killer of Soon Yeong but he denied it vehemently. Time is ticking and his sister is in danger. What was Lee Jung Soo really hiding from him?

A CCTV caught a man walking and presumed to be the killer of Seok Jin, more like Seok Gyu. But, it did not match to Seok Gyu's body form and the way he walks. There was another man behind Lee Jung Soo who is the real manipulator and the possible culprit and avenger in this case.

The real Kang Min Cheol is out there. He is Joo Yo Sep, one of the children the priest took care of. Soo Hyun also realized that the one who made all the mess where the priest was found was not Lee Jung Soo but Joo Yo Sep or Kang Min Cheol, the real son  of Kang Soon Yeong. But the twist did not end there. His DNA matched Kim Seok Gyu, unfortunately, the man who killed his mother.

The team went after Min Cheol who has Seok Gyu. Min Cheol wants to end his revenge by killing them both. In the end he jumped off the cliff with Seok Gyu. Soo Hyun was left pointing the gun but not able to shoot.

The little girl was secured. She even went to see her brother inside the prison.A tragedy that happened 15 years ago continue to haunt everyone until the present day. The four rapist were dead. One of the son was Lee Jung Soo who suffered mentally which was the result that can be traced down from his father's crime. 

The girl Soon Yeong got so much sufferings and was treated badly. Her son grew up with  the intent to make everyone pay. A sad story.

But then I wonder about Gil Soo Hyun. There is something off in his character. Maybe I am reading too much but it seems that he also has his own trauma that needs to be addressed? Maybe the reason he quit as an FBI agent? I don't know but something is not as it seems to be for him.

As for Detective Oh, I like that he has a good working relationship with Soo Hyun. His style in working is very different but he is sharp as a detective. His instincts are good and reliable. Soo Hyun is definitely intelligent and has a sharp mind that can solve puzzles immediately but detective Oh's charm is street smart.

Well looking for more cases to solve. Good writing and execution. Perhaps to quiet as a team. Maybe a little spark now and then will bring enough tension in the drama to make the team more real and exciting.


GIF and screen caps

gorgeous and suave Gil Soo Hyun

the mind games continues

screen caps


  1. Just finish watching ep 2. What a mind boggling show it is. Unlike TEN this drama is more darker, complex and intense.

    I think as for why KSG take a selca is answered by Detevtive Oh, if he get caught after the limitation time, he has a proof that the time limit has exceeded.

    Regarding why he put LJS upfront is simply he used him as a tool as repayment for his father's crime in the past and abducted the younger sister to threaten him.

    However I have also several questions.

    1) What is the fate Lee Jeoung Soo, will he be released soon?

    2) The addresses of his younger sister is the home of Kang Soon Young's house? The exact place? Why they didn't found her before?

    3) Why KMC seems didn't prepared of what revenge on how to kill his mother's murderer. He seems shaken and not well-prepared as to those he killed before.

    1. I think it was because the last clue for finding the murderer of his mother was also found out by the detectives that's why he ran out of time on how to kill him. but I don't think he knew that KSG was his father, though. Or maybe he did knew and that's really what he intended to do, kill them both. I guess he thinks it is the only way to pay for his sins.
      as for the sister of LJS, I think she was somewhere hidden before and only left her at that address to be found out after he was ready to take KSG's life.
      The story of LJS and KMC is a mixed of tragedy and sadness that haunts a viewer til after it ended.

  2. I have a few questions here please kindly reply if you have time
    First i want to know why KMC has just got revenged after it is almost 15 years has passed ?
    Did he know that the mother was rapped and killed by the time before the pastor committed suicide ? That was why he got angry and blamed the pastor and he committed suicide ?
    After that he began to investigate who killed her mother and one by one killed off the rapper ?
    If KCM really want to get revenge why he bother asking the police to play the game with him?
    Is it because he wants the police to help him investigate?

    Then i want to know did LJS really killed his parents ? Whom did he kill ?

    And lastly how did KCM know who killed his mother in the end ? I thought the police never told him or LJS. When the police and LJS meet each other they don't talk that much.

    1. hello. well, i almost forgot the sequence of this drama because this is not an ordinary one with so many twists and turns. If you read again my post above, the back story of the characters were somehow detailed and how the story goes. I know I may not have relayed clearly through writings because seriously it was so difficult to analyse and point one by one the events happened but I did try.

      Lee Jung Soo and Kim Min Cheol aka Jo Yo Sep are two different guys. The latter is the real son of the mentally challenged woman who was raped by four boys. He was also the one raised in by the priest. I do think he knew what happened to his mom and that he waited for the right time to gather all the evidences to execute his plans.

      LJS is one of the boy's son in the story. His crime as far as I remember mentioned was that he killed his parents. Now I may be wrong because i really need to rewatch the episode again, but I think he was adopted by another set of parents. Correct me if my memory is wrong. He was used by KMC/JYS to execute his plans outside and at the same time to relay intriguing messages to GSH inside the prison cell to make the crime even more interesting. I think it was JYS/KMC's guilt inside that made him involved the police and also to make the crime from the past be known because it was the only way to justify his crimes and at the same time to seek justification for the tragedy that happened to his mother.

      I think if only KMC did not put his law in his own hands, it will be resolved through the links and evidences that he gathered. but then again, it is a crime of passion, a crime that really needed to happen for all the pains that he suffered knowing his mother was used and violated and killed by these people.

      please back read my post and hiping you will be enlightened. i have watched this a few monthes back already and with all the dramas I am watching, mu mind is filled with so many scenes...lol! thank you for dropping by...