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Thursday, April 9, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Blood Episode 16 Review

Highlights on this episode

1. Ji Sang finally heard form Jae Wook that he was the one who ordered to kill his parents. The scene was very intense I thought they will really hurt each other more. Both had grabbed each others neck, blood spilling from the skin caused by their sharp nails but in the end Ji Sang came back to his senses and let go of Jae Wook. I understand how he controlled his emotions. He is not a monster like Jae Wook.

2. He was too much emotionally stressed that he called Ri Ta to make sure he will not change his mind and come back at Jae Wook's place. He almost got into a fight with some ahjussis who he bumped into and were asking for a fight. Ri Ta came in time and apologized, stopping Ji Sang.

3. Ga Yeon had another confrontation with the creepy doctor but this time he grabbed her neck, letting her know he is not afraid of her even if she is Jae Wook's favorite. I am glad that I am right in my previous post that Ga Yeon will have a change of heart and not be the villain because her compassion is too big for the children under her care. This is where the conflict will lie for her and Jae Wook. 

4. Ga Yeon asked Jae Wook to let Na Jung be moved out of ward 21A. But Jae Wook has plans and asked her not to bring it up again. Jae Wook's emotions are sensitive right now after revealing too much of himself to Ji Sang. It was like everything now will have to be on his terms. Ga Yeon realized that Na Jung will not be spared.

5. Ri Ta and her uncle had a talk. She asked him why he hid his illness to him. She let him now she is concerned for him and his health that's why she asked him not to participate in any experiments by Jae Wook. The Chairman misinterpreted her concern as wanting him not to get better for Ri Ta to inherit the hospital. Ri Ta was shock and hurt by her uncle's line of thought. She told him he is family and that she is also anxious for herself because the illness is hereditary. She told him she is scared, too. She now realized that she is not important to his uncle just like she thought she was if he thinks that she is after the hospital. Now she is doubting him and the Associate Director, the woman she calls aunty if they both really are after her care or not. She also talked with the a\Associate director and voice out her hurt and doubt. She thinks that the position at the hospital is the main concern of her aunty. The truth behind her parents death are still unknown to her. She will be devastated and felt betrayed when the time comes that she learned the truth.

6. Weird effects are happening on the patients receiving the vaccines from the drug team. Hot tempers are easily escalating in a second. Ga Yeon is witness to those effects. Ji Sang asked the creepy doctor to stop administering the vaccines or drew blood samples. The creepy doctor taunted him that he only get his orders from Jae Wook. Then he added that Jae Wook already advised him about it earlier.

7. While Ji Sang wondered about the reasons why Jae Wook wants to stop the vaccine for now, Ri Ta went to see Jae Wook and told him not to include his uncle in hte list of the patients awaiting the vaccine. She also let him know that she knew about the infected persons and VBT 01. Jae Wook was surprised at how much she knew and warned her that she is only being safe because of the Chairman. Now there is no more secret between them.

8.  Chief Jung finally knew that Jae Wook killed his father. He was so emotional learning the truth form Ji Sang. He wanted to confront Jae Wook that instance but Ji Sang tried to pacify him and asked him to think first or plan. When he met Jae Wook he told him that he will fight as a doctor. He will continue the research and neutralize VTH 16. It could be the answer to turning back infected to humans.

9. The Chairman and the Associate Director have a fight. It was about what they did in the past. Now it was revealed that she executed the plan to kill Ri Ta's parents to secure her position in the hospital. Both are monster if I were to categorized them for planning the murder of Ri Ta's parents. Maybe the Chairman's greed to have the hospital was his reasons but I still wonder what's in ti for the Associate Director. Did she anticipate that someday she will own the hospital while blackmailing the Chairman? For now her thoughts are vague. Yes, she is ambitious but how far will she go? Will she atone for her sins or will there be a twist in her character?

10.  Even if Jae Wook ordered to stop using the vaccines the creepy doctor went ahead and injected Na Jung. The Chairman also got himself injected then went off to a vacation. This creepy doctor has a mind of his own and is not afraid of Jae Wook. His interest in the results of the vaccine as a doctor can be understood in a medical point of view but I like to think that there is also greed brewing inside him. This will be Jae Wook's failure. His intention however sincere and admirably if only done in the right way and not in conflict with heaven's will, is going to show him that other people like creepy doctor can also be greedy and even more than him.

11. The Romance Flourishing at Last!

Ri Ta was preoccupied by her uncle's disease that she is also afraid she will inherit that she got her blood be tested. Ji Sang noticed her being absent minded  that when she brushed him off he decided to talk to her privately. He told her not to keep secrets from him. Even though they are not uttering all the right words somehow they both knew that their relationship has flourished and that they became closer. She finally told him her concerns and about being alone in an empty room. Ji Sang however reassured her that he will be her window to make her breath. He also told her why he wanted to be human. He wants to love someone and age with, and close his eyes peacefully with. This is actually already a confession. Ri Ta answered him that even if he does not turn back to being human, she still likes him.

Now, this scene is full of warmth and giddiness at the same time. And can I just say, it is about time the romance part of the story be tackled and showed to the waiting viewers.

Ji Sang kissed Ri Ta for the first time. A kiss that is sweet and tender but there is enough passion. It was a long kiss, which I can say satisfied the viewers, like me.

12. Ga Yeon went to see Jae Wook again about Na Jung after realizing the girl got injections. Jae Wook lost his temper on her and grabbed her throat and slammed her into a wall as he told her not to act like Ji Sang or have a heart like humans. Jae Wook's patience is getting short now that everything is not turning out in his favor like the results in the drug tests. He is now anxious about what Chief Jung could  do with the VTH 16. He suddenly called someone to take care of Hyun Woo and get all the information regarding the VTH 16. He knew Ji Sang is with Ri Ta and Hyun Woo is all alone.

13. Ga Yeon heard Jae Wook's call. She appeared to be scared and concerned. Ji Sang who was helping Ri Ta clean her room got a unregistered ID call about Hyun Woo in danger. He stepped on the accelerator of the car and drive as if being chased. Hyun Woo was having ramen when Luvvy alerted him about infected in the vicinity of the house. One of the doors were opened. Hyun Woo immediately take into action. He readied himself with a gun as he shut down the lights. He was ready to shot the two vampires when his hand was held by a gloved hand. A vampire had captured him and hold his neck tighly. Ji Sang arrive in time. I hope not really too late for Hyun Woo.


A fight will surely start in the next episode. Four more to go. 

I hope to see Jae Wook realized that Ga Yeon is not supporting his greed anymore. I am waiting for the scent that Hyun Woo will create to make Ji Sang see who are the infected ones around. Ga Yeon's cover will soon be found out. Will she be able to make Ji Sang understand her betrayal? I think he thinks of Ga Yeon as a friend or even like a dongsaeng that's why he is kind to her. As for Ga Yeon, I like to think that she is not in love with Ji Sang but rather she respects him as a doctor and a colleague and that she realized how good he is as a person even infected. 

Now that Ri Ta and Ji Sang had finally kissed, the romance should continue, right writernim? Please, don't let Ri Ta be in danger.

This drama is turning to be one of the unexpected good dramas currently airing I wonder why the locals are not into it? 

This is mslee1107 for my thoughts and short recap for this episode. Photos and gif were already shared previously in this blog.

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