[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD Episode 15 Screen caps + GIF Review

While I am behind in sharing screen caps and some thoughts in the episode, other viewers are already dancing in delight since  last night at the kiss that happened  in episode 16! But be patient, mslee here is surely going to share screen caps and gif of that wonderful event between Ji Sang and Ri Ta.

Now back to this episode. Some thoughts...

Ji Sang is very smart in bringing J, the infected vampire that hounds his house every hour. Two things that will be accomplished by showing J to Jae Wook,

1. either Jae Wook will kill J to continue hiding his dirty works from Ji Sang and gain his trust
2. or not kill J because although he has become his weakness, years of being together can never be cut down to this kind of cruel action for Jae Wook.

But either of the two, Jae Wook already revealed himself to Ji Sang and what's unexpected is that Ji Sang has found strength to face Jae Wook with no fear what so ever. He left Jae Wook to deal with his anger. Poor J, who only does what he was told but forgot how quick and smart Ji Sang is that led to his capture. I almost thought that Jae Wook would finish J that moment but still he never did. I understood the frustration Jae Wook felt that moment. Nothing is going right for him, not even the vaccines they are creating at the hospital. It has not been perfected yet. Some patients are developing weird emotions after taking the third shot of the vaccine. It is like Ji Sang is right all along that his greed will never triumph because his means are all wrong to begin with.

Another highlight in this episode was when Ji Sang boldly got blood samples from the patients at ward 21A with Ri Ta on his footsteps and Ga Yeon merely looking on. I knew that Ga Yeon will have a battle within herself about the goal of this research. I have stated before that although she seemed to be the antagonist along side Jae Wook and her loyalty binds her to him, but her passionate nature towards sick children is sincere. Now that she is a witness how the vaccines are affecting the patients, she even asked that Na Jung be spared from experiment. This is already a premonition that soon when it comes to Na Jung, if there will come a time that the girl will be injected with the vaccine, she will have to act on it. 

Back to Ji Sang with the blood samples retrieved, security force came running blocking them but this time Ji Sang used his fist to defeat all of them. Jae Wook got mad at the turn of events, asking for more security back up to chase the blood samples. It was delivered safely to Chief Jung's office and immediately went under processing. The creepy doctor is not budging from his place inside Chief Jung even if Ji Sang confronted him. Oh and that sly smile or was is a smirk...on his face is really sending shivers on my skin. Jae Wook must have known that he lose the fight that's why he called the creepy doctor to leave the office. He went instead but the blood are already in the machine.

Of course, Soo Eun learned the components of the vaccine injected in the bloodstreams and was shocked to realized vampires do exist. Ri Ta however tried to stop her form imagining further. It's not time to let her in on the secret. But what's amusing is that Soo Eun feels that she was being left behind and that the only one who knew nothing of the secret.

There was a witness while creepy doctor injected the vaccine to regulate his temperature. He transformed into his true nature while the student doctor was peeking between the glass window's blinds. He was caught. He ran as fast as he can but he was still captured and killed right there and then. CCTV caught the events. Jae Wook ordered to stop the CCTV and erase the recordings. The poor student doctor was found hanging inside one of the office by his colleague. Even Ga Yeon felt sad and cried. I think the tears were not a show but true and sincere. I think she doe not want any casualties around because that's what their plan is all about, to prolong the life of humans under their care. Infected they are, but it is not to harm people.

Jae Wook's second frustration of the episode was too big he hurt the creepy doctor but gave him another chance. But I am not confident that the creepy doctor will stay loyal to Jae Wook. maybe this will be Jae Wook's awakening to the reality of his greed, when someone betrays him or even dreamed of being the greatest. Jae Wook is feeling bad and wondering about his infected followers that he warned Ga Yeon not to be his weakness, because it will be too much for him. Their relationship is like father and daughter or brother and sister that the bond is really strong. The greed came from the moment he met her and decided to give her life again.

In this episode Ri Ta found out about her uncle's illness. She learned there is no cure. A dilemma. 

There is romance in this episode for our OTP. Finally the writer is being giving to the viewers request. At home, Ji Sang and Ri Ta had a moment of embracing one another before it was cut by the phone call about the suicide event at the hospital. Ji Sang also felt vulnerable that he asked Ri Ta to stay beside him for awhile until sleep finds him. She caressed his hair as he sleeps. Then after the visit to the hospital and somehow realizing that the student doctor was attacked by an infected person, Ji Sang went for a walk with Ri Ta. Outside they witnessed a couple playing hide and seek or just being cute. Ri Ta found it amusing enough to try it for herself. Ji Sang had no reaction even if she hid and show some aegyo. Ah, seriously, Ji Sang is not fun! lol But then, he showed her how to interlink their fingers and walk holding hands. That is how Ji Sang can make a moment romantic for her.

I am bothered by the fact that J and Chul Hoon are gathering infected people and seemed that Jae Wook ordered for them to take the vaccine so that they can not be detected by Ji Sang. Now, will these men stalk the good guys?

The ending for the episode is epic. I love the confrontations between Jae Wook and Ji Sang. I love how Ji Sang is not afraid of Jae Wook. He taunted Jae Wook about the failure of his experiments. He taunted him to ask his help. And his taunts brought out what he had been wanting to confirm. That Jae Wook killed his parents!

Yes, Jae Wook admitted it strongly. Ah, the intensity is too much. I think by now, Ahn Jae Hyun has Jshowed a good acting against senior actor Ji Jin Hee. He may not be at Ji Jin Hee's level but that cliffhanging ending showed that he can take his role to the next level.

I have the urge to marathon again from episode 1 but I am not doing it until maybe this drama ended. Every episode is so good.

Can't wait to share the next episodes screen caps and gif. Yes, the awaited Kiss between our OTP.



The scary Jae Wook...

Stay a little longer....

The peek-a-boo and interlinked fingers

The INTENSE ending...

some more screen caps


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