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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hong Jong Hyun photo update

In front of a sleek and beautiful red mercedes benz Hong Jong Hyun poses for a camera shot.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Park So Joon @ tommy hilfiger event

Ha Ji Won Photo updates

Ha Ji Won looks dainty and elegant in this black ensemble. Her smiles are so sweet, making her even more pretty.

Park Min Young - The Star Pictorial

Park Min Young is featured in The Star and her pictorial looks good as always.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Third Wheel #theliarandhislover

Chan Young is getting annoying and irritating. His character has lots of love receiving from viewers but his stubbornness is getting tiresome. I just want to say that he keeps blaming Han Gyeol for whatever he feels... Like when he was added to the group and still felt an outsider or that his song is not good enough to make it number 1. I feel that he is becoming pathetic in blaming others when he should have also look with open mind what must be Han Gyeol felt when he was replaced by him. Well I think he did not know that. 

Now he is coming between So Rim and Han Gyeol when he knows exactly that she already is dating Han Gyeol. Chan Young is becoming selfish and greedier than Han Gyeol. At least Han Gyeol accepted the fact that So Rim has promised Chan Young about singing his song.

Ah...I don't like manipulative and scheming person and Chan Young is. If only ge will not assert himself on So Rim...😡

Well... Some screencaps from last night's episode.

Hope he realizes that it's not all about his pain but also others.


2PM Ok Taec Yeon Spotted! Airport Fashion

Oh well, Taec Yeon of 2PM has this charm of non challance and confidence at the same time. I am not surprised seeing him in this oh-so-casual attire. 

Anyway he still looks masculine and yummy even though he looks like just strolling in his neighborhood and not going to be spotted by media.

Yeah...you were caught by the cameras😀


Monday, April 24, 2017

Father is Strange - Joon Hee and Mi Young

I have been waiting for this scene to unfold. Mi Young and Joon Hee realizing they are "siblings"!

The time for Joon Hee to move in with his "father" has come. He was excited despite the circumstances of how he met and introduced himself to his father. He of  course does not know the truth. But then it seems that what is more important is to feel what its like to have a father in order for him to improve his acting. He has his own agenda but I guess he will soon realize that family is truly important. He will soon feel the warmth of a family even though he. Is really not a part of that family.

The moment came. Mi Young and Joon Hee both dumbfounded! 

Then the episode ended!

No preview either! How cruel!
Gotta wait another week to know what will happen.😭😭😭😭😭


Bought gifts for the members of the family...

The atmosphere is not good...

Mixed feelings...

Is he seeing Mi Young?


Yeah... She is Mi Young. 

the intern.