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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Third Wheel #theliarandhislover

Chan Young is getting annoying and irritating. His character has lots of love receiving from viewers but his stubbornness is getting tiresome. I just want to say that he keeps blaming Han Gyeol for whatever he feels... Like when he was added to the group and still felt an outsider or that his song is not good enough to make it number 1. I feel that he is becoming pathetic in blaming others when he should have also look with open mind what must be Han Gyeol felt when he was replaced by him. Well I think he did not know that. 

Now he is coming between So Rim and Han Gyeol when he knows exactly that she already is dating Han Gyeol. Chan Young is becoming selfish and greedier than Han Gyeol. At least Han Gyeol accepted the fact that So Rim has promised Chan Young about singing his song.

Ah...I don't like manipulative and scheming person and Chan Young is. If only ge will not assert himself on So Rim...😡

Well... Some screencaps from last night's episode.

Hope he realizes that it's not all about his pain but also others.


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