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Saturday, January 10, 2015

HEALER On Sound Track Playing Here...

Really surprised that the song being used in this drama is one from Michael Learns to Rock. At first while listening to the background music, I felt that the rhythm is really familiar, and later on realized that was because it is the sound of MLTR music.

Got to say that the OST is a winner and fit the kind of story HEALER has.

By Michael Learn To Rocks

OST 2 When You Hold Me Tight
by Yael Meyer

OST 3 What My Eyes Say
by Tei (테이)

Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young Kiss


The Healer OST FMV Ji Chang Wook x Park Min Young (ep 1 2 3 4 5 6) new OST!!!!

[mslee's thoughts] The King's Face Episodes 14 and 15 Highlights and Screen caps


In this episode, Prince Gwanghae was able to recover form gun shot. Gahee stayed by his side. Together they  fought the Japanese invaders. Prince Gwanghae used his skills and intelligence to win during battles and planned his next move. The royal family settled outside the city but still Gwiin Kim's did not stopped planning on getting the title of Crown Prince from Prince Gwanghae. She made a deal with the an official from Ming, using the excuse that Prince Gwanghae was not giving enough food to the Ming soldiers which the King was led to believe. In order to pacify the Mings, the King must bow down 5 times and 3 times in front of the Ming official. The ministers disuade the King but because he thought that was the only way to get continuous help he did. 

The King felt humiliated as Prince Gwanghae continue to win battles. He decided to abdicate his seat, [only as a way to cause anxiety to those around him and to test Gwanghae and put him in a difficult sitaution] by summoning Gwanghae but the Prince did not accept the decision of the King. He pleaded wioth the King to change his mind. While doing it, there was news that the Japanese would soon retreat silently together with Ming which made the King felt fooled and stupid.

In this episode, Kim Do Chi is again making me angry for his duplicity. He was clearly siding with Gwiin Kim and Prince Shinsung. The rest of the Daedong group was with Prince Gwanghae at the city fighting the Japanese.


Highlights of this episode is Prince Gwanghae was able to sneak in to the city as a slave in disguise. He met with other volunteers and planned on attacking the palace before the Japanese could retreat. They also got wind of news that the Japanese would spill bloods on the city before they left, meaning that they would kill Joseon people. The Prince head was also one of the agenda of the Japanese before leaving.

Gahee finally found out about Kim Do Chi's betrayal of the Prince. He sold out Prince Gwanghae to the leader of the Japanese fighters, Kinoshita. 

The greedy concubine got what she deserved for coveting the Crown Prince title for her son. Prince Shinsung died. 

Prince Gwanghae and his voulunteer soldiers invaded the palace and won the battle against the Japanese soldiers. In the end, he beheaded Kinoshita ion front of his people.