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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Money Flower – Final Thoughts

I may be alone in my opinion that the last 2 episodes of this drama left me dissatisfied.
But I need to give praise towards the actors in the drama because they really did a good job playing their own roles. Jang Hyuk as Kang Pil Joo is awesome. He protrayed it well no doubt about it. As for the other characters they are also well acted. Overall the story has great ensemble. But the revenge theme ended lame for me in my opinion. I realized that his pursuit of justice for what happened to his brother and mother is not what I expected. I mean he could have ruined the woman who murdered his brother in a different way. Well to justify the effort the story made him go after the wealth/shares of the company. I mean even if the CEO (harabojie) and his uncle and cousin are all corrupt they had nothing to do with the murder of his brother. But hearsay tells harabojie killed his father but no confirmation. I don’t know. Pil Joo is not innocent and guilty free but also a schemer like his family. Difference is no blood has been spilled. I just felt flat towards the ending.
Was it satisfactory getting his revenge? Did he feel happy about the result?
For me there are more makjang dramas out there where you feel satisfied and elated after revenge. Like..Yes! You deserve it bitch! Lol! But Mal Ran became a nutcase that it felt more pitiful rather than gleeful to have seen her suffer the consequences. Her mind shuts down the aftermath of what she has done and kind of concealed her from agony of her punishment. Oh well..i do think the writer likes her too much because her deviousness was greatly acted upon by Lee Mi Suk that her character has to stay glamorous to the very end. A sophisticated crazy person.
As for Mo Hyun πŸ‘‰ a righteous woman to the very end. This is how she was shown but I am not buying it. She is as manipulating as the other character in a subtle way. She got her alimony. If she despises the Jangs..why not leave without asking money? She thinks those were dirty money from the same money her father got and used for bribery. I don’t know. She is not as clean as she likes to project herself as. Anyway this is of course saying in regards to one’s principles.
Well…these are my opinion and like I said I may be alone in this. Besides I don’t like the predictable scenes of Pil Joo coming with solutions one after the other. As if he holds all the answers and nothing or no one can beat him. I still prefer the writer of PUNCH and Empire of Gold. The twist may be predictable but those twists could be an opportunity for both villain and protagonist.
As for the romance between Pil Joo and Mo Hyun… I am not liking it one bit. It just feels off.  Sorry not sorry.

Mslee writes ✌

Drama Pick – MISTY

I am watching this drama because my curiousity was piqued with articles saying the drama has got high ratings. Reading the synopsis of the drama I gave it a try.
My first comment about it I posted thru my facebook fanpage. πŸ‘‡
Who is watching MISTY?
Who killed Kevin Lee?
The drama’s plot reminds me of an old Harrison Ford movie Presumed Innocent and a bit of Unfaithful, Diane Lane’s and Richard Gere’s.
I have a hunch that it was Ji Jin Hee’s character ( husband and lawyer) who might have killed Kevin Lee. Anyway… The drama is interesting and the casts are great.
A follower who always take time to post her comments in my page commented on my post. She said..πŸ‘‡
Dori (let’s not reveal her surname😝)
..you could be right with your hunch but i don’t think asian viewers will buy that idea, therefore the writer will have to count that consideration too ..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Reading her comment made me think… Hmmm..really?
So I made a reply to her to elaborate my thoughts more on the plot. πŸ‘‡
Are you watching too? Actually I cheated..started at ep 4.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚everyone has a reason to make him disappear. The husband, the news anchor, his own wife and I think the man who just got out of jail? I don’t know if the latter has a quarrel with KL. Like you mentioned asian viewers might not appreciate a lead man killing his wife’s lover. But he was a witness to his wife’s cheating inside the car. His whereabouts has not been disclosed after that as of ep 6. Where was he after his wife got home? Who called KL that night in the middle of his quarrel with his wife? Someone called him out. Next day he was found dead.
Lol..the plot thickens.😝
Interesting to note the theme..cheating/affair. And the heroine is feisty. I think she is innocent. But then she is ambitous. The writer can twist it anywhere she wants. Make anyone the killer.😝
Husband still protective of his wife…very suspicious really. He can’t let go of her. Now she has no one to lean on but him. Very convinient to the husband. (End)
As for guessing game..this has potential to draw viewers. As for the news anchor, her guts makes her awesome in some scenes like when she walked out of the police station. Head high and maintaining her poise in the midst of reporter swarming her. I like her punchlines. She can carry it well. As for the lawyer husband…he loves her. No matter what and who she is. I can’t comment on a spouse’ love despite being cheated on. I’m single😝 so yeah..will I ever be that pitiful other half like him or maybe I will leave a cheating husband. No I will definitely leave him! But who am I to say when I haven’t been in a marriage.πŸ‘‰mslee’s
Maybe the case will be dragged for …the whole drama?
And I say this one really is like those 2 movies I mentioned above.

Mslee πŸ˜€

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 πŸ‘‰ New Page

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

(mslee's thoughts) Just Between Lovers - First Thoughts


After watching this week's episodes I can say that this drama is promising. It is one of those dramas that shows emotional struggles and as an outsider (viewer) you keep watching to know more. Junho and Won Jin A are both good in portraying their characters. Their chemistry is also nice. If you have watched Secret (Love) you will get the same vibe in this drama.

Four characters πŸ‘‰perhaps getting tangled in romance. Like she loves himπŸ‘‰he likes herπŸ‘‰she loves another guyπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆhe loves her back.πŸ˜›

Right now I can't wait for episodes 3&4 already. The romance part between lead characters is slowly getting interesting. 😻

Two souls who experienced the same tragedy. Two souls who are still trying to move forward from painful and scary memories. The emotional scars they got from the past changed them. Will they ever heal from the trauma?