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Monday, March 27, 2017

Screen caps Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 10

Our petite heroine is getting confused regarding her feelings towards our handsome and charming CEO Min Hyuk. Again, the episode is also full of laughs, especially every time the hospitalized gangsters are on screen. Then the sudden appearance of a doppelganger of the gangster ahjussi [who is like a mummy lying...errr..tied down in the hospital] baffled Bong Soon as soon as she sees him in the office. A bully, according to secretary Kim. Love the scenes of the team manager aka doppelganger and Bong Soon.

Some screen caps only...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

GIF - She's the Boss! Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and the Gangsters Ep. 9

She is the BOSS!

I just can't resist not to make gif out of the latest episode {9} last night of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Our adorable and cute female protagonist is the boss, no doubt about it. This drama has been a fun entertainment for me since episode 1. I haven't felt pity towards the villains before or in this case, the gangsters until this drama. From episode 1, their lives have been pure hell after meeting Do Bong Soon and engaging her in a fight. Well, that's what happens when you bully someone whom you think you can just because she is a girl and seems to be weak. The moment she threw that punch that made the man's teeth flying out of his mouth made me think this is a new and refreshing romcom that will make my weekend full of laughter.

Ah...I love Park Bo Young. So cute and pretty but very, very tough!

So here goes my gif..


this is only the preliminary, the epilogue to the gangsters' nightmare!

they never seem to learn from past encounters with her....


How can this be so cute at the same time???

well... I only made a few.

until my next post...


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

JUN. K "Your Wedding(결혼식)" M/V

the song and the mv are both seriously beautiful! Jun K's voice showing the exact emotions of the lyrics of the song. The story is sad and speaks of the heart aches that relate to everyone who had the same experience about love and friendship. congratulations Jun K! love 2PM always. and Nickhun is still so handsome.😍