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Saturday, November 19, 2016

mslee's Song Pick for the Weekend - Double S 301 - Sorry I'm Busy [Hang, Rom & Eng Lyrics]

It's weekend and time to rest for those slave workers!😂

Well, continuing my pick from SS301's latest album ETERNAL 5, this particular song is really worth listening to. Very nice and light melody, catchy and apt for lovers who are being separated by busy schedules going on in their everyday lives. It's weekend and I guess, right time to make apologies for being neglectful or tired and not able to keep promises made, for being late or just being so absorbed in work. The lyrics tell everything and admit to faults of being so busy but at the same time really...chongmal sorry!

Guess, a bouquet of flowers will be an added accessory while singing this song or just playing it. I know, my heart will melt for sure!

Please enjoy the weekend everyone.

credit to the owner of the video and the lyrics..

This song is a treasure in the album. Really a surprise but then the whole album is amazing. Hoping that it is not underrated, though with all these young K-pop newbies. Second generation idols are still around and producing good quality music. Enjoy them because there is a reason why they are there and why almost k-pop lovers from that generation fell in love with k-pop.


[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Heart Fluttering Moments in 1% of Something episode 13

This is one drama that I really find romantic and as episodes progressed, my anticipation grew as well. The plot where there is a contract involved between two parties going into a relationship is something that always bring curiosity. How love will develop when they are bound by the contract?

Lee Jae In and Kim Da Hyun in a complicated romance had a bad start but after a few meetings, the romance started to kick in and now I am one of the viewers who is also enjoying how these two can be honest in their feelings about each other and seriously indulging in physical contact knowing theirs is a contractual agreement. But then who am I to complain when I am fluttered each time they show their attraction to each other?

Episode 13 really gave viewers more than we expected, with the expiry date of their romance coming to an end soon.

I made a compilation of gif of these heart fluttering moments to reminisce the romantic moments which occurred in the episode triggered by an ugly incident wherein Da Hyun was kidnapped. Of course the EX of Lee Jae In who was still obsessed with him, Han Joo Hui made the mistake of acting that crime.

After passing out...
Jae In was so worried about Dada.

The aftermath of the bad incident was the trauma that Dada has to suffer even while sleeping.😢

I love this tender scene where Jae In comforts her lovingly. Sincerity was flowing.

He can't even leave her behind...
but ottoke?
Work is waiting.

Okay...this is the most fluttering moments, right? Hearts started to pound...

Who can resist her in this situation?
Guess Jae In's control snapped in the midst of trying to be a gentleman...

But he can't any longer. The moment is to hot to handle...

Why is it that some kiss scenes in K-dramaland can't be like this?
Full of passion and showing how romantic this moments can be between two attracted individuals where love is already blooming within.

Of course, this park scene is also cute and nice and let us see the other side of Jae In where he can also be playful.

Da Hyun is seriously letting him feel her true feelings.

Yeah, so many heart fluttering moments in episode 13 and worth watching a second time for those who are searching for romance.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Park Bo Gum @Asian Artist Awards 2016 Red Carpet

Media Photos - 2016 Asian Artist Awards

Some favorites who grazed the red carpet for the event...
via naver as tagged

YoonA of SNSD

Park Shin Hye

AOA Seolhyun

Kim Yoo Jung

Interview photos of Kim Ha Nuel #onthewaytotheairport

Haven't written my thoughts on the conclusion of the drama On The Way To The Airport. Maybe one of these days.😜 Feeling lazy still. Well, my thoughts are sure to be the continuation of my feelings regarding the illicit affair.

Okay, for now let me share the gorgeous photos of Kim Ha Neul from her recent interview after the drama.

source: naver/tenasia

Lovely as ever...


[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Highlights of The K2 Episode 15

Because the story was reaching it's climax that's why viewers were given a treat watching the best episodes of the drama The K2 starting from episode 15. All scenes were amazing and it was not Je Ha who I was really watching it for. The siblings, President Choi and Yoo Jin [played excellently and brilliantly by Lee Jung Jin and Song Yoon A] alone stole the spotlight from K2. Every lines they exchanged were great, their expressions and how they portrayed their calculating schemes were fantastic. Of course, for me, Yoo Jin was the core of the story. Anyone who had a scene with her shines just because the writer and the director gave her so much importance and a very deep character. Yes she was the villain, not going to justify her evil commands, because nothing can excuse them, not even her pitiful past. Every person has the choice of what to do, evil or good.

Having said that, I praise for how the writer created Yoo Jin. A very interesting character and I think no one could have done the job better than Song Yoon A. She was perfect.

While most viewers were saying that Yoona's character was useless, I think she was the needed pawn in the complicated story to make the grab for power even more interesting. Without her as Anna, her father would not be trapped in the marriage [this is how I see it], Yoo Jin would never had the greatest pain and sufferings because of her existence as the child born from her cheating husband, her uncle President Choi would have nothing to use against Yoo Jin, and even the cunning and greedy assemblyman Park Gwan Soo [Kim Kap So] would not have enough to go against Yoo Jin.

Yes, Anna is a weak character but that was what her role calls for to make the other characters go around her and find her weakness their strength against their opponents. It was not useless after all because in the climax of the story, Anna was the weapon everyone was trying to get their hands on to make it alive in the end.

Highlights of the episode...

trapped inside the Cloud 9, the place where Pres. Choi wanted to conquer or destruct, but Yoo Jin was too smart for him, after all she is his noona! The command can only come from her and Je Ha who was still recuperating from his wound.

Even this exchange of witty conversation with Park Gwan Soo was entertaining. 
Who can win the word war is the name of the game.

Lee Jung Jin made his character very much appealing with his dry sense of humor. I love this guy. I'm a fan!
Playing it cool and not easily rattled. He can bounced back with that smile, yes, charismatic smile which hides the greedy nature of his personality.
Well, not quite.

But Yoo Jin was one step ahead of him no matter what.
Yes he brought the activated bomb but everyone was trapped and nowhere to go unless he deactivate it but from the situation, Yoo Jin preferred to offer money to onlookers for his head.

Perhaps to threaten him...
to let him know who has the real power..

Anna was captured.
Another twist that made the drama awesome.
Guess everyone sat on the edge of their seats watching this twists and turns.

Was he a father or a politician?

Until the end, nothing was concrete when it comes to his real intention.
The writer has hidden Jang Se Joon's true heart making it hard for viewers to guess if he was a bastard father or not.

Je Ha fighting to get close to Anna.
But she was not there. She was already in Cloud 9.

Anna escaping the route to Cloud 9 with the ahjussi.

Realization came!
With that hand over her mouth, she finally recognized the same man who did this to her years ago when she found her mother sprawled on the floor, dead.
A scary realization. She trusted this ahjussi. 

Was it enough that he was only instructed to feel alright and let the past go?

Time was running out. Je Ha learned about the bomd and how it could never be deactivated once turned on.

Frustrating, yes?

Je Ha must have felt helpless in that moment.

Episode 15 was epic and the conclusion was more amazing. Will share gif and some thoughts when I find the time again.

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