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Monday, November 14, 2016

The K2 Post Interview Photos of Ji Chang Wook

photos via naver

This guy is so amazing in his latest drama that wrapped up this weekend. A mercenary turned bodyguard suited Ji Chang Wook well. His role seemed tough but he executed the scenes perfectly. 

adding some thoughts...

But though the drama is good, I think it centered on the character of Choi Yoo Jin [Song Yoon A] which she played brilliantly. So I guess as for Ji Chang Wook, I still prefer his previous character in Healer where he charmed me from the very beginning. Not that The K2 did not, just like I said, it is great but I do think Song Yoon A made the drama shines even more. And of course the presence of Lee Jun Jin is a perfect match for word sparring with Song Yoon A.


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