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Saturday, November 19, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Heart Fluttering Moments in 1% of Something episode 13

This is one drama that I really find romantic and as episodes progressed, my anticipation grew as well. The plot where there is a contract involved between two parties going into a relationship is something that always bring curiosity. How love will develop when they are bound by the contract?

Lee Jae In and Kim Da Hyun in a complicated romance had a bad start but after a few meetings, the romance started to kick in and now I am one of the viewers who is also enjoying how these two can be honest in their feelings about each other and seriously indulging in physical contact knowing theirs is a contractual agreement. But then who am I to complain when I am fluttered each time they show their attraction to each other?

Episode 13 really gave viewers more than we expected, with the expiry date of their romance coming to an end soon.

I made a compilation of gif of these heart fluttering moments to reminisce the romantic moments which occurred in the episode triggered by an ugly incident wherein Da Hyun was kidnapped. Of course the EX of Lee Jae In who was still obsessed with him, Han Joo Hui made the mistake of acting that crime.

After passing out...
Jae In was so worried about Dada.

The aftermath of the bad incident was the trauma that Dada has to suffer even while sleeping.๐Ÿ˜ข

I love this tender scene where Jae In comforts her lovingly. Sincerity was flowing.

He can't even leave her behind...
but ottoke?
Work is waiting.

Okay...this is the most fluttering moments, right? Hearts started to pound...

Who can resist her in this situation?
Guess Jae In's control snapped in the midst of trying to be a gentleman...

But he can't any longer. The moment is to hot to handle...

Why is it that some kiss scenes in K-dramaland can't be like this?
Full of passion and showing how romantic this moments can be between two attracted individuals where love is already blooming within.

Of course, this park scene is also cute and nice and let us see the other side of Jae In where he can also be playful.

Da Hyun is seriously letting him feel her true feelings.

Yeah, so many heart fluttering moments in episode 13 and worth watching a second time for those who are searching for romance.


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