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Saturday, December 5, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Glamorous Temptation Episode 13

Highlights of the episode...

It was like a deja vu' for Il Joo seeing Hyung Woo and Eun Soo by the tree in their hometown, sharing a passionate kiss. It was as if time moved backwards from when they were young and the same scene happened again. A betrayal on Il Joo's part now after 15 years of Hyung Woo staying by her side. Yes, now she knew, he would always be this way towards Eun Soo, then and now.

Il Joo got a bit crazy over jealousy that she harmed herself by cutting her wrist. She was luckily saved in time. She was emotionally unstable by what she witnessed and then her husband added up to her anxieties. 

She was making Hyung Woo feel the guilt but even if he was found out by the Prime Minister having that kind of attachment to Eun Soo he denied using Il Joo as a means to his ambition. In front of Il Joo he was honest to admit he was never in love with her but used her. 

Eun Soo was so guilty. Il Joo of course knew how to manipulate Eun Soo's feelings. Eun Soo told her she would not get back with Hyung Woo. She even asked Hyung Woo to let go of her and just focus on Il Joo. Then Il Joo once again made Eun Soo felt as if she was the one Hyung Woo chose. She was attending to Il Joo because of her hurt wrist when Hyung Woo came inside the room and Il Joo of course showed her affections to him regardless of Eun Soo being there to witness the scene. But Hyung Woo stayed cold like a statue until Eun Soo left the room.

The divorce papers was found by Il Joo's husband and he tore it in front of Il Joo. he will never let her go. I think even though he is annoying and scary, I like that he clings to Il Joo, a means to prevent her from holding on to Hyung Woo. But then Hyung Woo is not letting go of Eun Soo. He keeps on seeing her and letting her know his feelings will not change.

Mi Rae was stalked and met by Il Joo's husband. he treated the girl pretending it was a mission coming form her favorite ahjussi Hyung Woo. By night, the girl has not yet returned and Eun Soo and her mother were looking for her. A phone call again from unknown caller was asking her to meet him at a place where Mi Rae was.

Just the same time Il Joo tried again to scare Hyung Woo by calling him while she stood on top of the building facing the assembly office. It was a call that made Hyung Woo suspect that she was trying to commit suicide again. He left in a hurry leaving his phone which was connected to Eun Soo's.

I don't like Il Joo and her schemes. I don't like her manipulations on people's emotions. I don't like her using emotional blackmail just to get Hyung Woo back.

With Eun Soo on the verge of danger, who will save her when Hyung Woo was in opposite direction from hers?


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