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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] More Screen caps Ep. 8 - Because It's The First Time Final Thoughts

The story ended in a way I had not expected.

First part of my review was previously posted. This is the second part and the conclusion.

Tae Oh finally realized or perhaps acknowledged his true feelings for Song Yi. It burdened his heart knowing the complications of having such feelings towards a friend and the girlfriend of his friend, too. He kept it to himself, thinking he was not yet caught.

Se Hyun broke up with him. Yes, she already know, before he did. I think she knew that holding on to him was not really what he wanted. Of course, he would stay if she asked, but his heart would be elsewhere, not with her. Letting him go was the best decision she did. He did not even try to make it up to her. He just said sorry. I like how the scene was simple and how clean the break up was, not throwing of words, blaming Tae Oh for fluttering her heart in the first place. But then Se Hyun cried silently after she turned her back from him. It was a rough night for Tae oh knowing he hurt someone. He felt like a jerk to Se Hyun, to Song Yi and to Ji An.

At home, he snapped at Song Yi because he was guilty. He also hurt Song Yi when he chose to be by himself as he let go of his messed up feelings. Song Yi just looked at him from afar.

While Tae Oh was trying to move on, Ga In accepted a job where she would model as a pregnant woman. At first she was at a loss for words after she knew what she would do and wear, but then she gladly accept the offer. She even bragged the photos of her with a big belly, pregnant, to her friends who thought she was crazy. Well in a fond way, of course because she is Ga In. Tae Oh cheered for her. Hoon also made a decision to settle for what the company he auditioned for could give him as work because he was not accepted as a stage actor. He still lacked what it takes to be a part of the show. Still, he wanted to experience working whatever it entails or asked of him even behind the scenes. It would be an experience that will teach him and might develop what talent he has in the future.

As the story wraps up, so is everyone moving forward. 

Song Yi realized Tae Oh's feelings for her when she  saw Se Hyun and tried to talk to her but Ji An stopped her. She thought she would be of help but Ji An only told her what she was missing all along. That she was the reason why Tae Oh and Se Hyun broke up. All this time, she was blindsided or not aware of Tae Oh's more than friend affection towards her. But not Ji An. He realized early.

I was anticipating the scene of Tae Oh and Song Yi. I was expecting that there will be changes after they talked about their feelings. But the scene was intense. How each never wanted to say the words, even asked if he has feelings for her. Tae Oh was right. He would not tell her when she could not even finish the question. 

Scared. Scared of speaking the truth. Both knew the weight of what will happen if they confirm each other's feelings. Tae Oh liking her, Song Yi liking him...or not liking him at all. Because there is Ji An who is in between them now, Ji An who will be hurt.

It was confusing at first but really, it is the reality they are facing with difficulty. Two young adults trying to make their friendship stay.

The moment Song Yi shook her head when Ji An asked her if she wanted to break up with him..I think my heart was crushed. For I was really rooting for Tae Oh all along. Hoping he would be with Song Yi.

these were my thoughts after the drama ended...

My heart was ready to be disappointed until the end but thank the writer for that one letter Song Yi would probably as she had narrated not send to Tae Oh. At least the wish that at some point in her life she did like him and considered to be her first love. I think that alone gave my heart a nice closure just as I hoped she would end up with Tae Oh. It was not what I hoped the choice would be but then the writer kept the friendship intact and beautiful. Letting Tae Oh chose both Song Yi and Ji An to still be apart of his life rather than end up losing maybe both of them. After all, they are still young and does not mean their choices now or decisions will carry on as they progress in life.. The most important thing is that friendship remains and strong.
Love the ending..a bit hanging but that's what's beautiful in their story. Something to look forward  and hope for even if the drama stops already. It's only the beginning for everyone as they move forward with different paths. Ga In with her new found career, Hoon starting from scratch, doing something that would hopefully in the future make him reach for his dreams, while both Ji An and Song Yi continue their college life.
Short but entertaining. 
Yes, Tae Oh chose to go away until he settles his feelings. He enlisted in the army. His friends saw him before he left. I love how the story focused on Tae Oh as it ended. It was his journey, his story. Who knows what will happen in the future? As I said, this is an open ending, so many possibilities. But the best of course is knowing Song Yi liked Tae Oh and considered him her first love. Somehow, those memories they spent together, through her tears and happiness will be remembered in a different way. Perhaps, there will be room to remember them in a romantic way from time to time. Because they were part of her past. Part of her growing years.
The writer of this drama always makes me think... ponder about romance. 
Thank you writernim... you gave a good story of friendship and love.

for the first part of my review


2nd batch of screen caps

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