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Friday, December 4, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Six Flying Dragons - Goodbye Gil Tae Mi

I think episode 18 started with so much anticipation on my part as a viewer considering this is where the last battle of Gil Tae Mi against Ddang Sae or now known as Lee Bang Ji.

I have written my thoughts in my earlier post that Gil Tae Mi is somewhat a favorite villain because he gave his character that undoubted charisma which is seldom seen in any villain. He was so much entertaining despite his vicousness. Oh well, admittedly, he did many evil acts as a puppet of Lee In Gyeom, but as I have watched this final scene with him, he only showed how his character trampled on the weak because that's how powerful men do, which in my interpretation, he could not do to Lee In Gyeom being much powerful than him.

Anyway, he may be disgusting as a greedy politician and scary cold blooded warrior, but definitely he steals every scene in this drama where he is at. This is why I had to post this thoughts now even though I am 10 episodes late in updating the series.

This is Gil Tae Mi's final moments and even though he is a villain, I felt sad that he would not appear on  the screens anymore with his schemes and sometimes humor that he brings with him unknowingly or knowingly.

This is also the episode where Hong Bang In was captured, had his last volley of words against Bang Won [which I think was worth pondering and Bang Won did acknowledged those even if he denied them in his presence] and how he died in front of the people whom he wronged.

Back to Gil Tae Mi's last fight, it is a must for me to capture the amazing choreography because I know this was filmed with the thoughts of making him the best warrior to beat. But of course, his time has come to give way to the next best warrior in the land, Lee Bang Ji.

The words Gil Tae Mi uttered or shouted about power wreaking the weak is a strong line in the scene. It was a realization for everyone who was there, watching him as he delivered those words. It is true that it is constant and will never change because powerful people only plunders on weak people. 

And at the moment, his words has also described his current position, being the weak against srtonger  Bang Ji [Ddang Sae]. Bang Ji is more powerful than him as a warrior now and he is the weak one that's why he now knew and realized the weight of his words. The only thing left for him is to die fighting with all his might.

Anyeong Gil Tae Mi!

Oh, this could have been a joyous occasion for all, just like the bystanders witnessing his fall and death. But for those who understood him and what took place, his death was not really something to be happy about. Bang Ji, Boon Yi, Yeon Hee, Bang Gwa and the rest of the people who saw beyond his death are not smiling even shouting hurray.

Because death in every form, either of a good man or a villain is not something to be glad about.

Gil Tae Mi... I will surely miss your presence in the scheming scenes of this amazing drama. Now only Lee In Gyeom stays, but I think his presence as a villain is more entertaining when he is with you, when you both plan and betray.

For now, these are my thoughts on Gil Tae Mi as the best villain so far that entertains me in k-drama. Thoughts will be updating slowly from my last post. Hoping to catch up soon.

Made so many captures of the fight.


More thoughts on each captures.

The Face Off

First Move...

great fight begins....

who moves faster?
who moves gracefully?

First round...

Gil Tae Mi slashed a cut on Bang Ji.

Nice play of words against each other...

Second round...

Bang Ji will show Tae Mi he is worth fighting against with.

Oh..oh...wicked..wicked Tae Mi!
Got tricks under his robe.
Extra weapon to make it harder for Bang Ji.

Turn around...
turn around...

omg..that strong foothold as he swirls while fighting is daebak!
[of course it was a camera trick and he must have had a wire..hahahaha]

more fighting...
more skills to show...

finally, Bang Ji got Tae Mi! 

he gave back what he did to him earlier. a slash that took Tae Mi by surprise.

more fighting...

this is seriously one of the great fights in saeguk k-drama  land.

after all, it was branded as the best swordsman during Goryeo days.

The moment when Tae Mi knew he has reached his end.
New best warrior has defeated him.

He acknowledged him.

He against people he betrayed, he caused sufferings...
at last, they are stronger than him now.

His words to ponder.

Until the end, he fought as a true warrior. Not as a dirty politician.
Well, it was how his twin brother said as he witnessed him dying.

This should make me smile and gloat..
but for some reason, I pity him.
Now that the tables has turned, he became pitiful despite his greediness.

Truth is, he died alone, his accumulated wealth he would not be able to take with him. Now was being ambitious enough to trample on the weak people worth it?

The realization of his words was like a new mission for Bang Ji. Will he now learned what his capability as a warrior will lead him in the future? As the strongest fighter, he will have a taste of triumph as he defeat the weaker enemy.

But he knew in his heart, this words does not make him feel elated.

Goodbye Gil Tae Mi.

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