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Thursday, December 3, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps D-Day Episode 17


Assemblyman Ja Hyuk asking the rescue leader about fixing an underwater pipe. It was a dangerous work because there is no guarantee life would be saved if pressure from the water comes powerful.

This is also the episode where Woo Jin's eye condition was also known to the Director through doctor Yoo. 

Ji Na and Woo Jin talked about their relationship and his regrets. The kiss was full of mixed emotions. Woo Jin left the hospital and went home to be with his blind mother.

Then towards the ending, Ddol Mi's father was hurt from an accident. He needed surgery and she only trusted Hae Sung. But then another man needed urgent surgery too and Hae Sung kind of rejected Ddol Mi's father in favor of the other patient. Ddol Mi could not believe Hae Sung would do that to her when she begged him to save his father.

Conflict will definitely follow between their relationship, either as colleagues or as friends. Right now, there has no improvement regarding being more than friends.

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