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Thursday, December 3, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] CN BLUE Lee Jong Hyun - The Guitar Man

This should have been posted a long time now...
and finally found the time to share  it.

mslee1107 writes...

Currently so much into Lee Jong Hyun!

It took a long while until I really noticed him when all along he is among the favorite group band I follow because I fell in love with their songs.

Back when it was still leader Jung Yong Hwa who looks manly enough to caught my attention and the first reason I became interested with the band.

So I remembered those times I was first introduced to CN BLUE band. Through Heartstrings drama, where Jung Yong Hwa played the lead role opposite Park Shin Hye, I was smitten not only with Yong Hwa's charisma but his talent as a musician. Then CN BLUE became a favorite band/group of mine. Even their music are all n'sync with my taste.

All members are amazing but way back in 2012 where it all began, Yong Hwa stood out among them maybe because he is the leader. All are cute but my attention was solely focused on the leader even as I watched videos and concerts uploaded in the net.

Though I watched A Gentleman's Dignity more than twice already, still, Jong Hyun seemed to be a young man in my eyes not really manly in appearance but more of an idol.

The We Got Married [JongYeon couple] happened early this year. Well, honestly, I only watched the Jong/Yeon couple episodes nearing it's end run but amazingly and surprisingly, that was when I noticed Jong Hyun's more mature and manly appearance. I was caught off guard by his charming personality, by his romantic nature and sweet and gentle side which I believed he honestly showed through the program and to his then on screen partner. It was not hard not to fall for his oozing charms. Those cute dimples on his cheeks are so adorable. 

How come I did not notice him before?

Well, it has been three years since A Gentleman's Dignity. Actually I already realized his more potent charisma in Orange Marmalade, playing a bit of a bad vampire. He has developed his acting skills and he is more natural on screen as an actor than when in AGD.

After WGM, became the start of me focusing more into Lee Jong Hyun. 

The Guitar Man

Every time I watched him now play his guitar, I am mesmerized by his talent. He has this aura of sophistication but in a subtle way. His talented, that's a fact. But then, in my opinion as I watched him with the group, he stays grounded and never steal the limelight from the leader. That I think is what makes him even more appealing. 

I call him the guitar man. Because he is. He and his guitar make a perfect picture.  Although all members are striking in their own way, this post is written for Lee Jong Hyun, currently mslee's favorite personality.

I think he will be more good as the time passes by. His music..his songs are definitely amazing. A bit different in style with Yong Hwa, but nevertheless, one can feel the depth of the feelings through each lines and melodies.

As a musician, Lee Jong Hyun definitely adds spice and excitement to the entire k-pop world. Not an idol but will undoubtedly upstage any one when he is with his guitar, strumming, rocking the stage with good music.

Looking forward to more compositions.

Below are some of the amazing captures of Lee Jong Hyun with his guitar. Not my photos but sharing them all here in my page. 

credits on the logo via blog naver.

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