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Saturday, November 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Glamorous Temptation Episode 9 Screen caps Review

Finally, the question was asked!

Yes, why did he kill her husband? But then the question came at a time when the Prime Minister was having hallucinations of his former lover, Il Joo's mother. The question became useless and not relevant when he thought she was another person. He was choking her but when he saw Il Joo's mother's face he was shocked and let go of her. Just in time before she felt out of breath. He suddenly went down on his knees, as if begging for forgiveness. It was confusing of course for Eun Soo and more so when he suddenly fainted. This could be a situation where she could be at fault or be blamed.

The Prime Minister was rushed to the hospital. It was still fortunate that nothing serous happened to him. The family were gathered and was asking Eun Soo about it. They could not believe her story and why she was in the library at that time of the night. She was asked if the Prime Minister said something prior to his fainting. She tried to convinced them that nothing important.

It was really suspicious of her to be inside the library and Hyung Woo was silent the whole time. He was the only one who knew why she was in the house, or that his instincts somehow knew.

When she left for the night Hyung Woo followed her outside. She lost her energy suddenly causing her knees to buckle. It must be from shock, fear and other more emotions rolled into one. Somehow she was spared. She was not caught in her lies and motives inside the house. Only the Prime Minister knew her question and if he would remember then, her cover could be over soon.

Hyung Woo helped her on her feet but she stepped back from him. She did not want his help. His mother appeared and saw them talking. That's her cue to leave. She left.

Hyung Woo's mother was skeptical of him. She was not glad to find him in good terms or even speaking terms with Eun Soo. She asked him if he still likes her and he denied quickly. Hyung Woo had to let her think he does not think of Eun Soo the way he used to. It was over a long time ago. 

At home Eun Soo tried to decipher the codes and applied it to the documents she has in possession. Some she understood like her father's initials that were also included in the number of names/codes together with the slush funds. She felt pity for her father who was used then. 

Hyung Woo met her again the next day when she came. He was asking her urgently to trust him because he was the only one whom she could trust. He wanted to know why she was staying at the house as a maid. What was she trying to find out. She told him about the codes and the documents she have. 

Hyung Woo told her to get out of the house because it is becoming dangerous for her. He told her that Prime Minister had told him to monitor her. But she was stubborn. 

The Prime Minister arrived. He looked well after the check up. The family and servants all lined up to greet him. 

When he saw Eun Soo, he stopped. He called her Cheong Mi to everyone's surprise. Again, the old man was acting weird in front of the maid Eun Soo. Il Joo heard her mother's name. Hyung Woo was also looking at the scene.

At the table, everyone was gathered. They were talking about the name Cheong Mi. It seemed that some were not aware that it was iL Joo's mother's name. Then they also talked about how the Prime Minister lost his mind and hurt his son Il Doo. Their father was really acting strange recently.

Eun Soo served tea to the Prime Minister inside his room. He asked her if he said something to her before he fainted. He did not really said anything after mistaking her as Cheong Mi but he fainted in a few seconds. Eun Soo never mentioned her question again. Of course, she never realized that mistaking her for another person was what really happened. She just saw him clutched his chest then lose consciousness.

Inside her room. Il Joo took out a box. It contained a scarf and a ring. There was a photo, too. It was her mother.

For a brat, she was tolerable because she treats Eun Soo nice compared to Il Joo who was back stabbing her or her brother and his wife who looks down on her as the maid. With Eun Soo she knew how to feed on Il Ran's weakness. She compliments her which makes Il Ran gullible, which was weird for her character.

Il Ran told her about Cheong Mi being Il Joo's mother.

Hyung Woo has his own secret room where he keeps stacks of books and ledgers about slush finds. He was checking on the money supposed to be withdrawn by Eun Soo's husband and if he was connected to Prime Minister.

I wonder why Il Joo's family is close to Il Doo. This prosecutor tipped Il Doo about the slush fund Hyung Woo had divulged which the Prime Minister supposed to have. It would clearly interest Il Doo knowing he wants to run for Presidency badly.The  money would be a big help in the campaign,

Hyung Woo continue to convince Il Joo to trust him because she was wavering. He tried to tell her to focus on her ambition but she tells him it was not really hers but because she was being pushed she was willing. She was doubting him because he seemed not affected that she is a married woman. Not even jealous if she belongs to another man. But Hyung Woo is not interested in that. For him it does not matter. What's important is that she succeed.

Twin beds were what Il Joo saw when she entered the bedroom. Her husband wants to sleep together with her in one room. She had no choice but to let him.

Eun Soo and Mi Rae went out to enjoy. Hyung Woo arrived and talked to her about her husband's incident. He told her that there was no entry and maybe Prime Minister had nothing to do with her husband's embezzlement of money. But Eun Soo thinks he just has not yet looked thoroughly.

Mi Rae invited Hyung Woo to go with them at the park. Eun Soo reminded her daughter not to talk with strangers but she did not know the child already saw him when he slept at the house. Eun Soo did not want to inconvenience Hyung Woo. 

Well, it seemed he did not want to say no to the child. He went with them at the amusement park. They were like a family. He even rode the roller coaster and other rides.

While eating snacks, the ahjumma thought he is the father. It was a bit awkward knowing thier history so quickly correct the woman of her assumption. But Mi Rae is a sweet child and really comfortable with Hyung Woo. He even took a bite when the girl offered him.

This was a sight that should be memorable, but then these two are not related. Still he was nice to accommodate her daughter.

I can only assume that maybe she wished they were really family and he is her husband, though. Or maybe I think too much of her expression.

Il Joo was having problem with Eun Soo being mistaken for her mother. It was something that bothered her. 

The time spent at the amusement park so far was nice but then suspicious men appeared and it made Eun Soo nervous. Mi Rae was riding the carousel. Hyung Woo immediately sensed her fear and he grabbed her hands and walked hurriedly away. The men seemed to follow them. Eun Soo had suddenly remembered the last time she was with her husband in an amusement park. Men also came. It made her scared.

Guess her trauma was returning.

Il Joo was looking for Hyung Woo. She could not get him on the phone.

The men continued on their way. 
They thought wrong. They were safe.
They spent the rest of the day having fun.

Hyung Woo remembered the time he spent with Eun Soo and her daughter and it brought a smile to him. The feeling must be good.

The Prime Minister continue to see Cheong Mi through Eun Soo. He asked for her to make him bibimbap. It was something that Cheong Mi used to make for him. Clearly something is wrong with him and his memory.

This continue to bother the family. 

He went for another check up. He has short term Dementia. This is seriously alarming. The nurse had recorded secretly the conversation between the doctor and Prime Minister. The audio was sent to Il Doo.

Hyung Woo's mother was planning something...

She would be using Eun Soo.

Eun Soo was continuously being monitored by the Prime Minister's secretary.

The caller asked her to disguise herself as Cheong Mi. This is interesting knowing the caller knew what was happening inside the house.

Il Joo's husband was drunk. He demanded to claim his rights as a husband. Tonight, he did something to Il Joo against her will. He violated her. 

Someone wanted to harm both Hyung Woo and Eun Soo. They got calls from Mi Rae but when they went to the park they found each other there. Someone made them went there. men appeared and fought with Hyung Woo. One pushed and slapped Eun Soo.

Hyung Woo was hit in the head making him losing consciousness.

They were brought somewhere...

Will they be able to get away? Hyung Woo was hurt badly and bleeding.
Another accident happened, like in the past. They were kidnapped. 

Someone wanted them dead?