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Friday, November 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] CHEER UP Episode 9 Screen caps Highlights


I decided to just add some thoughts in this post since I haven't written any about it.

For this episode ...
[although this is super late post because in actuality the drama ended last week]

the hanging scene from episode 8 was Yeon Doo finding comfort in Ha Joon's embrace, which she was the one who really sought first after the ordeal of having to walk alone on the dark, on the highway. Soo Ah made sure to leave her alone because she thought it was Yeon Doo who was putting notes on her bag to make her confess on her crime. The stealing of USB from teacher Soo Young which she passed on Yeol as the culprit.

Ha Joon felt relief seeing Yeon Doo finally but her walking fast towards him and finding comfort and security was a surprise to his suddenly confused emotions. He has been showing signs of being interested towards her lately but not really realized yet. Ha Joon felt the awkwardness but then oput his arms around her and comforted her.

While at the other side of the mountains, Yeol was yelling at Soo Ah and warning her strongly about repercussions if something bad happened to Yeon Doo. He knew now that she left her intentionally for reasons she thought she knew but he corrected her. It was not Yeon Doo who was leaving notes on her. It was not Yeon Doo who knew about her secret crime.

The search continues not knowing Ha Joon already found her. Yeol and teacher Tae Bum rode the car and search more until they saw Ha Joon and Yeon Doo. Yeol hurriedly got out of the car and ran towards Yeon Doo. He was showing too much concern for her. He saw her scratched knees and made a fuss over it. Ha Joon was just looking silently.

That night at the bonfire, the teachers left the kids and had their version of how to enjoy the night. Soo Ah had already joined the rest of the team but she was still awkward. She was very guilty but at the same time not apologetic towards Yeon Doo. Something was still stopping her from accepting her faults and start anew. Yeol was pressuring her to make a decision. He let her knew that he won't stop until the end of this situation. 

Yeol decided to tell Yeon Doo about his feelings. He was not beating around the bush anymore. But before they could talk further about themselves, Ha Joon appeared making them silent and awkward only for a second. Ha Joon invited them to eat snacks. I think Ha Joon must have seen or felt the atmosphere between Yeol and Yeon Doo but did not dwell on it more. Maybe to stop feeling jealous or anything.

Soo Ah had come to a decision to get the original copy of the USB from Yeol. She wanted to save her face again and hide her secret. She went to Yeol's room at the dorm searching for the USB. She was actually lucky to have found it but then teacher Tae Bum who saw her going to the dorm followed her and also went inside the room. He caught her watching something but she was able to close the laptop and the USB was snatched out of it and flew somewhere. Teacher Tae Bum was not sure what he saw but when he looked again, it was not there anymore. Both went out. Again Soo Ah was acting very nervous. She skipped classes.

Hyo Sik who went to Yeol's room [he is sharing with Dong Jae and Ha Joon] unintentionally found the USB on the bed and thought it was porn or something. But he was shocked to see what's actually in the USB. He told it to Da Mi who then watched it using Yeon Doo's laptop.

While Soo Ah was talking with teacher Tae Bum she heard students talking about her. They were all looking at something in their phones. When she looked at it, the video was already uploaded and Yeon Doo's name was the one who did it. A misunderstanding because Da Mi forgot that she was using Yeon Doo's when she uploaded the video.

Soo Ah was so angry. Maybe mixed emotions. She was finally caught!

Her confrontation with Yeon Doo turned into a bad accident. She slapped Yeon Doo accusing her of uploading the video and telling her that she could not trust her. Their confrontation led to Soo Ah pushing Yeon Doo from the top of the stairs. Yeol and Ha Joon were both coming towards them but Yeol ran upstairs, tried to catch falling Yeon Doo but their weight both led them down the stairs. There was blood on Yeol's head and he was unconscious.

Ha Joon was shocked and scared at the same time while Yeon Doo kept on calling Yeol's name asking him to wake up. Soo Ah..well she was still for a while, knowing the weight of her sins...again! She pushed Yeon Doo and now Yeol is hurt.

I guess this will be the turning point of the story. Soo Ah had now hurt someone and I think she will finally wake up to the reality of what she has done. She has become the worst version of herself. Sometimes, things like this needs to happen but then turning a new leaf should be done not at the expense of others. Because, it will only add more guilt to an already heavy heart.

Hoping to finish writing all thoughts soon.


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