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Sunday, November 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF She Was Pretty Episode 12 Highlights

She Was Pretty has one of the best story of friendship. It warms the heart. Friendship  between Ha Ri and Hye Jin makes me realize it is one of the great feeling to know there is someone who sincerely loves you like a sister through thick and thin. Well. I do have my BFF and we have history together just like these two.

Actually Ha Ri is adorable. Not the typical second lead girl in a drama. Her story is nice and even though she went through tough times, even had selfish thoughts because she learned to like Sung Joon, still she remained a character that does not make you want to hate her but instead pity her. I even hoped that she will end up with Sung Joon! Chincha! Because I fell hard for Shin Hyu! lol!

Anyway, Hye Jin thought Ha Ri left already with out even saying goodbye. She even went to the airport to see her. Feeling down, she did not saw Ha Ri when she passed by. But Ha Ri noticed her and took a step back.

How glad Hye Jin was when she saw Ha Ri. She hugged her tightly showing her how she feels. I think it was mixed emotions for Hye Jin knowing Ha Ri likes Sung Joon and she might have been uncomfortable to stay besides her now.

Love this scene. Both had somehow realized that their friendship will remain as strong as ever.

Ha Ri is trying to move on with her life. She made a drastic move by resigning from her job at the hotel.

While Sung Joon and Hye Jin's relationship seems to be taking off smoothly. He even visited her quickly just to see her face.

I will be honest, I am having a hard time looking at these two as the OTP. I love Park Seo Joon but because of the way the story started, it is too late for me to have a change of heart. So from this moment on I am staying because I have to see through to the end.

It was not even surprising why I fell hard for Shin Hyuk's character.
Isn't he cute? So naughty. So quirky. I love how the writer created his character and then adding a bromance between him and Sung Joon.

It never fails to makes me smile, grin or laugh! I gues Shin Hyuk's character will stay for a long time in the minds of k drama fanatics.

It was not enough that his pranks make Sung Joon fell hard on the floor ...

how the towel became loose and undone was Sung Joon's most awkward moment!


My gosh! The writer never runs out of scenarios for this two! And Shin Hyuk is the best! With poker face...

and then making a face like this! 

I feel sorry for Sung Joon. lol!

Oh Shin Hyuk even noticed the onion...

Awkwardness gone for these two women. Back to what they were before. Like husband and wife.:))

Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk

He saw her waiting for the traffic sign to change not even realizing he was already besides her. She seems happy and in her own world.

Another prank!

Will never get tired of seeing him being funny in front of Hye Jin.
He was trying to make her comfortable again because he knew she felt bad thinking she was the reason he stayed away from the office.

He made her feel good and not guilty...

only to doused that feeling with his YES answer!
Never a dull moment. Hye Jin must find him tiresome at some point. hahahaha...

And I thought he already gave up on her.

"It's not over till it's over"

Fighting Shin Hyuk!

The team were so surprised and happy to see him back again.

Because Sung Joon was having a tough times finding ways to make the MOST magazine at number one spot, he experiences nose bleeding. Hye Jin was there to care for him secretly.

Shin Hyuk feels that Hye Jin is distancing herself from her and awkward at the same time. But hse denied it.

Sung Joon was not feeling good. He rests inside his office.
While the rest of the team continuous to be loud and back to playing games. Hye Jin was so concerned that Sung Joon might wake up that she stops them from their noises to their surprise. She told them she would pay for their lunch instead and shooed them out of the office.

Left alone in silence...

only to be disrupted by the Kim Ra Ra the fashionista ahjumma of MOST like magazine. This was so hilarious how Hye JIn forgot who she was silencing with her finger...

The chief editor herself...

More Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk funny moments...

Although he might be quirky he never lets her forget how he likes her.

I like this scene where he seemed to be hypnotizing her...

and Hye Jin was so gullible!

Ha Ri giving Hye Jin the shoes...

Hye Jin wore it the next day....

She realized upon seeing the dog in the neighborhood that Sung Joon must have stopped by because of the scarf he put around the dog. Hye Jin never realized last night that he was there outside her home, just passing the time.

Ha Ri saw her and gave her a lift to the office. 

Sung Joon was out the whole day. She wanted to know when he would be back.

So she eavesdropped on phone calls...

At his office she found sketches of her face. Different expressions that made her smile.

Hye Jin found out that he would be arriving at a certain time so she immediately went to the airport to wait for him. But what she did not expected was that the schedule of his flight was changed and he got back earlier. he passed her by without her noticing.

She waited until there were no one else arriving...

She never knew Sung Joon collapsed just outside the airport while she was waiting inside. He was rushed to the hospital.

She rushed to go to him. Shin Hyuk saw her and gave her a ride.

It's hard to watch this part knowing from this moment on, the leading woman will go to her leading man. That the OTP is not them. That Shin Hyuk will be hurt again. He was smiling despite what he truly feels inside. He even asked her for a game. Flip the coin. To stay with him or to let her go.

But he is truly a gentleman and he knew when to stop clinging to her. It's quite saddening but just as how he thanked her for even hesitating even if he told her to go, it's the feeling that somehow he was just too late to know her.

Oh...Shin Hyuk! Don't be sad.

And she walked away....

As I have written above, this was hard for me to watch. My heart already left this drama as of now but just the same I will continue to finish watching it. Their romance was supposed to be good and beautiful but it came too late for me.

So I guess I have to accept the fact that they really suit each other. 

The Kiss

The real OTP is abck in each other's arms.

The chemistry should be amazing right? Because they have it since the previous drama. How did it turn out like this for me now?


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